I receive success stories all the time from people who have watched my reviews or have had questions answered by me and because of that, they have successfully made the transition to vaping or continue to vape.

I also receive some very nice emails from folks who thank me for what I do. I very much appreciate these as well.

They give me the encouragement and the pat on the back that validates what I’m doing and makes all the time and effort involved worth while.

These are my trophies proudly displayed. This is what it’s all about. This is why I do what I do.

To those of you who have written me and allowed me to post your stories… Thank you!
To those of you who need encouragement… I hope some of these stories give you what you need.
To me… These give ME encouragement to continue doing what I do. So I THANK YOU again!

From Simon

Although all the Success Stories I receive mean very much to me, every now and then there’s one that deserves to be posted here as well.

Simon, I can’t tell you how appreciative I am to you for sharing your story with all of us.

I’m wishing you continued success and many MANY more smoke free years in you future.

And to Simon’s daughter… GOOD JOB!!!


Hi Phil,

Firstly, a bit about myself. My name is Simon. I live in England and I’m now 48 years old. I never used to watch vaping videos on youtube because the vast majority of them just didn’t appeal to me. The first ones I did start watching were Daniel’s (DJLSB) because I found those were informative, Daniel mentioned you in one of his videos so I decided to check out this ‘Phil Busardo’ bloke. That was a very important day for me, as someone who’s always mouth to lung vaped at low wattage (even lower than you usually!) I was instantly captivated by your videos, all the reviews of fancy European tanks I knew nothing about and TC vaping, the ‘mini’ mod series etc etc. It felt like I had finally found someone who I felt was talking to me and people like me.

My vaping journey started on the 11th of March 2016, that date was my daughters 16th birthday and that is not a coincidence. A month or so earlier I had asked her what she would like for her birthday and she turned around and looked straight and me and said “I just want you to stop smoking Dad, I don’t want you to die”

As you can imagine, that was hard to hear, if you have kids you’ll understand how I felt that day. For years I had been really suffering because of my smoking habit, I’d been smoking since I was 14 and a regular smoker since I left school at 16 and started earning a wage,  So 30 odd years. I was smoking about 30 or 40 roll ups a day the week before I stopped and for about 10 years I was having breathing difficulties, coughing like crazy in the mornings, and without wanting to exaggerate too much basically almost dying every winter from a common cold, it would take me months to recover from a cold, getting chest infections almost every year. I was in a pretty bad way. If I had continued to smoke I don’t think I would be in the place I am right now.

I had tried all manner of things to stop, last time I got a bad chest infection I tried to quit cold turkey and I spend 2 days curled up in a foetal position literally crying from the mental torture I was going through. In the end I caved in because I just couldn’t bare the withdrawal and continue to function as I needed to, I had already taken a week off work.

So where was I? Right, so after my Daughter had said that to me, I knew I needed to do something. I talked to a friend who had recently started vaping, I knew he had a device but at that time I didn’t know much (anything) about it and I didn’t realise that he had not had a smoke since he had got it (I thought he was just using it for times when he couldn’t smoke or whatever) I couldn’t believe it when he told me, I asked him “really? it works?”

That was the moment I decided I needed to try this for myself, I prepared myself mentally over the next few weeks and I told myself that on my Daughter’s birthday I would go to my nearest vape shop and invest in a set up, if my mate could do it I could too right?

On the 11th of March 2016 I stubbed out my cigarette and walked into the shop and told the young man behind the counter “I need to stop smoking today, right now” it’s funny, I could almost cry now retelling this, as this day was one of the most amazing days of my life and I will never forget it.  Thankfully the guy in the shop was really helpful and I owe a lot to him. First thing he said to me was “No worries mate, I have a customer who’s 75 and he’s stopped now, he was smoking for 60 years” He let me try out several tanks, the one I picked was the Kangertech subtank nano with a 1.5ohm coil and I got an eleaf 20w to go with it. He also gave me 3 small bottles of 12mg liquid, coffee, menthol and something else I can’t remember. He filled the tank up with the menthol (as yeah, I had one of my ‘colds’ as usual) and I walked out of that shop an ex-smoker. I can’t say it was easy but it was easier than I imagined it would be going on past experiences of giving up smoking.

