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Ok, prepare to call me a rookie and a noob.

I THOUGHT I was answering everyone’s Facebook messages, but I just found the “Filtered” area for messages.

I probably have about 2500 people that think I’m an a-hole because I never responded.

I’m going to do my best to respond to the folks who have messaged me within the last couple of months and then archive the rest.  There’s no way for me to answer all of them as they date all the way back to 2015… yeah, it’s that bad.

So if you sent me something and I never responded, my sincerest apologies, it was definitely not intentional!

I’ll be looking out for this evil little area in the future, so feel free to message me again.

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NOTE: This item was received in exchange for promotion and/or review.


Here is Vaporesso’s newest, the Tarot Pro. This one features VW up to 160 watts, TC (NI, SS, TI, TCR), Bypass, firmware upradaeble, custom power curves, and utilizes two 18650 batteries. It comes in a few different finishes and I think it to be a rather handsome device. The finishes also came rather well protected.

Not a huge fan of how even a 22mm tank hangs off the sides a bit. (see photos)

Here’s some additional information from Vaporesso:

The Tarot Pro is one of our best vape mods, capable of a 160W output as well as all the common TC modes (Ni, SS, Ti). This mod also has CT (Ni, SS, Ti) and CW functions! And if you feel like an untempered vape, you can choose Bypass mode to practically turn your device into a mech-mod.

The Tarot Pro comes with an all new OMNI Board, Ideal to guarantee a consistently reliable performance and an accurate, updatable and fully customizable, firmware.

As we all know, the hotter the coil, the more vapour is created; so trick out your vapes with this insane mod and let the cloud chasing begin! pros!

I need to break in here for a second as I find that last paragraph to be 1) completely false, 2) completely irresponsible. No, once you get your coil to the temperature of evaporation getting it hotter does not produce more vapor. The challenge becomes maintaining the temperature of the coil as your throw more liquid and air at it so that it vaporizes as much as possible should you want a larger cloud. This is where temperature control excels. All that making the coil hotter beyond the temperature of evaporation will do is to potentially crack your liquid into harmful components.

Tarot Pro Mod at a Glance
Dimensions: 93x57x23mm
Weight: 200g
Temperature Range: 140C’-315C’/280F’-600F’
Output Wattage: 5w to 160w
Suitable Atomizer: 0.15 – 5 ohm
Casting: Zinc Alloy, Aluminium Alloy and Carbon Fiber
Thread: 510 thread
Display: OLED
Standby Current: <50 Voltage Range: 0 - 8.5 v Battery Cell: 2x Lithium 18650 1 x Tarot PRO box 1 x User guide and warranty information 1 x USB to micro-USB cable The Tarot Pro will now also come providing a USB charging port for those of you who prefer to charge your mod “on the go” with no added risk! 200 Watts of power available at your fingertips in VW or VT (Ni, SS, Ti, TCR) Ergonomic design makes it easy to grip and safe to handle Highly advanced circuit updatable and fully customizable Micro-usb port makes it easy to charge anytime, anywhere

Tarot Pro

[img src=]8120
[img src=]1280
[img src=]1200
[img src=]1120
[img src=]1150
[img src=]970
[img src=]1170
[img src=]1040
[img src=]1090
[img src=]1060
[img src=]930
[img src=]1000
[img src=]930
[img src=]1060
[img src=]980
[img src=]980
[img src=]950
[img src=]870
[img src=]850
[img src=]830
[img src=]780
[img src=]760
[img src=]770
[img src=]790
[img src=]840
[img src=]850
[img src=]870
[img src=]870
[img src=]850
[img src=]940
[img src=]930
[img src=]880
[img src=]930
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NOTE: This item was received in exchange for promotion and/or review.


I met these folks several years ago in Paris and I know they’ve been working on this device for a long time.

The whistle tip is interesting on this one because the air/vapor hole is not on the tip, but rather on the upper and lower side of it. I understand the concept… to hit your upper palette and tongue with the vapor to enhance the flavor. However, in practice, it requires you to (jokes are about to ensue) insert the tip into your mouth further than you may be comfortable with in order to provide an unobstructed air path.

The prototype I tried looks a lot like this one so I guess we’ll see when I try it out.

This is a non-adjustable, fill & go type of device and it’s available in grey, red, blue, and yellow. I couldn’t find any mAh information on their site. They are a France based company and didn’t see a selection for the United States to purchase.

Here’s some more information from their site:

Easy to use
Choose your flavor, push the button: that’s it. Vaping has never been smarter. Free your emotions with Nexvap™.

How do you feel today? Chic, elegant, pop, trendy?
Nexvap™ matches you and your lifestyle, with a complete range of accessories.

Innovative design
Nexvap™ held the best vaping technology in a beautifully designed product, for a unique sensorial experience.

Exclusive twin mouth-tip
More vapour, double flavor: it enhances flavor expression on palate and tongue with optimal vapour dispersion and a more intense tasting experience. Has 1.8 ml liquid capacity.

