Daniel, AKA DJLsb Vapes, is really pissing me off.  His videos look far too good and will require me to do some updates.  I will be sending him the bill for any equipment upgrades that may be required.

I can assure you that there will be some breathtaking drone footage in my next video you will not want to miss.

In all honesty, we had an excellent time hanging out with Daniel and his wife in Pairs for VapeExpo 2017.  It was also fantastic for me and Dimitris to be able to share our new Innokin and Bromance projects with him.

I certainly appreciate Daniel digging into products and bringing you quality tech reviews.  I also appreciate being able to bounce ideas and experiences with him behind the scenes, not to mention the extended “Geek Talks” about all things tech outside the world of electronic cigarettes.

The video he put out below interviewing us came excellent and I sincerely thank him for it.

I don’t know Dimitris, there may be a new “Bromance” going on. 😉

Daniel’s Links:

Daniel’s YouTube Channel
Daniel’s Facebook
Daniel’s Website

Daniel’s Video:

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