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13 Countries + 14 Mini-Films
Filming in Jerusalem this week

Here we go!

I met Dr. Derek Yach when filming some of the interviews for A Billion Lives at GFN in 2015. Having an interview with a former Executive Director at the World Health Organization was a critical moment in making our film credible with the public.

Not only am I grateful to GFN for helping make the introduction, but I am sincerely grateful to Derek for taking time to meet with us before his big keynote speech. He was an amazing part of the movie.

We remained in touch and I continued to be amazed by his passion for helping the actual smokers, not judging, belittling, or treating them like children. When he asked me to make a mini launch film for the new foundation he was starting to help smokers, I was all in.

If you missed it, here’s the link.

Now Derek and the Foundation for a Smoke-Free World are beginning their work and the first step was to listen and understand the situation. They commissioned a poll of 13 countries around the world and the results are nearly finished.

I’ve gotten a chance to peek at some of the results and it’s truly amazing how different the situation is in each country.

Derek has asking me to direct a series of 13 mini films to go with each country. In addition, we’ll also be creating a global short film to tie it all together. He plans on using them in launch events throughout the year in a comprehensive plan to start a dialogue about the current situation.

I am beyond excited!
As I announced earlier this week, I’ll be leading the new harm reduction film festival at the Global Forum on Nicotine.The core creative team from A Billion Lives (Jimi, Jenni, and myself) are back together for this, and I plan on submitting these films to the festival.

Filming an interview in Greece

I just got done hanging out with Dr. Farsalinos in Greece (we’re here filming one of the 13), and this promises to be quite the adventure.

If you’d like to follow our progress or help us out along the way, here are some ways we’ll be communicating:

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We started in Israel (had an interview with the Israel Cancer Society & Zvi Herzog) and we’re now in Greece. I’m excited for this and look forward to sharing more updates.
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