From Stu

Still love getting these emails!
They all still get added to the Success Stories and Validations page.
They still keep me going!
Thank you Stu!

Hi Phil,

I thought, I’d send you an update to my email from all the way in Jan of 2014.

We very briefly spoke at CVE Toronto, but I’ll touch on a few things again. I recently passed my 5yr. mark free of cigarettes. Just over 2yrs. ago, I left my job at a “big box store” & got a job at a vape shop. I am now General Manager of our 2 locations.

For the first time in my life, I can say I love my job! From helping get new users setup to troubleshooting issues with advanced users. I’ve taking allot of what I have learned of the years, watching Grimm, Dimitris & yourself. Along with what I have learned myself over the years & used that to better help my customers, get the best possible service & advice. I’ve lost track, of the amount of setups. I’ve done over the years. Must be into the 100’s by now.

However, it’s not about praise. I do, what I do, because I love it. I’m not a super low ohm builder or a MTL user.
I’m perfectly happy with my Crown 3, Fuchai 213 & 3mg Dragon Juice from 416 Vapes (shout out to Rob & his crew).
I just want my gear to work, the way I expect it to, for me. I use that same logic with my customers & that’s something, I picked up from you, Phil.

So here we are 4yrs. after my first email & 5yrs. free of smokes. I have a great job, that I love & in an industry that I love. I could not have gotten, where I am today. Without the help & advice, I’ve gotten from yours, Dimitris & Nick’s video’s over the years. So once again, I want to send my deepest & heartfelt Thank you for what you do & continue to do, for vaping.

All the best, Phil

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