For the first few days I vaped that thing hard, but I kept telling myself that if I could do a day, I could do two days and if I could do two days I could do 3. On the 4th day I couldn’t stop saying to my family “I can’t believe it, 3 whole days, I can’t believe it” and after a week I knew that I was never going to smoke again, before I started vaping I couldn’t have gone more than a couple of hours without a cigarette.

Not long after than I joined an online vaping forum, I found support, knowledge and friends but most importantly I found many many people with stories similar to mine. I joined that forum thinking that what I had done was rare, I soon realised that the fact was that this ‘vaping’ thing had helped many many others in exactly the same way. I discovered liquids that I enjoy way more than I ever enjoyed cigarettes, I discovered re-buildable tanks, I started going on long walks with my family without needing to stop for ‘rests’ and I stopped getting colds and chest infections all the time. I saved almost £1,500 in the first year. I also found the guy on youtube (you!) who would keep me entertained, amused and informed and I would learn to trust his opinion and his judgement as I would trust any of my friends when they told me something.

So I’m just about to hit 2 years of being a non-smoker on my Daughters 18th Birthday and that feels amazing, no it IS amazing and what you do for people like me and smokers who still have yet to make the decision that I did, is also amazing.

I just wanted you to know that you are doing the right thing and in the right way and it means a lot to people like me and will mean a lot to many more people in the future.

Thanks for everything and thanks for listening.



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From Robert

Dear Phil,

I’ll be looking back at 2017 as the year in which I
smoked my last cigarette. It was the year I decided to stick with
vaping, a far healthier and more interesting way of nicotine delivery as
I’m sure you’ll agree. I have tried the first cartos back in 2011/2012,
but that didn’t work for me. Then I got an eGo clearo three years ago,
which was much better and made it possible to seriously cut back on smoking.
This year I bought my first RTA and mod, and got into building. While it
was me stubbing out the last cigarette, binning the last carton and
lighter, and actually deciding to quit smoking, there is much I have to
thank you for.

For starters, I have to thank you for the many reviews, rants, laughs
and discussions that I watched and enjoyed. You fueled my curiosity. I
learned a lot from you about building coils, and wicking RTAs, and
understanding how to make things work on the mod. Of course, I also
received a lot of help from the vaping community and the forums that I
now participate in, but there’s a huge difference between a description,
and actually seeing someone doing what’s described.

Your reviews, along with reviews from many other vaping channels, also
allowed me to make a more informed decision about what to choose from a
myriad of other options. It helped me understand what to look for in
RTAs and devices, and what to expect from different ones.
My first mod was one you reviewed fairly positively. Same with my first
RTA, in fact, you used it in your review of that mod to illustrate how
the device performed in TC. It was just an inexpensive beginners setup,
but it allowed me to take the transition. I have to thank you for that
as well. For the small investment, the setup has been a life changer.

Compared to the first cartos and clearos, vaping equipment has really
improved a lot over the past years. There is so much choice in starter
kits, and other vaping gear these days, that probably any smoker will be
able to find something to suit their preference. Quitting smoking for
vaping has never been easier. It just takes some initial curiosity,
perhaps a little helpful push in the right direction, and a willingness
to try.

So, in the spirit of Christmas, I’ve bought a good starter kit for a
good friend who has been trying but failing to quit smoking for a long
time. Perhaps that is another way of saying, “Thank you, Phil” ?

Anyway, enough for now, apols for the long email. I hope you and your
family will have a great Christmas party, and an excellent New Year. And
I hope your father is recovering well from the knee operation, and
gradually getting back on his feet again.

Thanks for all the vids, the discussions, the trips, the expos, the fun,
and the clouds, and I’ll see you again in 2018.