Magnetic connector
No more screwing and unscrewing, the mouth-tip conveniently plugs into the battery tube by magnetic connection.

New hi-tech ceramic coil
The new technology for enhanced pleasure and vaping experience. No carbide formation, no oxydation, no dry hits, longer lifecycle and high temperature resitance offer a high quality vapour expression.

Smart charging
The provided adapter magnetically connects your rechargeable battery to any USB port (i.e. your laptop). For travelers the optional Swiss made dual USB charger SKROSS works in 150 countries.

The perfect match between metal and polymers, balancing strength and weight.

Choose your vaporizer among a range of 3 different colors and experience new vaping sensations. Thanks to the new ceramic coil system you will experience vaping like never before!

NEXVAPTM Tube line is simple, ready to go and your companion in your vaping journey. You will discover new sensations thanks to the ergonomic and innovative mouth-tip reservoir and to the new ceramic coil technology.

The magnetic connector conveniently plugs into the battery. Seamless charging thanks to the USB adaptor that plugs into any USB port.

1 personal vaporizer in red, blue or gray rubber finish with a ceramic coil
1 USB adaptor


[img src=]8650
[img src=]1890
[img src=]1780
[img src=]2070
[img src=]1630
[img src=]1520
[img src=]1540
[img src=]1540
[img src=]1590
[img src=]1440
[img src=]1360
[img src=]1290
[img src=]1190
[img src=]1250
[img src=]1230
[img src=]1460
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I met Larry at an event and had the opportunity to chat with him about his lawsuit. I asked him to provide a write-up for TasteYourJuice to share with all of you. Here you go & thanks for this Larry! Best of luck with the lawsuit… best of luck to us all!


Thank you for the opportunity to let me have the attention of your audience. Let me start by saying this; there is no other industry in this country that has propelled itself into its own culture. Even more so, a culture that has multiple layers and multiple genres. The vaping industry could very well serve as an industry role model for how other industries can strive to be as successful as this one.

Many people who do not know me want to know why a politician is standing up for vaping. So let me give you a little history on myself; my political life; and why I am firm on standing up for this industry.

Let me start with who I am. My name is Larry W Faircloth. I am a state representative for West Virginia. I come from a long line of politics as I was first introduced into politics at the age of 9 years old. I remember it crystal clear. Watching Ronald Reagan take his oath of office. I didn’t understand it, not in the least. Until the next day, when I watched my father take his oath of office, where he continued to serve for over 20 years in office. I did not have the normal childhood most of the other kids had growing up. Instead mine was filled with the insistent nature of my father wanting me to learn all the aspects of politics. By the time I was 17, I had already memorized both the United States Constitution and WV State Constitution, memorized the rules of Parliament, Jeffersonian Law, and read the 27,000 pages of congressional code twice.

In 2002, I first entered the political arena…as a campaign strategist and consultant for many candidates. By 2012, I had earned a reputation for being a Political Bull with a 98 percent success rate. At that point, I myself entered the political race. I of course, was not the establishments pick, so i was deemed the under dog of the race. I was outspent 10 to 1, but with my vast experience, I did not let it bother me, and went on to win the race. Shortly after getting in office, I helped form the Liberty Caucus where I was co-chair of the organization ( and am still active and consult with on many deeming issues).

Shortly after taking office however, my health starting turning for the worse. My doctor was intense on my quitting smoking by any means. She suggested nicotine patches and gum. I tried it to no avail. After that, we moved on to the ‘blu’ cigarettes, but they failed as well. The next step was medication. That was the most dangerous move to me to that point. I truly inherited the signs of depression and thoughts of things that should not have been. I quickly removed myself from that medication for fear of my own safety. I even went to the extent of support groups and being hypnotized once. I gave up on quitting smoking. But in the beginning of 2014, vaping was introduced to me. I shrugged my shoulders, and figured why not give it a try; after all, I tried everything else. To my amazement, from day one of vaping, I have never looked back, and have been smoke free for over 2 years now.

I thought my story was special, but after getting to know the vaping industry, I came to find out that my story was similar to countless others. It quickly dawned on me that this was an industry saving lives. That my friend, is the true reason why I fight for this industry.

In June of 2016, I put together my legal team at the Lane Law Firm (after weeks of consultation), and filed suit against both the FDA and HHS for their unconstitutional actions against the vaping industry with their deeming regs.

The basis of the suits filed all appear to come in from the same approach, however we saw the importance of stressing both the health cost aspects of the deeming regs, as well as the 10th amendment constitutional issues. These issues alone (primarily the 10th Amendment), have been used and won successfully in many cases over the past few years. Most recently, in the last year, the EPA was forced with a permanent injunction on their deeming regs of the US Waters Act, by action of the 10th Amendment issues being cited in the ‘Personal Property Protection Act’ piece of legislation, which was adopted by 27 Attorney Generals for its language and used to stop the actions of the EPA. This legislation was written and pushed by myself, and worked on in development by the attorney that is now representing my lawsuit against the FDA.

