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VTA Guidance – Initial Reactions to FDA’s Deeming Regulation

From the Vapor Technology Association (VTA):

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FDA takes significant steps to protect Americans from dangers of tobacco through new regulation

Here is the announcement from the FDA, click the image below to be taken to it…. sorry, it’s how I’m feeling today but I think it a good representation of how our government feels about us, our rights, and our desire to live a healthier lifestyle away from tobacco cigarettes.

Again, lets let the experts analyze this and present their plans of attack.


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Hey everyone. I’m on the road but I am aware of the regulations dropping.
Dimitris said it best. Now is not the time to panic, nor is it the time for doom and gloom.
We have been thrown a curve ball so now we need to figure out a way to hit it out of the park.
There are people a lot more educated on the subject than myself who are looking at this, analyzing this, and creating a plan of attack.
But when these people ask us to act, we had better do so.
Vape happy everyone and keep the faith.
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Gotta hand it to HCigar. This one looks pretty sweet. It uses a 26650 or 18650 with the adapter. It features variable wattage up to 75 watts, temperature control, and utilized the new Evolv DNA-75 board.

Here’s some more from HCigar:

HCigar lastest product VT75 box mod has been released at TPE trade show in Las Vegas,the heartbeat by EVOLV DNA75 chip.

The HCigar VT75 is a collaboration between Evolv Technologies, the makers of DNA chipsets, and HCigar, the creators of the VT200 DNA200 mod. The 75 watt mod runs on a single 26650 or 18650 cell.

The new chip set has been under wraps and in development under Evolv for some time, and the VT75 is the first mass-produced device to offer the new technology. Expect a full range of temperature control functionality as well as a host of features through the MS Windows-based Escribe software.

Features include:

  • DNA75 board from Evolv Technologies
  • Escribe software for full customization
  • Wattage range: 1 – 75 watts
  • Temp control mode for SS, Ti, Ni
  • Temp adjustable TCR for your own curve
  • Variable wattage mod
  • Cell Type:High-rate 26650 or 18650 battery  (Discharging current should be above 35A)
  • Temp range: 200F – 600F
  • Colors: Red & Black
  • Can be set up through Escribe software

HCigar VT75

[img src=]23030
[img src=]5080
[img src=]5780
[img src=]5030
[img src=]4960
[img src=]4430
[img src=]4520
[img src=]4480
[img src=]4410
[img src=]4100
[img src=]3890
[img src=]3740
[img src=]3940
[img src=]3840
[img src=]3720
[img src=]3390
[img src=]3190
[img src=]2970
[img src=]2910
[img src=]2850
[img src=]3010
[img src=]3070
[img src=]3100
[img src=]3280
[img src=]4200
[img src=]3970
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A PBusardo Review – The Lotus JellySlice

In this video we take a full look at the JellySlice by Lotus Vaping.

The Links:
Lotus Vaping

The Post Review Follow-Up:

  • 5/2/16 – Ok gang, I had a fumble in this one.  The confusion as to when you’re in TC and when you’re not has been eliminated. I thought that pressing the fire + up button would take you out of TC and that’s not the case.  Once in TC, pressing fire + up will toggle between adjusting in voltage or wattage IN TC.  You need to toggle TC on and off by pressing the fire + down button again.  This will turn off the Fahrenheit display and put you back into wattage mode.  So:
    • To switch between Wattage and Voltage – Press and hold fire + up.
    • You can then adjust in either wattage or voltage and you will not see the Fahrenheit display.  If you do see the Fahrenheit display in the bottom right corner you are in TC.
    • To switch into TC – Press and hold fire + down.  You will see the temp.  Adjust to your desired temp and click the fire button.  You will then see the Fahrenheit display in the bottom right corner indicating you are in TC.
    • You can then switch between adjusting the wattage or voltage applied in TC  by pressing the fire + up button.  You will continue to see the Fahrenheit display.
    • To get out of TC and back into wattage or voltage, press and hold the fire button + down and the Fahrenheit display will go away.  Now you’re back to adjusting in voltage or wattage.

