This is the place for PBusardo’s most frequently asked questions!

In this section, I’ve attempted to predict common questions that would be asked of me as a reviewer.

Q) What is your favorite juice?
A) I have many.  Take a look at the My Favorite Juices in the resources section of the home page.

Q) What nic level and ratio do you prefer?
A) 12mg, 70/30 PG/VG blend.

Q) How much do you vape in a day?
A) Depends on the stress level 🙂 I’m usually around 6-7ml a day.

Q) Do you drip?
A) Give me a break, I’m only in my early 40s.  No, I prefer not to walk around with a bottle of juice and constantly drip.  I prefer cartos and carto tanks.  Although I do agree that once you get the hang of it, dripping can produce some of the best possible VTF.

Q) What is your favorite carto?
A) The Boge LR (Low Resistance)

Q) What is your favorite tank?
A) Although I haven’t tried many, of those I have tried, I prefer the Prive tank.

A) What is your favorite device?
Q) All devices have their pluses and minus.  Currently I do prefer a device that allows me to adjust my voltage to increase VTF on different juices and devices.

A) Who are your favorite reviewers?
Q) Grimm Green and Scott (igetcha69).

Q) Do I get paid for my reviews?
A) No.  For a while I was getting paid to do “product tours”.  Simply showing the device and how it is used with no comment from me.  Haven’t done this in some time now.  My payment is the device itself along with your laughs, positive comments, and success stories which, to me, are far more important than the device.

Q) What do you do with the items once you’re done reviewing them.
A) I use them as contest giveaways or they are kept for personal use or to refer back to.  They are never sold.

Q) Do I ask for products to review?
A) 95% of the time, no.  There are some cases however, when I felt a product was going to be a game changer and extremely popular in the vaping community.  In those cases, I’ve gone directly to the manufacturer and/or for the product.  The two that comes to mind are the Lava Tube and the EQ.  For the record, I didn’t receive either of them.

Q) Do you trade a positive review for an item?
A) No.  My reviews are always fair and impartial.  I will always speak my mind and give you my exact experience with the product whether supplied or paid for.  To me, there is no difference.  I’ve actually turned down devices when it was requested a negative review NOT be posted.  I have no allegiance to any vendor or device, but of course I have my favorites.

Q) Have you ever threatened a negative review if a product was not supplied to you?
A) No. Although I hear that I’ve been accused of this. The only thing I can think of is a change of arrangement I had with Boge. I had a contact in Boge who understood the power of the reviews along with my love of the Boge carto so he supplied me the cartos to use in the reviews. Since then, my contact has left Boge to work at Innokin. I tried several times with numerous emails to make the same arrangement with my remaining contacts in Boge. They basically ignored me. I now pay for my Boges. Regardless of how I was treated by Boge, and whether or not I pay for them, they continue to be my favorite carto and used in 99% of my juice reviews. I love them! (until I love something more)

Q) Have you ever turned down a review?
A) Yes.  Some of the reasons I’ve turned down reviews?

  1. I feel I’ve reviewed too many similar devices in the past.
  2. The review is on a device I consider aged or old technology (Example: a 510).
  3. The review could add to my addiction and/or could be dangerous to myself and therefore you (Example: Whole Tobacco Alkaloid E-Liquid).
  4. A vendor requests I do not post the review if it is negative.

Q) Are you always truthful, fair, and impartial?
A) Again, whether I receive a product or pay for a product… Yes!  And I’m being truthful right now as well 🙂

Q) Would you like to get paid for what you do?
A) I’m passionate about vaping and helping others who want to make the switch or who are already vaping.  Personally I feel it should be any individual’s goal to be paid for what they are most passionate about.  This makes for a much more valuable employee and a much more successful employer.

Q) How much time do you put into all of this?
A) Too much!! 🙂  Too much time in the investigation of devices, the evaluations, the data gathering, taking the photos, the shooting of the video, the editing, posting the videos, answering questions, responding to comments, the Facebook groups, the forums, this website, etc.  Yet, I still somehow enjoy it all.  There are times, however, when I do feel a little overwhelmed.  When that happens, I need to walk away and take a break.  The fact that this “hobby” allows me to work at my own pace is a big plus.

Q) Will you respond if I try to contact you?
A) Absolutely!  I do my best to respond to every comment and every question sent my way.  There is no question I’ve above answering and no such thing as a “dumb” question.  We all had to start somewhere!

Q) I’m a vendor or a manufacturer and I have a product I’d like reviewed.  What do I do?
A) Simply contact me.  Contact links are on the Home Page.

Q) I’m a vendor or a manufacturer and would like to advertise on your site. Are you allowing advertisers?
A) Yes. It’s here now!  It’s all automatic.  Just click on the “Advertise Here” box on the right hand side of the site under sponsors.  Sponsorship will help me offset some of my costs associated with web hosting, site development, maintenance, equipment, overhead, etc.  Will advertisers receive “special treatment” in the reviews?  Come on! Really? No.

Q) I have a product I’d like to see you do a review on.  What do I do?
A) Ok, this is a tough one and the answer may not sit well with everyone, so sorry.

If it is an inexpensive device such as a $10 carto or similar and I feel there will be enough interest in the community, let me know.  I’d probably be more than willing to buy one to review.  Most of the time, I’m doing this myself already anyway.

If it’s a juice I can add it to my list, but juices are very subjective and individualized so I don’t typically go out and buy every juice people want me to review.

Now, here’s the tricky one, let’s say you want me to review a $300 mod or a $150 tank.  I have no intention of going bankrupt doing reviews, and it’s unrealistic and unfair to think I’ll buy every product and mod out there.  After all, I still do this as a hobby and as a service to the community and I have plenty of my personal time and money vested in the reviews.  Since I don’t typically approach a companies to review their products, I recommend the following: Contact the company, let them know who I am, and that I’m willing to review their product.  If they are interested, they are more than welcomed to contact me.  Sorry, but that is the best I can do on the higher priced items.

Q) Do you offer private product evaluations for vendors?
A) Yes, please contact me.

Q) Do you offer private product evaluations for manufacturers?
A) Yes, please contact me.

Q) What equipment and software do you use to make your vids?
A) I’m kind of amazed at how many people ask me this question. Although I’m flattered by it, It’s also the one question that I hate to get. Why? Well first, it has nothing to do with helping out people who are trying to quit smoking, pursue vaping, and with vaping in general, which are my goals. Second, I’ve spent a fair amount of money & time on research, trial and error, software, and equipment (both in video and test equipment) to get my vids to look the way they do. I’m also constantly trying to improve the quality while maintaining ease of creation for myself. So, although I would be happy to help you with your vaping questions and issues, let’s just call this information proprietary.

Conclusion) People will not always agree with what I have to say, and that’s ok. We can still remain civilized. It really is one of my goals to be a friend to everyone and an enemy to no one, even those I give negative reviews to 🙂 Life is too short. And remember, tastes in devices and juices are subjective!!