Here’s a written version of the (not a) contest rules.

  • Contests are contained within the video reviews. Currently running contests also appear in the upper right corner of TasteYourJuice.com, next to “Recent News”
  • Contest entries should be emailed to [email protected] unless specified otherwise.
  • The answer to the contest question must be contained in the SUBJECT LINE of the email. Nothing in the body of the email will be read.
  • The subject line must also include your full name…

SUBJECT LINE OF EMAIL:  <First Name> <Last Name> – <Contest Question Answer>

  • You must be 21 or older to enter a contest.
  • You must be subscribed to the PBusardo YouTube channel.
  • You must have a Paypal account.
  • Please enter contests ONLY ONCE. Duplicates from the same email will be removed.
  • Contest winners are announced in post contest review videos.
  • Contest winners have one week to claim their prize once the winner is announced.
  • The contest winner can claim their prize by sending an email to: [email protected].
  • The claim email must be sent using the same email address that was used to enter the contest.
  • If the claim email is not received within one week of the winner being announced, the winner forfeits the prize.
  • The forfeited prize will be added to the next (not a) contest prize.
  • I will not respond to emails regarding contests; asking me who won, questions about the contest, if your email made it into the contest, etc. If you did things correctly, you’re entered. Note that the scroll I sometimes show in the video when picking the winner skips over MANY names and your name may not show up, even though you’re entered.
  • With respect to the new FDA regulations, winners will be required to pay a small fee for their winnings and go through age verification.   Fees will be donated to advocacy.
  • When a contest winner sends a claim email, they will receive and be required to agree to the following:

Congrats on winning a PBusardo contest!

Unfortunately, due to the new FDA regulations, some changes need to be made on how I do these contests.

1) A fee needs to be collected for the item(s) won. All fees collected will be donated to an advocacy group yet to be determined.
2) Age verification must be performed for all winners.

So, in order to claim the contest winnings…

FIRST, send a payment of $X to [email protected] via Paypal.

SECOND, respond to this email with…

1) You agree to all of the following:

* I will use any product won in PBusardo/TasteYourJuice contest at my own risk.
* I will not hold PBusardo, Phil Busardo, or TasteYourJuice.com responsible for any damage to person or property from the use of any item won in a contest.
* I will not hold PBusardo, Phil Busardo, or TasteYourJuice.com responsible for repairing or replacing any item won in a contest in the event it malfunctions or arrives in a non-working state.
* I will pay shipping outside of the US.
* I will supply a photo of myself with contest winnings that can be used on the TasteYourJuice.com website. Photos should be sent to [email protected]
* I understand that some items may have been opened or used. Nothing is delivered in an unsanitary state.

2) That you have made payment, showing proof of payment.

3) Include your full name and address for age verification purposes.

Once I have received approval from the age verification process, I will ship your prize.

If you are unable or unwilling to meet all of the requirements, I fully understand. Just let me know so I can offer the prize to the next runner up in the drawing.

My sincerest apologies for putting you through this, but I need to keep how I do things legit and legal.

Thanks so much for your understanding.