I think about vaping… I think about vaping a lot.   I have ideas about vaping and things I want to talk to people about.  I have most of these ideas “from the chair”.  This is the place I go at the end of the day.  Where I turn on the TV and get lost for a while.  It doesn’t usually last long because most of the time my peace is interrupted by another idea about vaping.  So I bought a voice recorder and I keep it by the chair.  When  have these ideas, I pick it up, begin to pace and I use it to record my ideas for later use or potentially to share with you.

I’m usually talking pretty low as these are mostly recorded at night.  Can’t wake up the wifey!  🙂

This will not be for everyone and that’s ok.  The page will only be updated on occasion.  It may be a voice recording.  It may be a video.  It may be a blog entry.


There is no editing here so the language used may not be appropriate for children.  Although I know you need to be 18+ to be here anyway, I also know many of you watch and listen to my reviews with the kids around.  So please use discretion.  This is me uncensored!


Episode 15 – THOSE People

So this is a “From The Chair” but it’s in article format since 1) I didn’t want to forget anything, and 2) I think it an important topic to talk about.

At the last few events I experienced something (actually much more than the last few events) and I wanted to talk about it.

What would the average vaper look like at a vape event?

  • 90% change of blowing a giant cloud.
  • 80% chance of covered in tattoos.
  • 70% chance of wearing a snapback.
  • 60% chance of having a giant beard.
  • 50% chance of having ear gauges.
  • 10% chance of riding a balance scooter.
  • 5% chance of falling off said balance scooter. 🙂

This is what you will probably see.  If you’re not one of them, you may refer to them as “Hipsters”, you may even refer to them as “Those People.”

I want to look at the term “Those People” but I want to remove the word “Those” and keep the word “People” because THAT is what they are.  They are people.  Remove everything about them that may be different from you and me and they are still people.  They bleed red just like everyone else.  They just choose to have their own style and their own look.

It’s no different from you wearing a red shirt and me wearing a black one except for the fact that your red shirt is more likely to get you killed on the planet’s surface.

I’ve met many of “Those people”.  I’ve talked with them.  I’ve hung out with them.  I’ve spent time with them.  I’ve shared meals with them.  Many have become good friends. I can assure you that they are some of the nicest people I’ve come in contact with.  Friendly, warm, outgoing, and excited to be part of the vaping community.

They are “People” not “Those People”.

Are there assholes in there as well?  YOU BET!  But there are assholes in every group.  What you look like and how you present yourself doesn’t preclude you from being as asshole.

My fear is that people who judge, or more importantly… smokers who judge and who don’t understand this group may be scared off by what they see.  They may think that they would be categorized as “Those People” and it may turn them off to vaping.

Attention Smokers… Don’t!

I think this one of the many problems we have with vaping today.   We see a lot of “Those People”.  At the events, in videos, on social media, in publications, etc.  Be we don’t see enough of the other side.   That has the potential to turn people off to vaping before even trying it… before moving to a potentially lifesaving way of getting your nicotine kick.  Let me assure you, they are out there.

  • Me, the 46 year old corporate engineer.
  • My wife, the 42 year old hair dresser and salon manager.
  • My brother, the 41 year old professional services client director.
  • My mother, the 70 year old greatest cook and Mom in the world.
  • That little old lady I saw at a vape shop in Florida coming in with her walker to get her liquid and coils.

We need to see more of this.  In my humble opinion, we don’t see enough of the average vaper and too much of the hardcore vaper and it is potentially hurting us be it right or wrong.   But more importantly hurting those who may be turned off by what they see and it affecting their decision to try a less harmful lifestyle over smoking.

People need to put aside their pre-conceived notions about what people look like and not let that scare them away.   Vaping has MANY different faces.  Vaping has MANY different ages.   We need to see them all and if you don’t, you need to understand they are out there.

So I can only hope that for all smokers it is someday YOUR FACE and YOUR AGE no matter what you look like, no matter how you dress, no matter what your background is, no matter what your age, and no matter how big a cloud you want or do not want to blow.

Ignoring all of this, our lungs are basically the same, let’s keep them breathing.

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