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A PBusardo Video – The Weekend Comparison

In this video we start off with some show & tell and then give you my experiences with the “Weekend Comparison”. I vaped the following side by side for the weekend and let some vaping friends join in the fun:

  • The Original Nautilus
  • The Nautilus X
  • The Kabuki


My friend were looking for flavor, I was looking for everything. Check out what we found out in this video.

OH! And before anyone comments on the “Dimitris Pink O-Rings” I have some Kabukis color coded for flavor testing. Now you know. 🙂

The Links:
Coil Master
Vapor Authority
JJ Vapes
House Of Hybrids

The Video:

*NOTE: Any use of these videos in part or in their entirety without Phil Busardo’s expressed written consent is strictly prohibited.

The Photos:

Weekend Comparison

[img src=]15100
[img src=]770
[img src=]840
[img src=]740
[img src=]750
[img src=]620
[img src=]570
[img src=]540
[img src=]540
[img src=]560
[img src=]630
[img src=]530
[img src=]510
[img src=]490
[img src=]520
[img src=]570
[img src=]510
[img src=]610
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A BATTERY MOOCH POST: How can we extend the life of our batteries?

There are several things you can do to help your Li-Ion batteries last as long as possible before needing to replace them. Some are easy, some are quite inconvenient. Some have a big effect, some very little. But doing any of them can help slow down the aging and degradation of your batteries.

— Temperature —

  • Don’t overheat them. High temperatures are the biggest cause of battery damage and reduced battery life. Anything over about 45°C/113°F, what most would call warm, and your batteries start aging faster. The more time they spend being warm or hot, and the hotter they get, the more damage you’re causing.
  • Don’t use them when they’re very cold, below -20°C/-4°F. The chemical reactions in a battery are a lot less efficient at low temperatures leading to poor performance. The sudden heating of the battery if used when cold can cause localized internal heating, possibly damaging the battery.

— Discharging —

  • Don’t overdischarge them. Our batteries are rated down to 2.5V or lower but you can extend their life by staying above 2.8V-3.0V***. Going below 2.0V or so leads to metal being plated inside different parts of the battery, eventually causing an internal short circuit and possible bursting of the battery.
  • If you accidentally overdischarge your battery below 2.0V immediately recharge it at the slowest rate your charger supports. Once the battery rises up over 3.0V or so you can switch to your normal charge rate.
  • If the battery has been at 2.0V for a while then it’s probably damaged. It’s not worth trying to use the “recovery” mode of your charger (if it has it) because the damage can lead to an internal short circuit later.
  • Li-Ion batteries do not need to be discharged occasionally all the way down in order to keep them in top condition. Li-Ion batteries do not suffer from “memory”. This is only needed for NiCd (nickel-cadmium) or NiMH (nickel metal hydride) batteries.
  • Partial discharging and recharging multiple times is better for long battery life than discharging all the way down to where the mod indicates “low battery” and then recharging.

— Charging —

  • Don’t charge a battery that is below 0°C/32°F. It causes metal to be plated inside the battery eventually leading to an internal short circuit and possibly bursting of the battery.
  • Where possible, setting your charger to 4.1V will reduce stress on the battery and extend its life. But you will lose 10%-15% of the capacity of the battery.
  • Make sure the charger you use turns off once the charge is complete. Check the instructions for the charger you want to use.
  • Never use a trickle charger with Li-Ion batteries! The continuous holding of the battery at the trickle charge voltage damages it.
  • Don’t overcharge them. To get the longest running possible time from a battery some chargers go up to as high as 4.27V. While this does result in a bit more vaping time before needing to recharge, it damages the battery. Most of the batteries we use are rated at up to 4.25V but even this is quite high. It’s not dangerous until we’re approaching 5V but battery damage starts occurring way below this.
  • Without a separate meter monitoring the battery’s highest voltage before the charger stops it’s hard to know what our batteries are actually being charged to. Our best option is to have our batteries spend as little time as possible fully charged and charge them just before using them. This usually isn’t very convenient but it does extend battery life.
  • Charging at a slower rate is better, to a point. Most of our 18650 batteries have a “standard” charge rate of 1.0A-1.5A and a “rapid” charge rate of up to 4A. Charging at 0.5A might help extend the life of your batteries a bit but if the batteries are not getting warm at 1.0A then that’s a good compromise between battery life and convenience. Going down to 0.375A or 0.25A won’t help much versus charging at 0.5A.
  • Charge 18350’s at 0.5A until you know that they aren’t getting more than a bit warm.
  • Charge 26650’s at 1.0A until you know that they aren’t getting more than a bit warm. The better 26650’s can be charged at up 2.0A without adversely affecting battery life.

