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A PBusardo Review & Contest – The Invader Mini by Heatvape

In this video we take a look at the Heatvape Invader Mini, a rugged little variable wattage and temperature limiting device. We also give one away.

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[img src=]57350
[img src=]10880
[img src=]10250
[img src=]9740
[img src=]9510
[img src=]7830
[img src=]8200
[img src=]7930
[img src=]2940
[img src=]2910
[img src=]2930
[img src=]2900
[img src=]2820
[img src=]2780
[img src=]2770
[img src=]2720
[img src=]2720
[img src=]2810
[img src=]2730
[img src=]2730
[img src=]2730
[img src=]2690
[img src=]2700
[img src=]2700
[img src=]2670
[img src=]2660
[img src=]2590
[img src=]2560
[img src=]2560
[img src=]2510
[img src=]2470
[img src=]2470
[img src=]2510
[img src=]2480
[img src=]2510
[img src=]2680
[img src=]2570
[img src=]2510
[img src=]2490
[img src=]2500
[img src=]2530
[img src=]2480
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Just saw this come across my email so I thought I’d share.

There is a new version of the firmware now available.  They are now on version 38…

The following changes were implemented in Version 38:

  • Support for .5 ohm tanks – The P3 now supports tanks at .5 ohms.
  • Low Battery Alert – When the device gets down to 18% left in the battery, the light will slowly flash yellow to alert you that it’s getting low.
  • CheckAll (1 second) – The CheckAll feature now has the option to set it to 1 second. This allows for a quick look at your settings without leaving the display on for 5 or more seconds.
  • Money Saved Counter – This new feature allows you to set the price of a pack of cigarettes and the P3 will keep track of: How many cigarettes avoided, puff count, and how much money you have saved on cigarettes, based on the amount you set per pack. Every time you vape, this will keep track of your stats for these categories.

We encourage all customers to get the latest update which adds new functionality and bug fixes. To locate a reseller near you with a programmer please visit our Store Locator or contact ProVape Customer service for details on updating. If a store near you does not have a programmer, you always have the option to send the device to ProVape. Updates are done the day they arrive so we will provide quick turn service. To determine if a dealer can program units, search for dealers in your area, then click on the bubble that marks the dealer location on the map. If they have a programmer, it will say “Authorized Upgrade Center” on their listing along with their address and phone number.

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NEW IN THE QUEUE – 05/20/15 – The Joyetech eVic VT

Is it a PV or a sports car?


It’s definitely a PV and a pretty sharp looking one at that.

This is Joyetech’s latest PV, the eVic VT and so far, I’m impressed.

She comes in Orange/Black (“Racing Yellow” – pictured), White/Blue (“Dazzling White”), and Black/Red (“Cool Black”).

Although I’ve only used it for a little bit, it’s one of the best experiences I’ve had in temp control to date, because I can finally… and easily… adjust the TEMPERATURE!

Another first (or at least in my hands) is that it has settings and is calibrated for use with either nickel (NI200) OR titanium (TI) wires.  There is also a wattage mode for your standard kanthal and nichrome builds.

You access the menu with 3 clicks on the fire button, then use the top “jog wheel” to select different options and settings.

This one has a massive 5000 mAh power cell to keep you vaping for days (or hours for some of you out there :-) ).

Some additional features…

  • Size: 47*25.5*85.6mm
  • Capacity: 5000mAh
  • Output mode: VT-Ti/VT-Ni/VW Mode
  • Temperature Range: 100-315℃/200-600˚F
  • Output Wattage: 1W-60W
  • Output Voltage: 0.5V-8.0V
  • Resistance Range: 0.2Ω for Ni-200, .4Ω for Ti, .15Ω for Kanthal
  • Selectable display for battery bar, puff counter, or vape timer
  • Resistance lock for temp control
  • Spring loaded 510 pin
  • On-board charger with micro USB port
  • Protective skins will be available

Joyetech eVic VT

[img src=]41190
[img src=]14250
[img src=]12620
[img src=]11420
[img src=]11640
[img src=]10490
[img src=]9800
[img src=]9670
[img src=]9370
[img src=]9790
[img src=]9600
[img src=]11000
[img src=]9680
[img src=]9490
[img src=]9740
[img src=]9160
[img src=]8750
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Although this really isn’t my style of vaping, I thought I post some pics of these pieces as I’m a pretty big fan of the Vicious Ant Phenom (18650 version), the Prodigy RDA, and the Cyclone bottom or top fed RDA.