Best wishes from the Netherlands,

(also known as Vikram)

From Dorian

Thank you Phil. I’m 59 yrs old and started smoking when I was 18. I switched to vaping in 2011. I have viewed virtually every one of your videos and have learned a great deal about vaping equipment (tanks, Mods, and wire types and wraps). You have been a big influence in my vaping journey. Keep up the good work and have a very Merry Christmas.

From Bill

You are a humble man. That’s nice, rare but nice. I greatly appreciate you responding. While I didn’t expect it, it’s nice. I simply thought it would be nice to let you know how positively your guidance and knowledge have impacted my life.

I have my first Grandson who’s now just 1, and I feel like your mentorship and support have given young Liam the opportunity to get to know me, go fishing with me, and hopefully see him grow up to be a fine young man.

Don’t stop doing what you are doing. It makes a difference. I promise!

If you’re ever around Baltimore MD or Harrisburg Pa, I’d love the opportunity to come shake your hand and buy you a beer.


From Brandon

I have great respect to you friend because you are
responsible for me giving up the 20 year smoking habit sir and I have you
to thank for that, it’s been a blessing to my wife and now 2 young boys,
one day I hope to get the chance to meet you but for now thanks!

Thank you my friend!

From Christine

I’ve been an avid vaper now for 5 years, I’d like to share with you my vape story.

I see to be an extremely heavy smoker going through Three 50g pouches of Tobacco in Several day’s.

Diagnosed with a benign Tumour in my spine only a year before and, eventually being taken in to A&E on numerous amounts of time for chest x rays and, ending up on ‘alot’ of steroids for the severe chest infections/my chest as to the point of the sensation of an Elephants foot upon me, along with numerous health issues including RSD.

I had to quit the stinkies as to help avoid the Tumour turning (i still have to this day).

Vaping saved my life, no more dreadful hospital trips, i can now reach 95% on the Asthma peak flow. I have nothing but great things to say about my vape journey since.

From Stu

Still love getting these emails!
They all still get added to the Success Stories and Validations page.
They still keep me going!
Thank you Stu!

Hi Phil,

I thought, I’d send you an update to my email from all the way in Jan of 2014.

We very briefly spoke at CVE Toronto, but I’ll touch on a few things again. I recently passed my 5yr. mark free of cigarettes. Just over 2yrs. ago, I left my job at a “big box store” & got a job at a vape shop. I am now General Manager of our 2 locations.

For the first time in my life, I can say I love my job! From helping get new users setup to troubleshooting issues with advanced users. I’ve taking allot of what I have learned of the years, watching Grimm, Dimitris & yourself. Along with what I have learned myself over the years & used that to better help my customers, get the best possible service & advice. I’ve lost track, of the amount of setups. I’ve done over the years. Must be into the 100’s by now.

However, it’s not about praise. I do, what I do, because I love it. I’m not a super low ohm builder or a MTL user.
I’m perfectly happy with my Crown 3, Fuchai 213 & 3mg Dragon Juice from 416 Vapes (shout out to Rob & his crew).
I just want my gear to work, the way I expect it to, for me. I use that same logic with my customers & that’s something, I picked up from you, Phil.

So here we are 4yrs. after my first email & 5yrs. free of smokes. I have a great job, that I love & in an industry that I love. I could not have gotten, where I am today. Without the help & advice, I’ve gotten from yours, Dimitris & Nick’s video’s over the years. So once again, I want to send my deepest & heartfelt Thank you for what you do & continue to do, for vaping.

All the best, Phil

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Thank you Phil , my words do not do justice enough to the thanks you deserve from all the ex-smokers and vapers you have helped over the years , you have helped to save peoples lives not just helped people to vape or quit smoking….
Thank you..