There is no auto sensing on this device.  Switching between TC and non-TC is manual.

I will say that the manual could have been a little clearer here.

Thanks for the heads up on this Oscar and my apologies for the confusion.  I’ll bring it up in my next video.  That thumbs down goes away.

The Video:

*NOTE: Any use of this video in part or in it’s entirety without Phil Busardo’s expressed written consent is strictly prohibited.

The Photos

The Lotus Jellyslice

[img src=]54380
[img src=]4280
[img src=]3910
[img src=]4070
[img src=]3730
[img src=]3730
[img src=]3510
[img src=]3240
[img src=]2980
[img src=]3000
[img src=]2950
[img src=]1060
[img src=]1010
[img src=]960
[img src=]920
[img src=]1090
[img src=]1030
[img src=]970
[img src=]960
[img src=]940
[img src=]890
[img src=]830
[img src=]800
[img src=]800
[img src=]840
[img src=]780
[img src=]770
[img src=]680
[img src=]810
[img src=]760
[img src=]710
[img src=]720
[img src=]700
[img src=]650
[img src=]620
[img src=]600
[img src=]580
[img src=]650
[img src=]580
[img src=]650
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I always enjoy when a manufacturer looks at a negative review as a learning experience rather than an attack. Here are some responses from Arctic Dolphin following the review of the Adonis.

You’ll notice plenty of misspelled words here.  On the device, it’s no excuse, but here… let’s just say their English is far better than my Chinese.

We have improved some of the issues u mentioned in the review while others will be imoproved soon! Will keep you updated.

Regarding the mis-spelt word–Smork, we have improved already. Will send you pic.

new vaping times

Screen is little small and difficult to read.: we design the screen size based on the actual size of the device. By checking the size of Adonis, you wil found that the frame is narrow so the sreen size is as big as possile. Well, we will make much bigger screen for our new stabilized wood box mod with single 26650 battery.

Cannot read the cool atomizer resistance: we found you do not change new atomizer once you re-on the device after firing. Nomally, the device will read it as an old atomizer as you do not change the atomizer so that is why it read hot atomizer resistant not cool resistance.

Cannot turn on the device: The frame is aerospace aluminum by anodizing to realize insulation function. Black and silver color are both made by anodizing. The anodizing liquid has the insulation function. The battery negative pole conduct electricity by the frame. Once the anodizing insulating liquid inflowed into the battery cover thread then there will be problem for electro -conduction. That is the reason why u cannot turn on or turn off the device. The samples u received from us, considring that maybe we will scratch the frame during lathing the thread so we lathe the thread firstly but there will be problem that the anodizing insolation liquid will inflow into the battery cover thread. Now we finally found a good solution to settle this issue to avoid the scratch on the frame even we will make the black frame firstly then lathe the thread. There will be no100% or 50% failure rate. Moreover, once u cover the battery cover, u need to tighten the thread as far as possile.

At last, we love your review very much and you are the most respectable reviewer in vaping industry. Thanks for your time on our product reivew.

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Congratulations to Pat Robbins on winning the Hohm Wrecker and Gemini Tank!  I had the pleasure of handing this to Pat personally at Vape Scottsdale.


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A PBusardo Review – The Arctic Dolphin Adonis – A Little on Vape Scottsdale & A New Contest

In this video we talk a bit about the Vape Scottsdale Grand Opening, fully review the Arctic Dolphin Adonis, a mass produced stabilized wood mod from China, and kick off a new contest.