My friend, I can not stress the importance to stop the FDA at this point, as it will have positive and impactive benefits trickling down even to the state levels as well. But we must push and win through actions of suit, if we are to set a precedent of an industry that is wanting to continue to grow.

Below is a link to the lawsuit for viewing as well as a link to a donation page to send donations to help fund this fight against the FDA. Since I have started, I have also centered my advocacy into a new site that is in continual growth, at




Thank you again for receiving my email and the opportunity to let me briefly tell you more about myself and my views on why I fight for an industry I truly love.


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A Billion Lives North American Premiere and After Party Recap by Molecule Labs

Here’s a really well done video created by Molecule Labs about the movie “A BILLION LIVES” recapping the premiere, the after-party, and the message within the movie itself.

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We’ve all done it. We see something posted on Facebook.

  • A positive study on vaping
  • A positive article on vaping
  • Science that supports vaping
  • A heartfelt story about how the FDA’s regulations are negatively impacting vapers, shop owners, and manufacturers
  • A story about how the FDA’a regulations are going to negatively impact health.
  • Etc.

So what do we do?  We share & we tag.

The problem is that we typically share and tag within our own community which really doesn’t help at all.   We all know our fight.  We all know our story.  This is exactly the reason I say that A Billion Lives is a movie that every vaper wants to see, but not a single vaper needs to see.

So I’d invite you to start sharing and tagging outside of us, our friends, and the industry.

The media and our elected officials need to start seeing our story, our struggle, and our fight and how this will negatively impact and effect ALL of us.  From both a public health perspective, and a financial perspective.

I’d personally like to see a group start up that scours Facebook for these types of posts and then inundates the people who REALLY need to see them based on a massive distribution list of news outlets and government officials.

Thanks for listening and Vape Happy!

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Trip’s Video

Like him or not. Agree with him or not. I personally don’t care. Now is the time for unity.

Trip has a big voice in the vaping industry and has, without a doubt, assisted in propelling the industry forward.

I for one will support anything that can help, and I think this can help considering Mr. Gregory Conley has been one of our strongest advocates since day 1.

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Congratulations Patrick! He won a post 8/8 (FML) contest for a Kanger Dripbox 160. Patrick was cool enough to bring it up to me at an event for a photo. Congrats & Vape Happy Patrick!!


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A PBusardo Video & Review – A Billion Lives, The Squape X[Dream} Review & The Kayfun 5 Reducer/MTL Kit

We kick off this video talking about the A Billion Lives premiere & the contest status. We then review the Squape X[Dream] using the single coil/MTL deck and wrap it up with a quick look at the Kayfun 5 reducer kit.

The Links:

A Billion Lives
StattQualm – Squape
Origin Vape

The Video:

*NOTE: Any use of these videos in part or in their entirety without Phil Busardo’s expressed written consent is strictly prohibited.

The Photos:

Squape X Dream

[img src=]12.7k0
[img src=]12120
[img src=]10470
[img src=]9230
[img src=]11800
[img src=]8750
[img src=]8120
[img src=]8740
[img src=]8930
[img src=]8680
[img src=]8570
[img src=]8530
[img src=]10470
[img src=]9670
[img src=]8470
[img src=]8420
[img src=]9410
[img src=]8400
[img src=]8470
[img src=]8130
[img src=]530
[img src=]420
[img src=]380
[img src=]370
[img src=]370
[img src=]300
[img src=]330
[img src=]330
[img src=]350
[img src=]350
[img src=]440
[img src=]470
[img src=]510
[img src=]390
[img src=]350
[img src=]300
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From Aaron Biebert:  

What’s next?
Thanks to all who joined us to celebrate our big premiere in North America. It was a giant success with over 1400 people there, a full house!

Here are some of the highlights:

– Senator Johnson met with us before the red carpet to listen to concerns and explain his fight against the FDA. See what he released the following workday.

– Herman Cain not only attended the premiere, but also had me on his show on 8/8/16 to tell his 6 million listeners what their government is doing to them. Catch the full segment here.

– After the FDA deemed life-saving vapor products were somehow tobacco products, Facebook deemed our movie was a tobacco product. They will now be in our next movie.

– Austin Pamaj (4 million followers) got very emotional at the after-party (thanks again to Molecule Labs, Von Erl, B Liquids, Smith & Baxter, and Velvet Cloud). He plans on making a big video about the topic.

After the big premiere, there are now tens of thousands of people talking about #ABillionLives onFacebook, Twitter, and Instagram.
Our little army is growing.
So what now?

Because of your support, we have some interest from Hollywood. We’re almost there!

Special screening in OKC
If we can do a couple big events in NYC and Hollywood to build more awareness, we should be able to bring it to any city/town/village in the US where there’s enough interest, along with any other country where we’ve done a big premiere (New Zealand & Australia so far).
In order to pull this off, we need to see what cities can sell at least 100 tickets.
If you can organize a large group to bring A Billion Lives to your city, please fill out this form.

If you want to go, but can’t organize a group, we have more big announcements coming very soon. With your help, this will be all over the world.

Here we go!

– Aaron Biebert & the team
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