From Randy

Just to give you an update. My wife and I had been struggling to get off
analogs. In a previous email, I told you we were trying very basic devices with no
luck. I did some extensive research, trying to find a product that replicated the
actual act of smoking. I then searched your site and found your hour plus review of
the Innoken Endura T18. This is the most powerful and detailed review I have ever
listened to. I ordered a T22 the next day. The last week, I’ve had one cigarette
a day. I immediately ordered a T18 for my wife. Came today and she loves it. I
believe we will both be totally off analogs soon. The Endura T18 and T22 are hands
down the best devices for ex smokers just looking to replace the smoking experience
available on the market. No vape stores carry these, which is a mystery to me. If
recent ex smokers had a chance to test this device, I don’t think stores could keep
them in stock. These 2 devices check virtually every box for the needs of a quitting
smoker. Thanks again for a fantastic review and tutorial.

From Randy

I want to thank you for your informational site. I have spent hours
watching your videos. The knowledge my wife and I have gained from your site is
probably responsible for our success with vaping. We quickly found vaping is not a
“one size fits all” deal. Pack a day smokers. Bought 2 Icare 160’s. Vape stores have
vast knowledge of product, but don’t really explain how to smoke them. We were both
trying to go direct to the lung, and had no consistency in puffs. I watched many of
your videos and realized if you take a few “priming” puffs before the inhaled puff,
it works great. I’m vaping 6.0 nicotine, 50/50 pg/vg, smooth tobacco. My wife did
not like the 160. The gurgling and spitting bothered her. She now has an Aspire
Breeze, vaping 4.5 nicotine, 30/70 pg/vg smooth tobacco. We are both quite satisfied
now. There is so much to learn. The 160 does gurgle and spit. I found that filling
the tank only 3/4 and using the priming puff method, it almost eliminates this
problem. Patience, research, and practice seem to be the keys to successful vaping.
Your site has served as an important source of info to us,


How have you been? It’s been along time my friend! I stated vaping with
the aquarium filter that held 3 drops… maybe & really sucked.
Phil I wanted to thank you. I’m 8 years (?) later still free of that awful
crucify crap I put in my lungs Thanks again for your commitment to insure we got the
best technology ! Thanks for your critical help.

From Karl


Thank you for the reply, damn that was quick. I should have said,
thank you for all you have done for me over the years, for the
information when I started this adventure 6 years ago, and the
entertainment and support that came along with it. I will give you
the some back round here, whether you want it or not, so the short

My wife wanted to quit smoking our daughter and son wanted us to quit,
me not so much, I really enjoyed smoking, so my wife looked into
vaping, tried the cig-alikes, you know the standard “eh”, then my wife
got serious, she got me a sidewinder for my birthday, and damn, well
damn, after I figured out how to build a coil, that one goes to you.
So we shall jump ahead 3 years and 10 mods later, I find out from one
of his friends mothers he is smoking behind the school with her son;
this was yelled at me from across the roller derby practice warehouse
my daughter was at.
The lady had a daughter as well, just to clear that up, but on to the
reason, squirrel.

So I get home, you have kids I believe, so to yell and tell him no,
ground him, I was young once and knew how that would go, at 15 as soon
as he’s out the house he is thinking hey no parents, so I looked at
him, said I can’t really keep you from smoking, turns out he had been
stealing mine and my wife’s for like 2 years, that answered a lot of
unanswered questions.

So my wife and I did what at the time seemed prudent and right, set
him up with a mod, a tank, and some Heathers Huntsman, that was 4
years ago and for him 5 mods and 4 tanks, and best no cigarettes.

My daughter also vapes, low nic, helps her with her stress, won’t give
her age as I don’t want social services at my front door, she’s not 18
but she’s older than 15. It has helped her deal with the stress and
anxiety she feels, I believe in my heart she would have eventually
started smoking. This was the better option , so to the people out
there who would say I’m a shitty ass parent; suck it. She and her
brother are happy, healthy and smoke free as are my wife and I, so
there you have it, the reason for asking the question, for my

Thank you for listening, and thank you again for why you have done for
the vaping community. And yes that was the short version.


From Dirk

Dear Phil,

I hope you do not receive tons of bothering mails and please excuse my unperfect English.
Just felt like thanking you. I`m thankful for you entertaining me and sharing a part of your life, being quite a funny guy and teaching a lot about my newest “hobby”.