The Links:
Vape Scottsdale Address: 10050 N.Scottsdale Rd. Suite #119, Scottsdale,Arizona 85253
528 Custom
Double R Mods Facebook Group
Arctic Dolphin

The Post-Review Follow-up:

  • 4/19/16 – Some additional information on the unit that went bad.  1) it was a market version not prototype, 2) I opened it up to look for liquid… completely dry, 3) when it was opened, I looked for the jumper, it did not have one and  4) it was not opened prior to failure but went for a couple days before the failure started.
  • 4/29/16 – The Adonis will be available for purchase mid-May.
  • 4/29/16 – According to Arctic Dolphin is it firmware upgradeable, however… “It can be upgraded by a special upgrading cable with chip inside from distributor not the end users.”
  • 4/29/16 – It appears that you can now select the color:

As a matter of fact, the color is selective. People who want to select the color need to inform our distributors in advance. Here, we would like to offer the place for one of distributors in USA as below: 16760 Stagg Street Unit 212 Van Nuys CA 91406, tel: 818-216-7882. People can contact that distributor for color selection. We will pack 10pcs in a small box and 40pcs in a carton. 10pcs will be a unit. Our distributors will select color based on different unit. It means that distributors cannot select color one by one should select the color unit by unit. In future, we will customize the color, for example: customize the color for the stabilized wood and customize the color for the resin so the price and lead time will be different.

People are not restricted to purchase the quantity. Not only one on-line. Adonis, the frame material is aerospace aluminum, we only produce 3000pcs. Now all have been pre-ordered by our distributors. But we are making other two new models for 26650 battery and dual 18650 batteries stabilized wood box mod! 26650 battery mod will be 100 watt and dual 18650 batteries will be 210 watt. Now the samples are ready. Mass production will be shipped soon!

Here are some photos for you:

new sample for 26650 and dual 18650 batteries

new sample for 26650 and dual 18650 batteries 2

new sample for 26650 and dual 18650 batteries 3

  • 4/29/16 – Some additional information from them on their decision to include a setting for platinum:

Now people do not use platinum universally but our brand arctic dolphin is positioned in high-end market of vaping world so we want to try.

Platinum is good grade and the safest material. It will be loved and popular by more and more people in future.

Moreover, we will design a new tank with platinum coil in future too.”

One more additional point for Platinum is that it is food grade and can be edible. That is the reason why we want to try for our mods.

  • 5/3/16 – Regarding the small spark seen in the video:

When atomizer is connected to the 510 interface, probably there will be 0-20 milliseconds detection for the chip and the current will be up to 1.5A at most. There will be no input current once completing the detection. Our actual standby current is less than 30μA. As shown in the video, the screwdriver touched the positive and negative at the same time so the chip immediately detect whether a new atomizer connected or not and there will be the small spark.

The Video:

*NOTE: Any use of this video in part or in it’s entirety without Phil Busardo’s expressed written consent is strictly prohibited.

The Photos

Arctic Dolphin Adonis First Look

[img src=]11.8k0
[img src=]3750
[img src=]3720
[img src=]4670
[img src=]5000
[img src=]4180
[img src=]4060
[img src=]3960
[img src=]3640
[img src=]3650
[img src=]3530
[img src=]4530
[img src=]3780
[img src=]3480
[img src=]3120
[img src=]2880
[img src=]2900
[img src=]3270
[img src=]3010
[img src=]2840
[img src=]2690
[img src=]2440
[img src=]2590
[img src=]2400
[img src=]2240
[img src=]2310
[img src=]2540
[img src=]300
[img src=]280
[img src=]280
[img src=]280
[img src=]280
[img src=]420
[img src=]310
[img src=]350
[img src=]310
[img src=]330
[img src=]330
[img src=]320
[img src=]280
[img src=]210
[img src=]220
[img src=]190
[img src=]200
[img src=]190
[img src=]170
[img src=]170
[img src=]160
[img src=]160
[img src=]140
[img src=]140
[img src=]160
[img src=]160
[img src=]160
[img src=]140
[img src=]120

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What happens when the Joyetech Cuboid, the Joyetech Cubis, the Joyetech eGo AIO, and the Joyetech eVic Mini VTC get together for a wild night in a hotel room?

