A BATTERY MOOCH POST: The Sony VTC6 is not rated at 30A!

I’m still testing this 3000mAh battery but wanted to address some misinformation going around. Just like the other Sony VTC batteries, the max continuous current ratings are being read incorrectly.

As you can see in the attached datasheet image the Continuous Maximum Discharge Current rating is 30A, but only if the battery temperature does not exceed 80°C! It is a temperature-limited rating and this is critical. This means that the 30A rating is only a maximum current level for short-term discharges and is not a true continuous rating.

Below the 30A Continuous Maximum Discharge Current rating in the datasheet you can see the true continuous rating, 15A.

I should have my tests done in a few days as I am also directly comparing the VTC6 against HG2’s and 30Q’s.

image image image

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