A BATTERY MOOCH POST: Which lasts longer? VTC6, 30Q, or HG2?

Here are the results for an abusive life cycle test of three popular 3000mAh batteries. The Sony VTC6 was the best performer in my testing but does it have a weakness? Is it a cell that can’t take abuse? The datasheet specs seem to indicate that it might have a shorter cycle life than the other two.

Bottom Line: The VTC6 started with the highest capacity but the 30Q had the smallest loss of capacity after 50 abusive charge-discharge cycles. The HG2 was the loser in these tests, having the lowest starting and finishing capacity.

The VTC6 starts out as the better performer, by a little, and might be the better choice if you aren’t using your batteries hard. The 30Q, while not performing quite as well as the VTC6 at the start, would be the better choice if you habitually abuse your batteries, i.e., discharge and charge them hard.

30Q’s won’t drop in capacity as far or as fast as the VTC’s over the long term, retaining about 5%-6% more capacity than the VTC6. Not a huge difference but it could be noticeable.

While the HG2 is still a great battery it’s just not quite as good as the other two. It’s still a good choice for regulated mods though at about 75W, or less, per battery. It didn’t lose quite as much capacity as the VTC6 but its lower overall performance left it with the lowest average capacity at the end of the testing.

Which to choose for the way you vape? You’ll have to decide yourself but you won’t go wrong with any of any of these batteries.

Test Conditions:
Eight 30Q’s, eight HG2’s, and four VTC6’s were tested. Each battery was subjected to fifty charge-discharge cycles at rates designed to accelerate their aging. Charging was done at 4A to a cutoff of 4.20V @ 200mA. Discharging was done at 15A continuous down to 2.50V. This brought the temperature of each cell up over 80°C for each cycle. Each battery was only rested for sixty seconds between charging and discharging. I estimate that this accelerated life-cycle testing aged each battery the equivalent of at least 200 cycles.

Table of results: https://imgur.com/a/rMuZR

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