— Miscellaneous —

  • Storing batteries in the refrigerator doesn’t make much of a difference in battery life unless you live in an area with high temperatures year around. It’s not dangerous to refrigerate them but be sure to let them come to room temperature before opening whatever airtight wrapping/container you have them in.
  • If a battery wrap becomes damaged, replace it immediately. Replace the top insulator ring if it’s also damaged.
  • Every time you buy batteries also buy battery boxes or sleeves, wraps, and top insulator rings. You…will…need…them.

— Additional Information —

***This is the resting voltage, NOT the voltage “under load” that the battery drops to when being used. If your mod stops firing when the battery drops to 3.2V the battery can rise back to to 3.5V or even higher after resting for a while. This “resting voltage” is the important voltage, the one to be used when determining how low you are really discharging your batteries.

While stopping at 3.4V, 3.6V, or even higher might extend battery life a bit you are missing out on a lot of additional vaping time that you could use before needing to recharge. That additional vaping time can be enjoyed every day for, at most, just the cost of one extra set of batteries a year. Stopping at these higher voltages won’t hurt the battery though. Just let the batteries sit for an hour before charging to see what their true resting voltage is when deciding how low you want their voltage to go in your mod.

Know your mod, know your batteries, and vape safe.

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From Dave

A good one for the Success Stories page, an even better one for the front page.

Thanks so much for this Dave and YOU TOO HUNTER! It really means a lot to me.
Just make sure Hunter is fully aware that the safest way to vape is not to vape at all… but don’t smoke either!!

Oh, and be careful here as well… The FDA may deem Hunter a tobacco product.  😉

This is why I quit my son Hunter was born July 13 2015. we were having trouble
getting pregnant (the lil swimmers didn’t move much) I quit smoking July 29th 2014
and about 7 months later found out we were pregnant I really think it was the
smoking that caused it. And you sir helped me threw quitting with your reviews and
fun videos. And now me and my son watch your reviews together. Thank you sir keep
up the amazing job your doing.


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So I’m taking a Phil day tomorrow and I’m going to fly some quads & celebrate Drew’s B’day.  On Sunday, I hope to have some burgers and hots (“hots”… Christ, I’ve become such a Rochesterian) on the grill (f*cking finally!) with some friends (I didn’t even invite them yet. Ugh! 🙂 ) but I though of an interesting comparison I could do while having some fun.

So here’s what I’m vaping this weekend…

  • The Nautilus original with the Nautilus BVC coil @ 1.6Ω.
  • The Nautilus X with the new Nautilus X U-Tech Coil @ 1.5Ω.
  • The House Of Hybrids Kabuki with the Nautilus BVC coil @ 1.6Ω.

I thought it would be an interesting comparison.  I’ll let ya know what I find out on Monday.

Have a great weekend and Vape Happy everyone!

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A PBusardo Review – The Protank 4 & The Nautilus X + Last Contest Winner and New Contest

In this video we take a look at two new tanks with old names. The Kanger Protank 4 Evolved and the Aspire Nautilus X.

We also find out who won the last contest and kick off a new one.

The Links:
Vapor Authority
Lotus Vaping

The Post Review Follow-up:

  • 5/21/16 – Probably should have mentioned in the video that these are both 22mm tanks.  The height on the ProTank (base to end of mouthpiece) is approximately 61mm.  The height on the Nautilus X (base to end of mouthpiece) is approximately 40mm
  • 5/21/16 – According to Kamger, the Pro-RBA will only work in the Protank 4.  I tried it myself in a Subtank and the posts on the Pro-RBA appear to hit the air shaft and prevent the tank from closing all the way.

The Video:

*NOTE: Any use of these videos in part or in their entirety without Phil Busardo’s expressed written consent is strictly prohibited.