My personal story will be as many others, I’ve been a smoker since I was about 16 years old – being 46 years old meanwhile this is far too long, when thinking back. Been trying to get off from this addiction for several times, but the longest period was for nearly two years back in the nineties. I always liked smoking, not for taste, maybe even not fort he drug nicotine itself. Rather for having a good time while handling a cigarette. I think, the addiction is more of “donating” yourself with something – must not be a cigarette…

Last year around March I had a really bad time and tried to get off smoking once more, but that time I read an article about “vaping” and decided to just give it a try, ordered immediately a “Kangertech Evod Mega” on amazon, which seemed to be nice and handy, having no idea about anything besides the basic functionality of vaping gear.

The day it arrived was my last day of smoking. Period. Found my way out off the “stinkies”.

After some days I started to discover the world of vaping 🙂 Read everything I could find, watched my first YouTube videos – as I guess as nearly every German speaking person I started with Phil good and his “liquidhimmel”. I was kind of surprised to see a guy approximately my age, having years of his vape-story shared on YouTube. Helped me alot getting into it.

Shook my head on the uncountable amount of “reviewers” on YouTube, partly annoying, partly just to laugh about.

I remained with a handful of them I really like – vapingwithvic, vapingbiker, thevapingbogan and of course the funny guy from far away in America called Phil 🙂 Oh and I like DJLSB for his technical stuff, although I thinks it’s quite hard to listen to him for a longer time…

I was deeply impressed, how big the community is, how extremely fast growing the industry around this marked is, especially in China – so I really loved your “trip-videos” a lot. Are you planning further trips by the way ?

So, this got far too long as I was afraid before – but I didn’t just want to say “thank you”. Although I think this is the only important content. Just go on with your good work, have a good time, don’t let yourself be taken down by that asshole of a disease and best regards from Germany,


From Bob

Vaping And Reversing What Smoking Has Done To Me

I am a 59 year old male. I smoked for well over 40 years and was a 3 pack a day smoker. I have been vaping for quite a few years and fell of the wagon twice, but got back on and have not smoked for close to a year now.

A few years ago I was obese and at an extremely poor fitness level. My blood work was always a mess, I developed blood clotting issues, and was diagnosed with diverticulitis. I was hospitalized probably half a dozen times with an abscess in my colon, and twice I had sepsis from the infections.

They said I had to have surgery to remove an 8 inch section of my colon, and I had to get my heart and lungs checked before they could do the surgery. My lung test showed that I had COPD, and my stress test did not come back good so they had to do a catheterization of my heart. It showed no blockage, but it did show that a small part of the bottom of my heart was slightly enlarged, and they told me I could have had a mini heart attack at some point.

I contribute all of this to 40+ years of heavy smoking.

They still did the surgery, but they told me I had to exercise and lose weight or I wouldn’t be around too much longer. They recommended walking for exercise.

This scared me enough to start walking every day. I walked sometimes 2, 3, 4 times a day. At first I could only walk a mile at a slow pace (about 3 mph), and then I had to lay down because I thought I was dying. I bought an activity tracker and started logging my food intake and walking faster and further every day. I started losing a lb. a week, and in the first year I lost over 50 lbs., and was able to power walk for 10 miles at a 4.5+ mph pace. I could keep my heart rate in zone 4/5 for over an hour, and probably increased my lung capacity by at least 30 percent.

About 8 months ago I started having trouble keeping my heart rate up high enough from just walking so I started adding run intervals into my power walks. I started with 30 second intervals, then 1 minute, then 2 minutes. Now I can run 5 miles non stop.

My blood work comes back completely normal now, and I just recently had an echocardiogram and another stress test done which came back 100 percent normal. My resting heart rate that used to be in the high 80’s is now in the high 50’s to low 60’s. My doctor is in AWE of me and uses me as an example for his other patients.

So. If you have damaged yourself from smoking as I did. you CAN reverse many of the damage through exercise. Diet alone will not do it. You have to put the work in to get to a good fitness level, and that will in turn enable you to maintain a healthy body weight, and your body will fix itself as mine seems to be doing.

