A PBusardo Review – The Cthulhu MRDA

This is kinda a cranky Phil video. We talk about some Sigelei product that came in, do a follow-up on the HCigar Towis T180, take a look at the Cthulhu MRDA a (not a) mouth to lung rebuildable dripping atomizer, and wrap it up with a new “Not A” Contest.

The Links:

The Sigelei Kaos Spectrum Review
CThulhu Mods
Heaven Gifts Video Mentioned

The Post Review Follow-up:

  • 9/19/17 – Around the 8:50 mark, I mention that the HCigar is the only dual 18650 in parallel and thought that Lost Vape may have one.  Of course they do!!  That was one of the devices that Brandon brought with him when he introduced the 75C.  It’s the Lost Vape Therion 75C which also runs dual 18650s in parallel.  The HCigar is much more compact though.  Thanks Luke!
  • 9/19/17 – Around the 24:30 mark, I mention MTLs building with 18 & 16 gauge wire.  That’s a big LOL and Oops!  Meant to say 28 and 26 gauge.  Thanks JF!

The Video:

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The Photos:

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