The Photos – The Kanger Protank 4 Evolved:

Kanger ProTank 4

[img src=]77840
[img src=]7020
[img src=]7320
[img src=]6950
[img src=]7670
[img src=]6780
[img src=]6720
[img src=]5950
[img src=]5390
[img src=]4920
[img src=]5030
[img src=]5210
[img src=]5170
[img src=]4950
[img src=]5300
[img src=]5630
[img src=]6260
[img src=]5640
[img src=]5840
[img src=]5590
[img src=]6030
[img src=]5530
[img src=]5540
[img src=]4990

The Photos – The Aspire Nautilus X:

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A PBusardo Video – A Visit To Molecule Labs E-Liquid Manufacturing

In this video I let you know what’s going on with me, we take a tour of The Molecule Labs E-Liquid Manufacturing facility, meet and interview the key team members, and take a look at the upcoming new facility.

I hope you enjoy the look inside this company!

The Links:
Molecule Labs

The Video – Part 1:

The Video – Part 2:

*NOTE: Any use of these videos in part or in their entirety without Phil Busardo’s expressed written consent is strictly prohibited.

The Photos:


[img src=]35270
[img src=]2240
[img src=]1870
[img src=]2100
[img src=]1630
[img src=]1530
[img src=]1630
[img src=]1540
[img src=]1700
[img src=]1570
[img src=]1440
[img src=]1600
[img src=]1640
[img src=]1450
[img src=]1500
[img src=]1460
[img src=]1420
[img src=]1410
[img src=]1360
[img src=]1230
[img src=]1330
[img src=]1370
[img src=]1390
[img src=]1280
[img src=]1210
[img src=]1190
[img src=]1310
[img src=]1140
[img src=]1120
[img src=]1180
[img src=]1070
[img src=]1080
[img src=]1080
[img src=]1080
[img src=]1060
[img src=]1070
[img src=]1110
[img src=]970
[img src=]1030
[img src=]980
[img src=]1000
[img src=]1060
[img src=]1010
[img src=]1020
[img src=]1050
[img src=]1010
[img src=]990
[img src=]1070
[img src=]1010
[img src=]1280
[img src=]1190
[img src=]1070
[img src=]1040
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Fake LG HE2 Alert!

There are now fake LG HE2’s being delivered to shops. James Reeves of Vapors, Inc. was kind enough to send me two of the fakes to help put the word out. Thank you sir!

They also received fake HG2’s in the same shipment so still be on the lookout for those!

Here some info on the fakes…

  • They omit “LG” from the start of the model number, the first line of characters on the wrap. The fakes just say “DBHE21865”.
  • The top contact is larger than any LG top contact.
  • The top cap seal, under the insulator ring, is blue and not the milky white it should be.
  • The metal cans of the fakes don’t have the tooling marks near the top that the real ones do. The fakes are smooth-sided.
  • Its performance is terrible. Even a 10A discharge sends the voltage plummeting.
    Its internal resistance is over 70mOhms versus the approximately 25mOhms internal resistance of a genuine HE2.
Real/Fake HE2 Top Contact Comparison

Real/Fake HE2 Top Contact Comparison


Real/Fake HE2 Top Contact Comparison

Real/Fake HE2 Top Contact Comparison


Real/Fake HE2 Metal Can Comparison

Real/Fake HE2 Metal Can Comparison


Real/Fake HE2 Wrap Comparison


Real/Fake HE2 Performance Comparison

Real/Fake HE2 Performance Comparison


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From Kurt Loeblich, Owner of Cloud Chasers Inc. on A Billion Lives

Phil Busardo is correct.  The Vapor Industry needs A Billion Lives.  We need it now.  Not in three weeks.  Not in three months.  Not in three years.  Now.

In a perfect world, this film would already be available on iTunes, Netflix, and Amazon Video.  You would be able to walk into your local Wal-Mart or Target and find it in their DVD section.  Unfortunately, as everyone is well aware, we do not live in a perfect world.

We have become accustomed to vaping products being available relatively quickly after teaser pictures are revealed on social media.  We’ve all done the group buys and pre-orders.  We all have anxiously awaited shipment information for that new box mod.  However, even then, the longest delays we have faced are those from the manufacturing process.  Typically speaking, the longest we have to wait is a month or two.

The film industry is incredibly different than the vaping industry.  Their industry has deep-rooted practices and traditions that protect the work and livelihoods of the producers and distributors.  Typically speaking, there is a lengthy process that film-makers have to partake in order to have wide-spread distribution of their work.