Here you see the Phenom’s 26650 bigger brother along with the Goliath a beast of an RDA capable of housing 8 coils (which is about 7 more than I want to build :-) ).

I don’t have the specs for the 26650 Phenom, but here they are for the Goliath:

  • 304 food grade steel
  • Peek insulator
  • 30mm Diameter X 32mm Height
  • 8 air holes (1.44mm X 4mm)
  • Heat sink design

Phenom 26650 & Goliath RDA

[img src=]40790
[img src=]7080
[img src=]6420
[img src=]6180
[img src=]5730
[img src=]4490
[img src=]4220
[img src=]3930
[img src=]4390
[img src=]3890
[img src=]3590
[img src=]3380
[img src=]3410
[img src=]3660
[img src=]3840
[img src=]4070
[img src=]4110
[img src=]3560
[img src=]3640
[img src=]3710
[img src=]5170
[img src=]4240
[img src=]4530
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Madvapes “deviates” from the norm with this crazy looking piece.

This one looks like it’s right from the mind of H. R. Giger the man behind the look/feel/art and creature of the movie Alien.

It’s powered by an Evolv DNA-40 and takes a single 18650 in it’s swing open battery compartment.

If you’re looking for fit and finish, look elsewhere, but if unique is your thing, this may be the PV for you.

Specs (so far):

  • Powered by a DNA-40
  • All metal zinc body
  • Easy swing open door for battery removal
  • Hand engraved serial number with certificate of authenticity signed by the designer
  • Each device is unique due to hand finishing
  • 510 pin / threaded material is plated brass
  • Warranty 1 year
  • Estimated price $249

The Deviate

[img src=]43120
[img src=]7720
[img src=]7370
[img src=]6110
[img src=]6850
[img src=]5990
[img src=]5390
[img src=]5190
[img src=]5670
[img src=]4800
[img src=]4690
[img src=]4440
[img src=]4340
[img src=]4560
[img src=]3960
[img src=]3930
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A nicely made yet wildly expensive resistance checker (.01-9.99 Ohms), voltage checker (0.00-5.99 Volts), “coil burner” (it will fire your atty), and voltage under load tester.

I’ve been using this and liking it as well. Maybe it’s the DJ in me as it reminds me of a little turntable. :-) Appears to be a 3D printed case.

It uses an 18650 battery and has an on-board charger for it. Unfortunately it won’t read RMS on PWM signals, and for the price, I wished it did.

I don’t think I’ll be doing a full review on it, but I’m sure you’ll be seeing it in a show & tell soon enough.


  • Ohm meter – Precision ultra-low resistance. (0.01-9.99 ohm)
  • Coil rebuilding prop
  • Coil burning
  • Table MOD
  • Voltage check for mechanical MOD without atomizer
  • Voltage drop test with atomizer
  • Atomizer error test


  • Resistance Range: 0.01 ohm to 9.99 ohm
  • Voltage Range: 0.00 Volt to 5.99 Volt
  • Margin of error : 1%
  • Mounted terminals : 510 Threads and External Terminal
  • Charge : 4.2V 1000mah USB Charge input
  • Battery: 18650 3.7V non protect lithium-based rechargeable
  • batteries (batteries are not included in the product)

General specifications

  • Length(WxHxT) : 85mm x 70mm x 52mm / 3.34in X 2.75 in X 2.04in
  • weight : 170g / 0.37lb / 5.99 oz
  • Housing material: ABS

The Burning Tab

[img src=]40350
[img src=]6370
[img src=]7040
[img src=]7410
[img src=]6290
[img src=]4870
[img src=]4690
[img src=]4240
[img src=]4040
[img src=]4240
[img src=]4690
[img src=]4040
[img src=]3880
[img src=]3990
[img src=]3970
[img src=]4070
[img src=]3870
[img src=]3540
[img src=]3330
[img src=]3090
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TAKE A LOOK – Vape Grips from Aurora Vape UK


I love simple things that make life a little easier. This is just that. Two pieces of rubber on a clip that you can attach to your key chain to get a better grip on whatever it is you’re trying to get a better grip on. :-) I decided to add them to my key chain and sure enough I couldn’t get the flow control on my Kayfun shut. They came in really handy.

These were given to me in London. THANKS GARTEH!

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