My sincere thanks to Danny Carrillo for sending me these fake HE2’s for examination and testing!

Luckily they are terrible fakes and are easily identified, having a three “leg” top contact rather than the correct “four” leg top contact that all LG batteries have.

I want to restate that before all the questions come in…
– This fake HE2 has three “legs” coming down from the top contact.
– The genuine HE2, and all LG batteries we use, have four “legs” coming down from the top contact.

Photos and discharge graphs: https://imgur.com/a/nhPSC

The fakes also have a faint laser etched Greek phi symbol on the bottom. There is nothing on the bottom of the genuine HE2.

The genuine HE2 is a 20A 2500mAh battery. This fake is a lousy performing 2100-2200mAh battery with a 10A-15A rating. But, there might be more than one type of battery being rewrapped for these fakes. I can only talk about the ones I have.

I don’t know what battery is being used for these fakes.

If you have any of these fakes then contact the vendor you purchased them from to see if you can get a refund. If you insist on using them then carefully treat them as crappy 10A batteries. I recommend just returning or recycling them though.

– The date/batch code on the wrap of the fake might be a genuine code. This alert is NOT saying that all HE2’s with that code are fake!

– LET ME REPEAT THAT: THIS POST IS NOT SAYING ALL HE2’s WITH THAT CODE ARE FAKES! Only that these fakes are using that code.

– This alert is NOT saying that all HE2’s with a four “leg” top contact are genuine! There might be other fakes out there using genuine LG batteries with lower current ratings.

– I am NOT saying anything other what I am saying directly in this post.

– Please do not send me pictures of your HE2’s. I am unable to authenticate your batteries via photos. Use the pictures here to determine if yours are fakes or not. If you are still unsure then CAREFULLY compare the performance of the suspect batteries against known genuine HE2’s, HE4’s, or 25R’s (their performances are all about the same). If you are still unsure, return or recycle them.



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