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REPLAY FROM LAST NIGHT – SMOKEFREE RADIO – “Around the world in 60 minutes”

I joined my BFF Dimitris last night on SmokeFree Radio. See the replay below.

* Guest Phil Busardo and co host Bill Tarling * I am back, recap of China trip and VCC Tampa * Canada and the Bill S5 spider web * FDA rethinking intended us…

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A PBusardo Review – The Joyetech CuBox and Cubis 2 + “Not A” Contest Winner & A New One

In this video we take a look at the Joyetech Cubox and Cubis 2 tank. We also find out who won the last “Not A” Contest and kick off a new one!

The Links:
Smith & Baxter

The Video:

*NOTE: Any use of these videos in part or in their entirety without Phil Busardo’s expressed written consent is strictly prohibited.

The Photos:

CuBox & Cubis 2

[img src=]1190
[img src=]160
[img src=]140
[img src=]130
[img src=]110
[img src=]120
[img src=]90
[img src=]110
[img src=]100
[img src=]110
[img src=]90
[img src=]120
[img src=]170
[img src=]170
[img src=]120
[img src=]110
[img src=]140
[img src=]110
[img src=]120
[img src=]140
[img src=]90
[img src=]100
[img src=]110
[img src=]130
[img src=]90
[img src=]70
[img src=]80
[img src=]90
[img src=]80
[img src=]60
[img src=]60
[img src=]60
[img src=]100
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A BATTERY MOOCH POST: AWT 40A 4200mAh 20700…preposterously overrated, false performance data, DO NOT BUY

This cell has only one rating on the wrap, “40A”. Simply put, that is ridiculous.

That, and other things, has forced me to issue my first ever DO NOT BUY recommendation. The biggest problem is that this appears to be a rewrap of the Sanyo 15A-16A 4000mAh NCR20700B cell that AWT decided to grossly exaggerate the current rating for. The capacity rating is exaggerated too. This cell is identical in appearance and essentially identical in performance to the Sanyo NCR20700B.

Aweite (AWT) doesn’t appear to have a web site but this cell is on their Alibaba pages. Earlier I found a page that referred to the Sanyo NCR20700B in the description for this cell and issued a warning (

The various Alibaba pages for this cell ( have ratings from 25A to 40A using the terms “max cont. discharge rate”, “fast discharging current”, “max discharging current”, or no description of what the “40A” number means at all. I guess you get to pick the rating that fits your mood! But at only 25A continuous this cell got hot enough to boil water, 101°C.

One Alibaba page claims the following…

– A tested capacity of 4150mA at 35A. That’s false. The cell only reached about 2500mAh, its temperature rose to 116°C, and it failed. Probably due to one of Sanyo’s internal protection devices being activated due to the dangerously high temperature.

– A battery temperature of 37°C for a 10A discharge. That’s false. The temperature rises to about 60°C at 10A (down to its rated 2.5V cutoff).

– A rating of 15C. That’s false and is lousy math too. Their claimed 4200mAh capacity and 25A/40A ratings would mean it’s a 6C/9.5C cell…if those current and capacity ratings were accurate. They’re not though. This is a 4C cell.

Another Alibaba page gave it a rating of 0.2C to 2C, which is just beyond silly and obviously an error they didn’t feel the need to correct.

I am giving this AWT a rating of 16A and 4000mAh. Its maximum vaping amps (MVA) rating is 25A, limited by extreme voltage sag.

I am also giving this AWT cell a DO NOT BUY recommendation due to the outrageous overrating and false performance data on Alibaba. If you need an ultra-high capacity 20700 cell for low to moderate power vaping at up to 10A/37W per cell then get the Sanyo NCR20700B.

The two cells that were tested were purchased by me from ebay’s r-lsales.

Some of AWT’s Alibaba pages for this battery:

Test results, discharge graph, photos:…preposterously-overrated-false-performance-data-do-not-b.812261/

All my test results to date:

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Congratulations to Nick Cash on winning a “Not A” Contest.  He knew that movie was 2010, a fellow Sci-Fi geek!  🙂

Nick can be seen here with his winnings.

I love this photo and it reminds, and should you too, that vaping is for everyone.  It doesn’t matter how hold you are, your gender, your style, the size of your beard, or the  number of your tattoos.  Vaping can positively affect ALL smokers and lead to a life of harm reduction.

Love your cloud Nick, Vape Happy My Friend and congrats!!

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FROM TONY ABBOUD / VTA – YOU ARE INVITED to Vape and the FDA 2 – July 18-19, 2017

You are Invited!

Surviving & Thriving in
A New Regime for Vapor

One year post-Deeming.   A new Administration is engaged.
Deadlines are moving.  But, where is it all headed?

VTA’s Board of Directors, which has enormous experience in
operating in a heavily regulated world,
knows the information that you need.

So, whether you are an e-liquid or device manufacturer,
vape shop owner, supplier, distributor, or importer,
this conference is for you!

