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Hope to see everyone this weekend for the Vape In The Fort 2.0 event.

Note, this is going to be an outdoor event and I looked at the weather and it’s gonna be 80+ so I may need to break out the muscle tee and expose the guns (I apologize in advance).  I also bought this for Dimitri to follow me around with…

All of the information is below and you can click the banner to be taken to the site!  Let’s have a vape!!


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Congrats to Jeanette on winning the iStick TC40W contest!  Enjoy and use it in good health!!


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My wife Tricia and I would like to sincerely thank everyone for the kind words over the loss of our Punkin.  It really does mean a lot to us. Thank you everyone.


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I spent an evening with Josh from Craft Vapery on their Craft Cast.

Dimitris, please don’t be jealous.

In this episode of the CRAFT CAST, Josh is joined via Skype by the one and only Phil Busardo from Phil is one of the best known voices in the vaping community and is well known for his in-depth reviews of mainstream vaping hardware and liquids.

Phil discusses how he got his start in the industry and what prompted him to start reviewing juices and hardware. The two discuss Phil’s current top picks for mods and tanks, cloning, and the Chinese influence on the current market. Phil goes on to discuss his relationship with Dimitri (The Vaping Greek), regulations pending for the industry here in the US, Diketones, and the lack of real research about the health impacts of vaping. Along the way, Josh gets Phil’s opinions on the flavor profiles for CRAFT’s new line of Certifiably Vapable Liquids, followed by Phil’s take on where the industry is headed and what needs to change to make the future a reality.

Giveaway: Three winners will be chosen to receive a mod-and-tank-combo package generously donated by Phil and CRAFT VAPERY. Make sure to watch or listen to the episode for details on how to enter and win. One lucky listener will also win a free three-bottle box from CRAFT VAPERY! Make sure to comment on this post to be eligible to win.

Watch the episode here or feel free to subscribe to them:

Watch on YouTube:
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Listen on ShoutEngine:

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From Flavour Art:

Transparency, integrity, professionalism, honesty, advocacy and investing in the future of this community through research.These are benchmarks the Flavour Art brand stand for and what makes me proud to be part of this team.

We not only make awesome flavours, we make awesome flavours that give you security that they are made in an ISO GMP facility and that they are as safe as possible to be vaped.

Here is our first round of tests by Enthalpy Labs of ALL our flavours. We are proud to be the first and only flavour company to invest in research. We are proud to be the first and only flavour company in this industry to release full disclosure of analysis. Watch for more firsts in September with the release of ClearStream Onward. It will rock this community and set us another decade ahead of our competitors and provide further security for our communities future.

See the results HERE!

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Could it be?  Not another sub-ohm tank?  I think so!

This one brought to you by the folks who brought you the Herakles… Sense.

It’s a simple top fill tank that comes with a 1.8 ohm kanthal and a .2 ohm NI200 TC head.   Kinda an odd diameter at 20mm and holds 2ml of liquid.  Also features a 3 position air-flow control ring.

Not a fan of the wide bore tip on this tank.  I think they missed the mark a little on that gearing it more towards a sub-ohm styled tank.

I’m going to give this one a shot as I know many people have been asking me about new mouth to lung tanks, this appears to be one.

Product Specifications:

  • 20mm Diameter
  • 2mL Tank Capacity
  • Stainless Steel and Glass Construction
  • Dual Slot Screw Off Top Fill Method
  • Fully Adjustable Dual Airflow Control
  • Copper 510 Connector
  • Widebore Stainless Steel and Stealth Delrin Drip Tip
  • Available in Black, Stainless Steel, and Red Accents


[img src=]70950
[img src=]3130
[img src=]3250
[img src=]3410
[img src=]3420
[img src=]2650
[img src=]2680
[img src=]2350
[img src=]2280
[img src=]2120
[img src=]2150
[img src=]2050
[img src=]2270
[img src=]2090
[img src=]2060
[img src=]1830
[img src=]1940


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Oh Boy!  Another one!  This one from the folks who bought you the Arctic.

The cuts in this one make it as rough on your hands as it is on the eyes, IMHO of course.

Now I’m not sure who bit who, but this one looks very similar to the Triton.  Similar SS coil heads and a virtually identical RBA section (right down to the included wrap tool).  Like I said, not sure who bit who, but someone is doing some biting.  😉

On the full size, you do get side filling with a nice big port.

Some additional information:

Horizon Phantom tank utilizes an all new proprietary center system that revolutionizes the way we vape. It is made up of 4 different operational parts. The liquid recycle chamber recycles unused liquid back to the coil.

Vapor travel through the vents on the sides of the baffle then proceeds through the liquid recycling chamber. As vapor travels through the chamber the surface area goes from very small to large, this causes any excess condensation to collect in the chamber and be filtered down the side walls. When enough liquid collects in the chamber gravity causes it to be fed back down onto the coil thus being recycled. (Mmmm… backwash :-) )

Full Size:

  • 22mm Diameter
  • 304 Stainless Steel Construction
  • High Quality Glass Tank Section
  • 5ml Tank Capacity (full size)
  • 3.5ml Tank Capacity (Micro)
  • Two Chamber Liquid Storage (full size)
  • Mechanical Cooling System
  • Liquid Recycling System
  • Splash Proof System
  • Middle or bottom fill (full size)
  • Bottom fill (micro)
  • 316 Stainless Steel BTDC (Bottom Turbine Dual Coil)  Sub-Ohm Coil Design
  • Japanese Organic Cotton
  • Widebore Stainless Steel 510 Drip Tip
  • Rebuildable Head Included

Both Include:

  • One Phantom Sub-Ohm Tank by Horizon
  • One 316 Stainless Steel BTDC Sub-Ohm Coil, .2 ohm (Pre-Installed)
  • One RBA Head
  • Estimate around $35.00 for this tank


[img src=]71570
[img src=]6870
[img src=]6050
[img src=]6510
[img src=]5200
[img src=]4330
[img src=]4210
[img src=]4180
[img src=]4540
[img src=]4090
[img src=]3770
[img src=]3470
[img src=]3520
[img src=]3410
[img src=]3450


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