A PBusardo Quick Look – Angorabbit Cotton & Another “Not A” Contest

In this video we take a (not so) Quick Look at Angorabbit Cotton.

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Shenzhen Lion Eco-Technology Co.,Ltd.
Contact Name: Trover
Email:[email protected]
Skype:Angorabbit Vape Cotton Supplier
Facebook:Angorabbit Trover

Post Video Follow-up

I asked a number of questions to Trover based on the comments I received in YouTube. I’ve posted the questions and his responses here along with photos he send me of the cotton growing environment. I appreciate him taking the time to respond to me.

1) Many people are saying in order to get this burn resistance your cotton
is treated chemically. Is that the case?

You have our samples in your hand, can you smell any chemical odor out? Because if the cotton was chemically treated, when you open the package, you can smell the chemical additives directly, or sometimes they use other scents to mask the smell of chemical additives, this is what the most of cotton supplier always did. I believe you can just smell the cotton scents in our product, as I said, it’s pure and 100% organic cotton.

2) On the back of your packaging you have an FDA logo. Why is that? What
is the purpose and meaning of that label?

The FDA logo is just a certification by USA government, nothing special, we just want vapers to know we are certified, not just a unauthentic brand comes out from some unauthentic somewhere.

3) People are calling it Rayon. Is that the case?

I don’t know what some of vapers are calling this, and I don’t know what that means.

4) People are saying is has asbestos fibers. Is that the case?

Asbestos fibers??? I have no idea why they will say that, do you know what is asbestos fibers? That suppose to be tough like steel ! But you have our samples in your hands and I believe you have do a lot of test in our angorabbbit cotton, why don’t you tell me your feeling? You said it’s soft and fluffy right? Do you really believe if we adopts asbestos fibers, it will still be soft and fluffy like this? We have to say, please stop nonsensical attacking.

I would have to agree, this is cotton and not asbestos fibers or rayon. I base this comment purely on the feel of the material.

5) Can you tell me more about the process that gives it burn resistance?

I am sorry but we can not disclose the detail of process to any one, but we do have more than forty professional technology research and more than two hundred fine-tuning of parameters than other normal cotton, the excellent burn resistance is completely in the promise of health that allow vapors have the best experience with the best healthy vape cotton. I know you don’t believe this like what you said in your review video.

Now now, I did not say I don’t believe you, I just said I personally can’t make health claims for the cotton.

So I have to tell you more thing about cotton. All cotton in selling on the market are cosmetic cotton grade, that’s why it can not bear the burning test. But our cotton is specially developed for vaping, only vape cotton need the characteristic of burning resistance, that’s why we took seven months of research and development, finally we got what we want and this is our burning resistance. That’s why some vapers are doubting our cotton of burning resistance.

Angorabbit Growing Environment:

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