VTA’s 2-day conference will provide practical information
on how our industry will survive & thrive on Day 1,
then we will go to Capitol Hill on Day 2.


Trump International Hotel
1100 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
Washington, D.C.

with West Front Strategies


We are looking forward to hosting another substantive, professional conference and we are looking forward to taking even more people to Capitol Hill this year.

Last year’s Vape & the FDA Conference was great success, attended by200 industry professionals representing 67 companies from 25 states and4 countries.

Don’t miss out this year!  Register now by using VTA’s Conference Registration Portal where you can also access the hotel reservation information and the group room rate.

Our government affairs team will set up meetings with your Congressmen and Senators.  All you have to do is register!

Please forward this invitation to anyone you think may be interested in attending!

Shortly we will be publishing a detailed agenda of the numerous timely topics that will be covered.

Thank you and please let us know if you have any questions.

Tony Abboud
Executive Director
Vapor Technology Association

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A BATTERY MOOCH POST: The battery rewrappers and manufacturers have spoken!

Well…actually…no they haven’t. Not in the way we would have liked.

Recently I posted an open letter to these companies asking them to join me in creating a battery pulse rating standard they could all use. Right now the lack of a standard for pulse length, time between pulses, and the criteria used to set the rating makes any “pulse” or “max” rating utterly useless. You can’t compare the “pulse” or “max” rating from one battery against another.

But not one battery rewrapper or manufacturer responded or showed interest in any way.

Unexpected? Perhaps not.
But very disappointing nonetheless.

I get it, these “pulse” ratings are what sell batteries. I was hoping though that with the uselessness of these ratings becoming more and more known that at least one company would see an opportunity to help set a standard. If for no other reason than it would help them stand out from their competition.

Some of our community’s battery testers and a couple of shops have offered to help out though. Thank you! We’ll see what we can do.

To all those companies who still insist on using worthless pulse ratings, you will be called out for it. All the more vehemently now too.




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FROM CASSA – We don’t have to be quiet about San Francisco’s lethal decision to ban flavors



(Update – 06.22.17)

In a surprise move, the San Francisco Board of Supervisors passed the ordinance that will ban the sale of flavored e-liquid and smoke-free tobacco products within the city. Although this move could be dismissed as expediting the process, it doesn’t make this ordinance any less reckless and dangerous. The Board will vote one more time, next week, to make the decision final.

But the Board’s decision doesn’t mean we have to quietly take their abuse. On the contrary, we must voice our opposition and do it loudly!

What happened in San Francisco is just the start of a shortsighted policy movement that will restrict our access to low-risk tobacco and nicotine products. Anti-vaping activists in New Jersey and New York City will use San Francisco’s decision as support for their own proposals. And we should all be aware that proposals to ban or limit flavors are being discussed in Washington, DC.

This is not just about San Francisco. The Board of Supervisor’s decision has NATIONAL consequences.

If smoke-free products that come in flavors other than tobacco have helped you significantly reduce or quit smoking, please take action NOW! (This is not limited to residents of San Francisco).

Click Here to Take Action!

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FROM GUIDE TO VAPING – These Two Vapers Are Bridging The Gap Between US and China

Very proud of the work that we’ve done and hope to continue the effort long into the future. Hope even more that we win and I can JUST VAPE AND SHOW YOU SHINY THINGS. 🙂

Thank you to Guide To Vaping for acknowledging this effort.

Two vapers that are bridging that gap between US and China in an effort to right those wrongs, educate China’s manufacturing brands, and partner with them to bring both countries together under one fight.

Read the entire article HERE.

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FROM CASAA – San Francisco Passes One-Size-Fits-All Flavor Ban, Condemns Smokers to Status Quo

This is an absolute disaster.

This is why we need to continue to fight, continue to educate, and continue to take all the calls to action very seriously.

This is why it’s so important to have responsible and mature labeling, packaging and marketing.

Do what you can to spend more time and effort on advocacy and less time on hand-checks.  It’s FAR more important.

San Francisco has condemned people to death… well done.

The ink is barely dry on amendments accepted during San Francisco’s Public Safety and Neighborhoods Committee hearing and the full Board of Supervisors has passed the ordinance that bans the sale of flavored vapor products, tobacco products, and menthol cigarettes. The new law takes effect in April 2018.

To say that San Francisco’s decision to ban flavored vapor products is disappointing would be an understatement and minimizes the real impact of this horrible miscalculation. Whereas at least some study has gone into prohibiting the sale of menthol cigarettes, there is no evidence to suggest that banning low-risk nicotine products will benefit anyone. In fact, it is reasonable to infer from emerging data that banning flavored vapor and smoke-free tobacco products will send some people back to smoking while discouraging others from quitting. At the very least, banning flavored vapor products will delay quit-attempts resulting in an unnecessary harm to San Francisco’s smoking population.

Rather than consider innovative new ways to address the disease and early death attributed to smoking, San Francisco’s Board of Supervisors has, instead, opted to experiment on their constituents with an untested policy. We need to emphasize that banning low-risk, smoke-free products is NOT based on evidence. This was purely an emotional decision.

