A BATTERY MOOCH POST: Different cell for iJoy 20700!

It appears that iJoy has changed what cell they wrap for their 20700.

I’ve done some preliminary testing and, so far, the news is not good. The newer 20700 performs worse than the original one. See the attached discharge graph.

I’ll be doing more testing but it appears to be a 15A-20A cell with a capacity rating of about 2800mAh with a lot of voltage sag.

My sincere thanks to James Burr of Evolution Vaping (UK) for bringing this to my attention and for express shipping some to me here in NYC! I also want to thank the others who alerted me too.

These new iJoy 20700’s are easily spotted since they have four “legs” coming down from the top contact instead of the five in the original cell iJoy used.

The ones I received were taken from Captain mod kits but others have said they received them in Genie kits and in orders from IMRBatteries. My recent order from IMRBatteries had the five leg versions of them though.

EBAT, Ampking, and Efest used the same better performing 20700 iJoy originally did, with the five leg top contact. I do not know if these companies will be switching to the four leg cell too.

Evolution Vaping (UK) has only five leg iJoy 20700’s in stock for separate purchase. I do not know who else has them in stock. Vendors, feel free to comment below.

Thanks to two members of our community I am receiving more of the new four leg cells next week and will be thoroughly testing them. I should have the results by the end of next week.

My messages to iJoy regarding these cells have gone unanswered but there is a holiday in China this week and I’m not surprised they haven’t responded yet.

I’ll post an update as I get more info.

Discharge graph: https://imgur.com/a/wFbtC


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