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A PBusardo Video – Wick Testing

In this video we take a look at 4 popular wick materials…

  1. Organic Cotton Balls
  2. Hemp
  3. Japanese Cotton Sheets (Koh Gen Do)
  4. CelluCotton (Rayon)

We talk about them, wick test them, burn them, taste them, vape them and talk all about them.

This is certainly not the end all, be all list of wicking materials, but it’s some I’ve been using to easily wick, remove, and re-wick my coils.  Sorry I didn’t have the time to get “Cotton Bacon” in this round.

The Links:
Walgreens Organic Cotton Balls
Nick’s Wicks – Hemp
Koh Gen Do Japanese Cotton Sheets
CelluCotton (Rayon)
Medical Grade Sterile Rayon Cotton Balls (not tested)

The Post Review Follow-up:

The Video:

  • 7/23/14 – Something not elaborated on in the video was ease of use. I thought they were all pretty easy to use when it came to wicking. The hemp bunched up at times when working it through the coil, but it wasn’t a big deal. Remember to cut the Japanese Cotton along the fibers. This will make it wick better and make it stronger for working it though your coil.
  • 7/23/14 – I got a fair amount of “popping” from the Rayon, this usually tells me that not enough material was used. Since the Rayon doesn’t seem to expand as much, you may want to keep that in mind and be sure you have enough of it through your coil. Make sure it’s nice and snug in there.

The Photos:


[img src=]88140
[img src=]21020
[img src=]650
[img src=]20170
[img src=]19760
[img src=]19270
[img src=]16470
[img src=]15810
[img src=]15440
[img src=]15980
[img src=]16010
[img src=]360
[img src=]350
[img src=]350
[img src=]340
[img src=]410
[img src=]380
[img src=]440
[img src=]370
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A PBusardo Follow-up – The Radix Switch Issue

This is an unfortunate issue for me as I’ve been a fan of the Radix since I received it. However, it’s what I do, and if it’s happening to me, it could potentially happen to you. Hopefully this issue is limited to my own. If it’s not, perhaps Carbon Method can find a solution or a replacement switch.

This will also be added to the original review section for this device.

The Links:
The Radix @ Carbon Method

The Video:

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Congrats to Larry on winning the MVP & The Gladius tank from Innokin and the ACT Air Control Tip from AvidVaper!  Larry can be seen here with his winnings.  Lot’s of happy vaping to you Larry!!


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This is the talk I gave at the Vegas Vape Summit. I had hoped they would have shown the slides I put up on the screen as well as the video segments. Looks like the captured the first, but not the second. They must have though me walking back and forth was more interesting than the video that was playing. :-)

If I get some spare time (HA!!!) I’ll see if I can edit in the slides and second video for you.

I try to tie together a few things in this talk…

  • The history of electronic cigarettes.
  • My journey with electronic cigarettes.
  • How the FDA regulations has the potential to suppress innovation.

Funny how much easier it is to talk to 70,000 of you from the privacy of my basement over a several hundred of you up on stage! :-)

Here’s the original cut…

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Hey gang. Here’s the update. Round 2 of taste testing has started with some 3rd party blind tasters taking part to verify what I experienced. Good news… experience verified! Part of round 2 will be to look at coil residue so you’ll need to give me a little time to vape my way through several tanks of liquid.

Also, WE have a new piece of gear to play with! I’m upping my mech testing game by getting rid of the old rig and replacing it with an electronic load.

You know, I’ve called my load many things in the past… “electronic” was never one of them. :-)

This should allow me to more accurately look at a mechanical’s performance, amperage throughput (as seen from the previous tests), but now also wattages and voltage drops, which I know many of you use.

I have to re-think how I present the data in chart form and then re-run all the tests for all the mechs I’ve looked at to date.

Also, by your request, I’m adding a cleaning procedure for all mechanicals that are measured.

Note, that the load you see in these photos is not the final unit. I actually ordered a 300 watt rated version and was sent the wrong one. The replacement is on it’s way.

Once I have the new one, have re-thought the charts, and re-run all the tests, I’ll shoot a video to show you what’s up… “Meet The New Mech Test Rig v2.0″ and post the results.

Happy Vaping Everyone!

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The article was written by Dr. Martin Junneau, a top cardiologist at the Montreal Heart Institute. The Montreal Heart Institute is leader in heart disease research in the world. That hospital is the reason why I’m alive today, I received a heart transplant on August 8th 2002 (nothing to do with smoking, caught a virus and got sick immediately). Here is what the cardiologist had to say about e-cigs (It’s a free translation from French to English, sorry for the spelling errors, I’m French Canadian lol):

The electronic cigaret,

Smoking is one of the worst habits for your health. Smoking is the cause of cardiovascular disease, the leading cause of lung cancer and many other cancers. Quitting smoking can save your life, even if you smoked for a long time. After a heart attack, quitting smoking reduces your risk of recurrence in the first six months.

If you have tried everything to quit smoking and you have failed, despite the help of patches and nicotine gums, or prescription drugs, you can try to replace tobacco cigarettes with the electronic cigarette containing nicotine.

It’s not the nicotine that kills us, but the hundreds of products of burning tobacco. Many of my patients who smoked irreducibly managed to quit smoking with the electronic cigarette.

Dr Martin Junneau, Cardiologist
Montreal Heart Institute

Thanks for this letter Eric and I’m glad you’re doing well. And thank you FDA for continuing to prove you DON’T have our best interests in mind.

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URGENT! CASAA Issues First Call to Prepare For FDA Proposed Regulations

The first Call to Prepare is your opportunity to begin laying the groundwork for your formal, substantive comment to the FDA. Consistent with our earlier instructions, we are asking consumers to continue to wait to file substantive comments for a few more days, but now is the time to prepare part of your comments in earnest. We are asking consumers to write up a few paragraphs on each of the three main points detailed in the first Call to Prepare so it is ready to assemble into your final comments

We anticipate issuing the Second Call to Prepare early next week, which will provide guidance on further refining draft comments. The Fourth Call to Action (requesting consumers assemble their prepared thoughts and submit the comment to FDA) is expected to be issued towards the end of next week.

Please see the FIRST CALL TO PREPARE for details.

Forward, repost, and share . . . and explain to others why this is so important.


Julie Woessner, President

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