The pace at which this ordinance was driven through San Francisco’s legislative process also indicates that very little deliberation took place. Zero consideration was given to city vape shop owners, who likely have thousands of quit-smoking stories to their credit. Even less consideration was given to individual consumers who shared their testimonials with the Public Safety Committee.

San Francisco has done a shameful thing, but there is still time to fix it. In the months leading up to implementing the flavor ban, there is still an opportunity to pass an exemption for low-risk tobacco and nicotine products. Considering the rate at which studies about tobacco harm reduction are emerging, it is possible we will have more evidence to support an exemption. Unfortunately, while we wait for the Board of Supervisors to come to their senses, hundreds of San Francisco residents will continue to smoke past a point where switching to a low-risk alternative could have saved their lives.

You can find the contact information for the SF Board of Supervisors here.

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FROM CASAA – NY – Anti-vaping bill is being voted on TONIGHT!

(Update – 06.19.17)

An indoor vaping ban is coming back to life in New York. Although A 516 has been amended (A 516-A) to define “vapor products” separate from cigarettes, this bill would still prohibit vaping in indoor public places and workplaces–just like smoking. Whereas some might feel that exempting vape shops is an acceptable compromise, regulating vaping just like smoking discourages switching to safer products.

The NY Assembly is in session RIGHT NOW and A.516-A is on the calendar for a vote tonight.

Please take a moment NOW to call your assembly member and urge them to oppose this bill.

Asm. Peter Lawrence (R) 

(518) 455-4664  

Politely and quickly tell them:

  1. You are a resident in their district and you are opposed to A.516-A (give them your ZIP code as verification)
  2. Private businesses and workplaces already have the right to set their own vaping policy and enforce it.
  3. Briefly, share your story about vaping. If you were introduced to vaping by seeing some use the products in an indoor public space, be sure to include that.
  4. Politely let them know that regulating vaping like smoking will discourage smokers from switching to safer products. This is supported by recent survey data from the Centre for Substance Use Research in Scottland. (here’s the link in case you want to familiarize yourself with the research – )

Thank you,

CASAA Legislative Team


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NEW FROM REGULATOR WATCH – Game Changer | Why Canada’s Top Anti-Tobacco Group Embraces Vaping

Here’s the latest from Brent Stafford at Regulator Watch:

It’s the mortal enemy of the tobacco industry, the Non-Smokers’ Rights Association. For over 40-years, the NSRA leads the effort to eradicate the tobacco industry’s deadly products. Racking up win after win with non-smoking bylaws, advertising bans and the world precedent setting graphic warnings on cigarettes packages.

You might think the NSRA would be a natural enemy of vaping, but to the surprise of many, it has become a strong supporter of vaping as a tool for harm reduction. And, it has voiced serious concerns over key provisions of Bill S-5, which it believes could cost the lives of Canadian smokers if passed without amendment.

On this special edition of RegWatch hear directly from Pippa Beck, the NSRA’s Senior Policy Analyst and learn why the NSRA believes Canadians have a right to relative risk information and how Bill S-5 does NOT ban flavours—only on RegWatch! – June 17, 2017.

WEB EXTRA: Vapour Products Advertising Under Bill S-5 | Web Extra 0

Getting a positive message about vaping out to the general public is a difficult task for the vaping industry.

With media companies instituting unilateral ad bans and the prospect of new regulations seriously restricting the where, when and how. It has become all the more important for key NGO’s in the tobacco control arena to weigh in on the importance of providing Canadians accurate information regarding the benefits and relative risk of vaping.

In this RegWatch Web Extra hear directly from Pippa Beck, the NSRA’s Senior Policy Analyst and learn what the NSRA thinks about vapour products advertising in Canada—only on RegWatch! – June 17, 2017.

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The New York vapor industry is under attack again. 

We have killed these bills 3 years in a row, but now
NY legislators have been told that
the Vapor Industry SUPPORTS banning vaping in public places!

We need your help to send a CLEAR MESSAGE that

the VAPOR INDUSTRY OPPOSES banning vaping in public places!

Vaping is NOT smoking!

​Click below to send an e-mail TODAY because
these bills could be heard on Monday.


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FROM PENNSTATE HEALTH – E-cigarettes less addictive than cigarettes, PATH study shows

From PennState Health:

People who regularly use electronic cigarettes are less dependent on their product than those who regularly use traditional cigarettes, according to Penn State College of Medicine researchers.

You can see the entire article HERE.

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Congratulations to Chris on winning a “Not A” Contest!  Although Chris won more than he’s showing, he can be seen here with the Vaporesso Aurora.

Vape Happy My Friend!

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SEVIA-USA is proud to welcome it’s latest member… Yihi!

Dimitris and I have been working on this for a long time and it has finally happened.  Yihi is now a member of SEVIA-USA, helping us in our fight against the unjust and overreaching FDA regulations.

Welcome Yihi and THANK YOU!

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