I still want to lose another 10 to 15 lbs. and increase my fitness level to be able to run 10 miles, but I’m almost there.

So… don’t just quit smoking and start vaping… get up off your butts and fix dat sh*t…:)

From Emmanuel

Thank you

I am not expecting a response as you probably get a ton of emails. Yet if this email
happens to reach you I just wanted to say thank you!

I am a 30 year old Canadian from northern Ontario. I was a pack, sometimes pack and
a half per day smoker for 14 years. Coming from Greek decent all of my family
smokes :(. Two years ago I was introduced to vapping while on YouTube and stumbled
across your channel.

I went out and purchased my first e cig. Kang e vod. It worked for about 3 weeks
then fell back into the death trap of smoking as at that point our town did not have
a vape shop.

Today after 6 attempts to stay in the vapping wagon. thanks to your videos and the
new vape shop I am now 1 and a half years in without ever touching a cigarette. I
have 2 young boys and thanks to your videos keeping me informed I can stay healthy
for myself and my family.

I thank you for all your advocacy and keep up the great website and YouTube channel.

Your Canadian friend


From Miloslav

Dear Phil,

I have been following you on YouTube for quite some time without saying “Thank you”
for that.

My father had a very serious health issue few years ago – arteries clogging. He had
been smoking cigarettes from his youth and it was somehow clear that smoking played
a significant part of that problem.

I had started to look arround how to help him. Vaping was already on its way to
spread and YouTube was (and still is) fantastic channel how to learn things. I have
just realized that it has been some 6 years since I purchased him the first ecig
set. It was eGo-T.

Fortunately, my father wanted to make some changes in his life so my role was just
to help him and offer an easy and sustainable way. As far as I know he has not
touched a single cigarette since than and now he is enjoying vaping. He is not
getting younger but he is doing fine 🙂

I will always remember your ViVi Nova rebuild video which has started my rebuilding
era. Since than dozens and dozens of your reviews are of big help.

I like the way you do your videos a lot. Starting with shooting itself – quality,
details, lighting, sound and your cave :). I like the way you describe technical
specification, your personal experience, different set ups and by the way your
English… which is really nice and easy to understand. Your humor fits to mine
perfectly as well…

Let me thank you once more and wish you all the best and I hope you will continue
updating your channel with new stuff. It makes sense.

I remain your big fan.

Czech Republic

From Mark

My name is Mark Lagnese. I live on Long Island, New York. I was a NYPD cop for 20 years, with the last 17 years working the midnight shift pushing a sector car. Sadly I was a smoker as well. Easy 3 pack a day kind of smoker. Everyone knew me for either having a cig or coffee cup in my hand. Back in 2014, at the ripe old age of 52, after being a heavy smoker for most of my life, I suffered a heart attack that turned into bypass surgery. Wasn’t fun at all.( yes, I’m in the Zipper Club) To be totally blunt, I could have walked out of the hospital after my surgery and had a cigarette with no questions asked. Thank god my girlfriend handed me a Nautilus tank with a stick battery.I haven’t had another cig since then. So for me, Aspire saved my life, besides my surgeon. Today I own and use 5 Nautilus minis, with the BVC 1.8 coil, that I rotate. I never push my beliefs on other smokers, unless they ask, then it’s game on! So far, I have weaned 2 of my friends off cigarettes and into the world of vaping. I am a very generous person by nature, so I always give anyone who asks, 1 mod and 1 Nautilus tank to help them out. Of course I fill the tank with a plain tobacco eliquid, usually 12 nic to start. My advise to them is give it at least 5 days to try. And if you don’t like it, give it back. It’s that simple. Safe to say, I didn’t get my stuff back because they quit cigs and vape now. Vaping to me has become more then a helping hand, but a hobby as well. I have many subtanks and mods as well. I have tasted more ejuice then most vapers want to admit to. Check out my instagram (marklagz) and you’ll understand what I mean. But, after all of that, Nautilus is what keeps me smoke free. I feel I owe Aspire a debt of gratitude. That tank has been my work horse since the day I walked out of the hospital. I just hope they never stop making it. I am ready to give the Nautilus2 a shot. I have high hopes for it and others who want to quit cigarettes. I will be buying the usual 3 to start with as soon as they are on sale. Because you never know, another friend might want to ask for help. Thanks for all you do Phil. I know I didn’t mention it in my story but I do watch your videos and enjoy them a lot. Feel free to use my name, I have nothing to hide for being a vaper and x-smoker. If anything, I am proud of myself and all the work I put into being smoke free. Thanks again, Your friend, Mark

