A BATTERY MOOCH POST: Brillipower 30A 4100mAh 20700…ridiculously overrated

This cell has a hugely exaggerated current rating. Discharged continuously at its claimed 30A rating the voltage sag makes this cell almost useless. It delivered only about 350mAh down to 3.2V at 30A, getting hot enough to boil water…dangerously hot.

This cell’s appearance is identical to the Sanyo NCR20700B but its performance is a bit worse than the Sanyo. I estimate this Brillipower’s ratings to be 15A and 4000mAh.

Two cells were donated for the purposes of testing by The Cloudy Vapor (www.thecloudyvapor.com). Thank you!

Ratings graphic: https://imgur.com/a/RneEJ

Test results, discharge graph, photos: https://www.e-cigarette-forum.com/threads/bench-test-results-brillipower-30a-4100mah-20700…ridiculously-overrated.844559/

These tests only note the estimated ratings for these batteries at the time I tested them. Any battery that is not a genuine Samsung, Sony, LG, Panasonic, or Sanyo can change at any time! This is one of the hazards of using “rewrapped” batteries so carefully research any battery you are considering using before purchasing.

Misusing or mishandling lithium-ion batteries can pose a SERIOUS RISK of personal injury or property damage. Never exceed the battery’s current rating and keep the plastic wrap and top insulating ring in perfect condition.

All my test results to date: https://www.e-cigarette-forum.com/forum/blog-entry/list-of-battery-tests.7436/

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