The Joyetech Cuboid Mini is born.

New In The Queue – The Joyetech Cuboid Mini – 4/28/16

You can think of it as a AIO with a removable tank on steroids or you can think of it as a Mini VTC or Cuboid with a square Cubis on top, or you can think of it as the Cuboid Mini.

This one comes with the “Cuboid Mini” atomizer on top (5ml) which is basically a square Cubis that locks in place.  It can be unlocked and removed to expose a standard 510 connection.   It features 80W of power, temp control, an internal 2400 mAh battery and is firmware upgradeable.

Feels super solid, love the look, screen, and interface… really digging this piece.

Here’s some additional information from Joyetech:

Cuboid Mini kit with the new NotchCoilTM 0.25ohm DL. head brings you great vaping experience ever. It lasts longer and can be used under high wattage condition. With the special oblong shape the Cuboid Mini Atomizer can perfectly match the device. The Cuboid Mini applies two sets of battery protection circuit system which makes it more advanced and reliable. Carrying Variable Temperature Control system, built-in battery and multiple attractive colors, it is more practical and attractive catering to your preference. Also, upgradable firmware always enables it up-to-date.

Size: 35.50*22.50*124.50
Battery Capacity: 2400mAh
Atomizer Capacity: 5.0ml
Output Mode: VT-Ti/VT-Ni/VT-SS316/VW/BYPASS/TCR Mode
Output Wattage: 1-80W
Resistance Range: 0.05-1.5ohm for VT mode
Resistance Range: 0.1-3.5ohm for VW/BYPASS mode
Temperature Range: 100-315°C/ 200-600°F
Colors: Black, Silver, Grey, White, Gold

In the box:
1*Cuboid Mini
1*Cuboid Mini Atomizer
1*NotchCoilTM 0.25ohm DL.
1*BF SS316-0.5ohm
1*BF Clapton-1.5ohm
1*BF RBA M&L. (Vertical)
1*USB Cable
1*Warranty Card

Cuboid Mini

[img src=]40150
[img src=]3680
[img src=]3960
[img src=]3690
[img src=]3370
[img src=]2970
[img src=]3070
[img src=]3190
[img src=]2830
[img src=]2560
[img src=]2560
[img src=]2550
[img src=]2870
[img src=]2760
[img src=]2600
[img src=]2860
[img src=]2740
[img src=]2660
[img src=]2610
[img src=]2770
[img src=]2420
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As I said in a previous post, I like that Kanger is using the ProTank name again.  It’s a tank that was wildly successful not so long ago and I’m quite sure allowed many people to successfully transition off of traditional tobacco cigarettes.

So now we have a new ProTank, the ProTank 4 Evolved.

From the Kanger site:


  • Top and side filling
  • MTL and DL inhale
  • New drip tip
  • Child lock
  • Pro RBA with dual clapton coil
  • Height: 65.5mm
  • Diameter: 22mm
  • Capacity: 5mL(SSOCC)/4mL(Pro RBA)

In The Box:

  • Protank 4 X 1
  • SSOCC (Ceramic coil) 0.5 Ohm X 1
  • SSOCC (MTL) 1.5 Ohm X 1
  • RBA 0.3 Ohm ( 2 X Clapton coil 0.6 Ohm in parallel)
  • RBA accessory pack
  • Manual

Kanger ProTank 4

[img src=]41340
[img src=]4930
[img src=]5010
[img src=]4810
[img src=]5340
[img src=]4840
[img src=]4680
[img src=]4250
[img src=]3840
[img src=]3510
[img src=]3560
[img src=]3680
[img src=]3720
[img src=]3470
[img src=]3810
[img src=]4060
[img src=]4450
[img src=]3970
[img src=]4240
[img src=]4000
[img src=]4390
[img src=]3920
[img src=]3990
[img src=]3740
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