Remember!  Taste is subjective!  These are a few of my personal favorites in no particular order.  Favs are added to the list as I come across them.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  When I have test results showing these liquids contain no DI/AP, you will see “TESTED” next to their names.   Any company is welcome to send me the test results for the liquids contained below.

BTW – In case you’re wondering, I prefer a 12mg juice with around a 50/50 PG/VG blend in my mouth to lung style tanks.

  • TESTED – Pulp E-Liquids – The “Cult” Line – White Cake

I tried this for the first time at Vaper’s Expo in Birmingham UK when it was in it’s “trial stage”.  I instantly liked it.  It reminded me of my mother’s Christmas butter cookies or maybe even the batter I enjoyed licking off of the beaters as a kid (who am I kidding, I still enjoy that, YOU GO MOM!).

The flavor on this one was very different from other liquids.  My Greek brother from another mother, Dimitris also tried and liked it.  He said it reminded him of Kourabiedes, a Greek Wedding Cookie with powdered sugar.

Do I get “White Cake”?  No, but I do get a flavor I can interpret myself and I’m really enjoying.  It also vapes well in a Kayfun and gives me that solid thumpy throat hit I need at 12mg.

This one may not be for everyone (what e-liquid is?) and some have described it as “buttered mashed potatoes”, but as you know… taste is subjective.

From their site:

Dive into Django’s white cake: you serve it up neatly but then eat it with both hands, fingers in the frosting. Hallelujah.


  • TESTED – Mountain Oak Vapors – Way Of The Dragon Series – White Lotus

Welcome to the newest member of this every growing list of tasty taste sensations! 🙂

A delicious fruity cocktail of Apricot, Papaya, and Nectarine.  There’s a bit of cream in this one that shines when a little more heat is applied.  Apricot is the predominant flavor and is well rounded by the other two.  It almost comes across as an “interesting peach”.   Really tasty stuff here.

White lotus is a velvety blend of tropical fruits and cream that will leave you floating in an island breeze. This line of e-liquid was produced in collaboration between Vintage Vapors and Mountain Oak Vapors. We have come together to bring you the quality and knowledge from two great e-liquid companies.

A truly unique flavor expression, Dragonscape is at once transcendent and surprisingly sessionable. Earthy and smooth, it hints at an exotic blend of Indian spices and Asian teas within a creamy custard of Belgian café and Madagascar vanilla.

Although Njoy reaps the benefit from this liquid, let’s give credit where credit is due. This work is from Randy of P.O.E.T. and I think it’s outstanding.

I liked this as soon as I tried it.  Although it’s missing some of the bakery aspects of an Apple Pie, it reminds me of my Mother’s homemade apple sauce she makes around the holidays.  I get apple (sweet and just a bit tart) and cinnamon.  I find it very pleasing and refreshing.  I’ve been though a bottle of 6mg in drippers, and now several tanks of 12mg in my Kayfun (there’s my throat hit!  😉 ) and I’m still craving it which is why it’s making the list.   The icing on the cake is proper labeling, tamper resistant bottles, child safety caps, and it’s made in a lab.  Really nice juice.  Everyone I’ve had try it has liked it.  Some may find it a little sweet for an all-day, but it’s working for me!

  • Castle Long & Castle Long Reserve – Five Pawns

Castle Long is a very unique flavor; toasted coconut, roasted almond, brown sugar, two different vanillas, and Kentucky bourbon.  The “Reserve” edition is aged in an oak barrel and although it will darken some of the previously mentioned flavors, it will add a rich charred oakiness to the flavor profile.  It’s a little light in the TH department, so I typically run it in a Kayfun and pump up the volts a bit to satisfy.  It ain’t cheap, but you just may love this one for a special occasion.  Enjoy!

I’ve been vaping a lot of this lately and it was time for the add.  To me it comes across like a mix between a cinnamon roll, and Delaware Vapor’s Crispy Treat (another excellent liquid).  Although it’s advertised as a tobacco, some will not even notice the tobacco flavor, but it is there in the background.  I get it most on the exhale.  I always find something new in this liquid… sometimes caramel, sometimes butterscotch, sometimes graham cracker, always cinnamon and always good with a perfect TH (at least for me).

  • Belgian Cocoa- Halo

I’ve been craving this one at night and enjoying it so I thought it time to add it to the list!  This is different from any chocolate vape I’ve had in the past.  As mentioned in the review, it’s a sweet milky chocolate, but that sweetness is cut by the deep cocoa flavor.  By far one of the best chocolate type vapes I’ve tried.  Note that the odor of the exhaled vapor may be strong and/or offensive to some.

To me, this is primarily a honeydew vape with bits of cantaloupe, watermelon, and menthol!  YES MENTHOL!  I’m not even big fan of menthol, but this is “hint of menthol” done right.  I keep going back to this juice and enjoy it every time.

ROAR has a lot of juices I enjoy and this is another I’ve recently come across.  It’s peach and coconut, but I get vanilla from it as well, giving it an almost “peach ice cream” thing going on.  Regardless, it’s just good!

Another recent addition to my list.  Don’t let the term “Pipe Sauce” fool you.  This can be used in any electronic cigarette.  This is one of the better tobacco flavors I’ve tried, combined with pretty much the best apple flavor I’ve tried.  It really does come across like a cider with an ever so slight woodsy or “oaky” flavor.  I’ve used the term “brilliant” to describe this juice.  Put that in your pipe and vape it!

There is something about this juice I just LOVE.  I’ve tried other peach teas that come across as either too sweet and sometimes even “piney”.  This is just right for me.

A long time favorite of mine.   Peach and cantaloupe or “Peachaloupe”!  Some may get a “papery” taste from this, but I just love it!

One of my favorite tobacco flavors.  Rich and complex.  Slightly nutty & sweet with hints of vanilla.  This is a 100% VG juice and it’s THICK!!

Another favorite tobacco of mine.  Similar to Boba’s but with a banana flavor.  Banana and tobacco… who’da thunk it?

It’s a lemon/lime fruit punch and it makes me happy!

A brandy new fav of mine. This is lychee and pear. Refreshing and delicious. Just love this juice!

Much like blue and yellow make green, pear and coconut come together and make a very nice banana in this juice, yet you can, at times, still distinguish between the two flavors.  LJ is reselling for Joe, formally of eVaporClouds while he gets Flavorz up and running.

Another of Joe’s flavors being sold by LJ.  Coconut, vanilla, sweet cinnamon, and rum go into this one.  Very nice.

Originally created by UpStomp, AKA Jay, AKA the guy who likes the Patriots and lost to the Giants, this is simply the best watermelony flavored juice I’ve tried.  Don’t think Jolly Rancher, think a more natural watermelon.