Normally, a film will make its initial debut at a film festival.  If they are lucky (or well connected!) they may be picked up by film distributor after their first event.  However, this is not the usual case.  A producer may need to take his film to numerous film festivals before they are noticed.  U.S. premieres may not be enough.  They may need to travel to many international film festivals before they can strike a deal with a distributor.  Assuming a distributor selects their film, it is typically another year before the film makes its way to theaters.

Aaron and his team have done an incredible job at expediting the release of their film.  They were able to complete their film in one year from start to finish.  That is very much unlike typical films.  Aaron and his staff put in thousands of hours and traveled extensively to make sure that by the time this film was completed, it would not be too late.  If they would have followed standard business practices, this film would not have premiered until 2017, and it would not have been available until at least 2018.

Why can’t they just release the film on Netflix? 

Why can’t it be available for download?

 Why can’t we just have it for FREE?!?!?

As an industry, we need this film to have a huge impact.  We need every news media outlet discussing it.  We need to have elected officials watching it.

If this film was released for free (or via an online streaming service) the only people who would realistically be watching it would be us, the vapers.  Sure, we’d try to get our elected officials to watch it, but without there being any “hype” behind it, there would be no true motivation for them to take the time out of their day.

The importance of various premieres across the United States is actually quite easy to understand.  Aaron and his team plan on having Red Carpet events similar to that held in New Zealand on May 11th.  With proper advertisement, the media will already be talking about it and elected officials may decide to view it for themselves.  Not only that, but NON-VAPERS will get an opportunity to be introduced to the film, which is what we truly need.  We have been fighting on the legislative and legal fronts  for so long that we have all but forgotten about the general public.  We need to remember them.  Once we have their support, we stand a much better chance of changing the odds in our favor.  An article by Mit Brickman discusses this topic quite well, which can be read at

Why isn’t this in my local theater yet?

As previously discussed, there is a lengthy process to bringing a film to theaters.  Unless the film maker has fifteen million dollars laying around, the only viable option with the lack of a distributor is launching the film at key locations for one time showings (the Red Carpet Premieres I brought up earlier).  Unfortunately, those premieres are extremely expensive if they are to be done right.  There needs to be advertising done via billboards, radio, newspaper, television… the list goes on and on.  It doesn’t take long for these costs to exceed thousands upon thousands of dollars.  Attention Era Media funded the production of this film by themselves.  They could have asked for money from the vaping industry early on, but, in order to remain unbiased, they elected not to.  However, now that the film is complete, and ready for premieres, they do need our help.

How can we help?

If Aaron wanted to take the conventional approach, it would be at least two years before this film makes it to theaters and DVDs.  He could continue to show this film at film festivals until a distributor purchased the rights to the film.  We all know, however, that we need this film to be available sooner rather than later.  We need this film to be watched by politicians, doctors, and, more importantly, non-vapers.  The only way to make this happen is to fund the premieres necessary to attract potential distributors.  Unfortunately, at this time, a GoFundMe or Kickstart may not a viable option at this point.  A crowdfunded film may have a negative impact on the likelihood of distribution.  That being said, this is where our industry has to step in.  If we want the film to make an impact now, before it is too late, we need to do whatever it takes to get this film into theaters.  Incredibly, some companies have already stepped up to the plate and have pledged to fund some of these premieres.  We need more companies to follow suit.  For anyone interested in assisting in this matter, please send an e-mail to Jesse Hieb at [email protected].  With your help, we can make this happen.

Some Final Notes

For those of you who may be questioning my validity, I was fortunate enough to attend the New Zealand World Premiere, and I know the impact that it can and will have if we embrace it.  I have been following the progress of this film since early on, and have been a supporter of not just this film, but of Aaron and his staff as well.  I was granted the opportunity to spend a week with them in New Zealand, and I feel confident when I say that they are some of the most genuine people I have ever met.  They have dedicated countless hours to bring this film to reality.  It would be an injustice to not just them, but to A Billion Lives to not show them our support.

Kurt Loeblich
Cloud Chasers Inc.
[email protected]

Thanks very much for this Kurt. Hopefully vapers, shops, companies, and manufacturers will do what they can to help out. I’ll donate a bit to the cause as well. With our support, perhaps we can have this shown sooner rather than later. The time is now. It’s kinda important at this point.

Click the image for additional information regarding the movie.


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Lost Art Liquids, LLC Files Lawsuit Against FDA

Here’s the second one (that I know of).  Click it to get more information:

Lost Art Liquids, LLC Files Lawsuit Against FDA

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