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The VaporShark DNA-200 came in today.  As I mentioned before, this will be part of the DNA-200 review video and device comparison.

It’s now available on the VaporShark website for $199.99

It’s smaller than I expected, not much larger than the rDNA-40.  It has the rubberized finish which feels great in the hand and leads to a nice firm grip.

A magnetic battery door open to a “user serviceable” battery, but it’s not going to be quite as easy as swapping out an 18650.

The balance connector is plug in, as are the mains, albeit under some heat wrap.  Getting the wires back in and making the battery door sit firmly again is a challenge.  I know, I lived it.  Also, be gentle as leads could easily break… unfortunately, I know this first hand as well… see photos.

If you don’t need to take that battery out… don’t do it!!  I’m not convinced this is a task for everyone.

A device like this with a battery like this would benefit from the Innokin Distrupter battery design.  I’m sure someone will figure that out eventually.

Some photos for you.  A rDNA-40 is shown for a size comparison.

VaporShark DNA-200

[img src=]26190
[img src=]15500
[img src=]15400
[img src=]14160
[img src=]13310
[img src=]13140
[img src=]12910
[img src=]12030
[img src=]11740
[img src=]11530
[img src=]11300
[img src=]12220
[img src=]13000
[img src=]12620
[img src=]11620
[img src=]11160
[img src=]11680
[img src=]11830
[img src=]10870
[img src=]10170
[img src=]11220
[img src=]11790
[img src=]11360
[img src=]11580
[img src=]11340
[img src=]10780
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A really cool “painting” done by Kim (Jimmith)!

Kim’s site is: and his Instagram is HERE.

Very cool!  Thank you!


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I’m getting enough of questions about this that I thought it time for a public post.

It’s coming!  :-)

This may be my first 3-parter!  I need some additional time with board, the software, and the devices.

In the video, in addition to looking at the software and board features, I also hope to do a comparison of some of the DNA-200 offerings that will be out already or coming your way.  I thought this may also be helpful to you.

At least 3 (or all if they come in on time) of the following:

  1. The Opus 200 (already in-hand)
  2. The VaporShark DNA-200 (on it’s way)
  3. The Hcigar VT200 (on it’s way)
  4. The Volcano Lavabox 200 (status unknown)

Regardless, get some popcorn and a beer ready, this is going to be a long one.

My current plans are to look at the S-Body S-CA3 Squonk Box (getting a lot of questions about this one) followed by the iJoye Asolo 200, then to bury my head in the sand while I’m putting together the DNA-200 and device comparison video.   This, of course, is subject to change.


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Welcome to the new “MY TOP NOW!” page.  This will be easier for me to update over the Hardware Recommendations, which is more of a beginner’s page.

This page is dedicated to some of my current top pics in different categories and will change often as I  discover and review new products.

Consider this a “money is no object” page and price is not a factor when considering products for this page.

  • Are all categories covered?  No.
  • Could there be newer/better?  Yes…  but these are items that I have reviewed or used personally.  I get to items when I can and it’s nearly impossible to look at everything these days.
  • Will you agree with all of the choices seen here?  Maybe, maybe not, but that’s why the page is called MY Top Now:-)

Got an idea for this page?  I’ll listen.  I may not change, but I will listen.  :-)

The videos contained here are either the review video for the product, or a video that the product appears in.

Check it out over in the left sidebar under “Additional” or right HERE!

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Another happy winner!  A big congrats to Brandon Black for winning one of the iStick TC40Ws! Love this pic! :-)


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We kick off this video mentioning the upcoming Vape In The Fort 2.0 event I’ll be attending this weekend. We then do some show and tell on:

  • That Snickers liquid I told you about from Eco-Vape
  • Juice Ragz
  • Some vape cases by John D AKA Coffeebum on ECF
  • Some new product from Coil Master

We then take a look at the Goliath V2, a single or dual coil RTA that doesn’t need offset coils, and we wrap it all up with a contest for a rather nice prize pack.

The Links:
Juice Ragz
Coil Master

More info on the cases:

Vape Cases: [email protected], AKA coffeebum on ECF

Shipping is $6.00 in the US and other countries have been running $14.00 to $25.00 depending on method.
Felt lining is + $7.00 and custom patterns + $3.00 to + $5.00

Currently supported mods and prices:

Billet Box $40.00
Hanna Modz V3 DNA40 pack $40.00
Innokin iTaste MVP 2.0 $40.00
Innokin Coolfire IV $40.00
iStick 30w $30.00 (clip only)
iStick 50W $40.00
Joyetech eVic VT $40.00 (no sleeve)
Joyetech eVic VT $40.00 (with sleeve)
Kanger SUBOX Mini $40.00
Praxis belt case $40.00 (also other 22/23mm tube mods)
REO Grand $40.00
Sigelei 100watt/150watt including Plus versions $40.00 (no sleeve)
Sigelei 50W VR2 $40.00 (no sleeve)
Sigelei Mini 30 $40.00 (no sleeve)
Tmod “Boy” mech $40.00
Tmod “Girl” mech $40.00
Tmod “Tranny” mech (also “Pregger” model) $40.00
Vapor Shark rDNA 40 with Shark Skin $40.00
Vapor Shark rDNA 40 without sleeve $40.00
Vapor Shark DNA 30 with Shark Skin $40.00
Vapor Flask DNA 40 $40.00

The Video:

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Hope to see everyone this weekend for the Vape In The Fort 2.0 event.

Note, this is going to be an outdoor event and I looked at the weather and it’s gonna be 80+ so I may need to break out the muscle tee and expose the guns (I apologize in advance).  I also bought this for Dimitri to follow me around with…

All of the information is below and you can click the banner to be taken to the site!  Let’s have a vape!!


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