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A BATTERY MOOCH POST: Conflict 60A 3500mAh 18650 Bench Test Results…a dangerously overrated 20A battery!

Bottom Line: This is a preposterously overrated cell with exaggerated current and capacity ratings. I am rating it at 20A and 3000mAh. At only 35A continuous, well below its rating, it could reach dangerous temperatures and vent if there was a mod malfunction or accidental button press. It only delivered 130mAh at 35A continuous down to 3.2V. At 40A and above its voltage quickly collapses. Even if just pulsed at its 60A rating the voltage dropped to 2.77V on the first pulse.

I am giving this cell a maximum vaping amps (MVA) rating of 25A. It is identical in appearance and performance to the Samsung 30Q.

The18650 ratings table has been updated to include this cell.

Test results, discharge graph, photos:

All my test results to date:



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A BATTERY MOOCH POST: Maximum 18650 battery ratings

If you are considering purchasing a particular 18650 battery, just remember that…

…there are none with a true continuous rating over 30A.

…there are none rated at 3000mAh with a true continuous rating over 20A.

…there are none rated over-3000mAh with a true continuous rating over 10A.

…pulse or battery company “max” ratings are useless and can’t be used to compare batteries.

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FYI – No one has gotten the answer correctly yet, and it’s a tough one.  So here’s the hint…

In Star Trek – TMP it was one of my favorite scenes yet critics called it too long.  In Star Trek – Beyond, it was done much faster, focused on a different subject, but ended with a similar “docking”.

Ok, I have to pack up for France.  See you all soon!!

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This item has been received in exchange for promotion and/or review.


Ok, here’s an interesting one.   UD has combined the features and function of a burning tab and a mod into a single device and it’s called the Sifu.

The UD Sifu is a single 18650, firmware upgradeable, 70W box mod that also does TC with SS316L, NI200, and Ti1, custom TCRs, and custom power curves.   It appears to be a pretty full function device.

In addition to the regular vaping features on this particular device, it also includes side mounted “burning tab” features as seen in the Friday Morning Burning Tab Master and the Coil Master 521 Tab.

The magnetic battery uses some really strong magnets which do a good job at holding it in place and can be flipped around to the non-skid side for when you’re doing your builds.

The one thing I’d like to see on this is on-board storage for the test leads, or a more innovative way to incorporate them into the unit itself.

The UD Sifu

[img src=]18500
[img src=]1750
[img src=]2030
[img src=]2000
[img src=]1670
[img src=]1300
[img src=]1790
[img src=]1680
[img src=]1520
[img src=]1630
[img src=]1550
[img src=]1390
[img src=]1350
[img src=]1380
[img src=]1240
[img src=]1140
[img src=]1120
[img src=]990
[img src=]900
[img src=]830
[img src=]730
[img src=]700
[img src=]700
[img src=]700
[img src=]680
[img src=]630
[img src=]720
[img src=]640
[img src=]600
[img src=]610
[img src=]600
[img src=]580
[img src=]600
[img src=]560
[img src=]520
[img src=]740
[img src=]730
[img src=]850
[img src=]860
[img src=]930
[img src=]1180
[img src=]1000
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How romantic will it be in Paris having BOTH my wives with me.  Tricia AND Dimitris!!

It’s been a few years since I’ve attended a VapExpo and I’m looking forward to it.

Also excited to be attending the “Beyond The Clouds“, “Vape Wave“, and “A Billion Lives” premiers there!

See you there!


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E-cigarette maker files for bankruptcy

E-cigarette maker files for bankruptcy


This is a very sad day for vaping.  Not many people realize it, but if it wasn’t for NJOY there may not be a vapor industry today thanks to their fight and lawsuit against the FDA and win back in 2009.  Not to mention the number of smokers who transitioned to vaping due to using an NJOY product.

Hopefully they will be able to survive this, continue to do business, provide support to the industry, and CONVERT SMOKERS.

I had the opportunity to interview Geoff from NJOY almost two years ago now regarding the Artist Collection…

*NOTE: Any use of these videos in part or in their entirety without Phil Busardo’s expressed written consent is strictly prohibited.

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A BATTERY MOOCH POST: Why do I still recommend rewrapped batteries?

Why did I remove the Aspire but include the iJoy, Efest, and other rewrapped batteries in my updated recommended batteries table?

I removed the Aspire 18650 from the table because, whenever I can, I will no longer support and give free advertising to battery companies that lie to us about their ratings. Even if they have a great battery. If it is, just tell us the true ratings!

