A PBusardo Review – The Ithaka

In this video I answer a few questions I got about the Innokin iTaste MVP review and we take a look at the Ithaka RTA (Rebuildable Tank Atomizer).

Materials used for this build:

34 gauge Kanthal resistance wire (eBay) – 1.3 inches for this build
32 gauge Nickel no-resistance wire (eBay)
Organic Cotton Hemp Wick

Post Review Follow-up::

  • 9/13/13 – I got the positive/negative totally ass backwards in this review. I made annotations to the video. It’s just a wording issue.  The build you see if correct. Oh well, I’m only near perfect. 🙂
  • 9/13/13 – The cotton wick you see in the build is performing REALLY well. Really nice vape. If only this were a little easier to build.

The Links:
Clouds Of Vapor
Cotton Wick From Mod & World

The Video:

The Photos:

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