I am forced to keep the rewrapped 18350 and 26650 batteries in my table because we have no other choices. There are no Samsung, Sony, LG, or Panasonic/Sanyo batteries to choose from in those sizes. There is an old Panasonic and Sony 26650 that you can still find being sold but there are a huge number of fakes out there and the genuine ones are years old. Not worth taking a chance on in my opinion.

So, for now at least, I must keep 18350 and 26650 batteries with exaggerated ratings in the table. I don’t ever see that changing as the 26650 market is tiny and probably not worth developing new cells for, but who knows.

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I will be supporting this effort and attending this event tonight.

Hope to see your “concerned and ready to learn” faces there!!


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A PBusardo Review – Some Show And Tell & The Eleaf iCare & iCare Mini & New “Not A” Contest!

In this video we do some show and tell on the VaporShark Switch Box & the JD Tech Stingray Box Stab wood version, review the Eleaf iCare and iCare Mini, and wrap it up by kicking off a new “Not A” Contest!

The Links:

Dragons Den Vapor – For the JD Tech Stingray Box Stab Wood Version

The Video:

*NOTE: Any use of these videos in part or in their entirety without Phil Busardo’s expressed written consent is strictly prohibited.

The Photos – The Eleaf iCare:

Eleaf iCare

[img src=]47890
[img src=]2390
[img src=]2180
[img src=]2210
[img src=]2400
[img src=]2330
[img src=]2330
[img src=]2390
[img src=]2200
[img src=]2020
[img src=]2340
[img src=]2190
[img src=]2140
[img src=]2140
[img src=]2120
[img src=]2100
[img src=]1960
[img src=]360
[img src=]350
[img src=]400
[img src=]350
[img src=]340
[img src=]320
[img src=]340
[img src=]330
[img src=]400
[img src=]330
[img src=]290
[img src=]300
[img src=]310
[img src=]290
[img src=]290
[img src=]300
[img src=]360
[img src=]290
[img src=]300

The Photos – The VaporShark Switchbox:

VaporShark SwitchBox

[img src=]45250
[img src=]5380
[img src=]5720
[img src=]5240
[img src=]5040
[img src=]5000
[img src=]4930
[img src=]4390
[img src=]4520
[img src=]4250
[img src=]4110
[img src=]4150
[img src=]4060
[img src=]3820
[img src=]3810

The Photos – The JD Tech Stingray Box Stab Wood Version:

JD Tech Stingray Box Stab Wood Version

[img src=]40000
[img src=]2310
[img src=]2410
[img src=]2250
[img src=]2120
[img src=]1800
[img src=]1700
[img src=]1610
[img src=]1580
[img src=]1480
[img src=]1330
[img src=]1220
[img src=]1210
[img src=]1090
[img src=]1060
[img src=]1080
[img src=]1010
[img src=]1110
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A BATTERY MOOCH POST: There are more fake LG HG2’s!

There is a different variety of fake LG HG2 being sold now and they’re even worse than the other one that showed up earlier this year. My sincere thanks to Matthew McKay for bringing it to my attention and for shipping a pair of them to me for testing!

The previous fake was a rewrapped 10A LG MG1. This version is a 5A battery, at most, or a very low grade battery with a higher current rating. Its voltage collapses at only 10A continuous. It doesn’t match any other battery I have so I don’t know what it actually is.

The discharge graphs show just how bad this fake is at 10A and 20A. The genuine HG2 is in green, the earlier fake HG2 is in red, and the newer fake (two of them) is in light and dark blue.

One good thing about this fake is that it is very easy to spot:

  • There is a large gap around the battery between the top cap and the rest of the battery’s metal case. This is easy to spot even through the wrap.
  • Like the other version of the fake HG2 this one uses a top insulating ring that is self-adhesive, semi-gloss/shiny, and white. Genuine HG2’s use a matte/textured, free-floating, off-white insulator ring.

These fakes were sold by an Amazon vendor, Amber Tech Express:

But if you receive any of them from any vendor, do not use them! Their voltage quickly collapses when used, helping to prevent them from overheating, but they’re just not usable at any power level.

I cannot stress this strongly enough…only buy from known, trusted vendors! These include, but are not limited to, the following…

The HG2 is a great battery and genuine HG2’s are available from a large number of vendors. If desired, alternatives include the 3000mAh Samsung 30Q and Sony VTC6.

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