From Alex

Dear Phil,

How are you doing?

Thanks for the great Vid of the Nautilus 2 as well as all Videos from you that i saw
until now.

I changed from smoking to Vaping about 190 days ago. I started with the CE4
Clearomizer to give Vaping a try. The try went okay but i was still on risk to get
back to smoking. I bought a Nautilus and tried it. With these BVC coils i felt that
i never will fall back to smoking as the vape satisfied my needs. Of course, i
improved my setup. Kabuki, Kayfun 4 and 5, mech mod, TC, Subohm competition RDA to
try around. The Kabuki is a fantastic tank with the BVC coils and i can always rely
on it as well as Nautilus mini and Nautilus. With some coils and tanks laying around
in car/at work/at home i know that i’m not on risk to fall back to smoking, even if
my Kayfun 4 is my “always stay with me” RTA, due to the BVC coils, i know that i can
always vape where i even if the kayfun fails (what not happened since i got it)
Additionally i like the vape my ProVari as well as on mech mod. When you talk about
the “slight pulsing” in TC or an incontinious vapor production, i have the feeling
that i understand it as well as your explenation about the “wide,open” taste from
the Kabuki compared to the taste from the Nautilus 2 which might taste “tight”. This
explenation keeps me away from spending my money on the Nautilus 2 as long as i
don’t need it, but that i could also rely on it if i go abroad and something fails
or due to FDA / TPD regulations, i couldnt get anytheng else.

Your decision to review more stuff for beginners and MTL people is great even if i
also try subohm and cloudchasing.

I would also like to thank you for supporting me to stay away from smoking with your
Videos and your reviews, thank you for your engagement in the fight for vaping. Feel
free to use parts or my Name of this mail in your videos.


From Diego

Dear Phil,
I’m old enough to remember the times when the internet was not around
and how struggling it was to source information. Now days information is
all around but the struggle is still there, this time in sourcing
quality information.

Many people believe that addiction is a matter of will. As a
professional psychologist with a background is neurosciences I can
assure you it is most definitely not. It has, on the other hand,
everything to do with changes in precise structures of the brain,
heavily influenced by the environment itself connected to the compulsive
gesture by which the addictive substance is consumed. Moreover, every
failed attempt in braking an addiction might build up a resistance in
future attempts.

I wanna thank you for providing the quality information I needed to
maximize my chances of transitioning to vaping and break free of an
habit I can now see, after only a couple weeks, as the disgusting thing
it really is.

Please keep up your great work. Should you need anything that falls
under my abilities, you just have to ask and I will gladly return the favor.


From Doug

Phil, you and Provari were so instrumental in beginning my journey to kick a 27 year pack to pack and a half a day Marlboro Red habit that I never in a million years imagined I would ever conceive of myself ever quitting. Cigarettes were such a ridiculously large part of my life as I watched it take 1 relative after another while blindly believing it would never happen to me. Blindly believing the heavy chest, coughing fits, and inability to climb a short set of steps without running out of breath. I remember the checkups with the doctor giving me 1 suggestion after another with drugs, patches, gums, lozenges, and inhalers to try for quitting with one failed attempt after another. Finally there is a technology that has worked! I haven’t had a cigarette in 3 years. My wife hasn’t had to nag me about the stink, febreeze my clothes, and constantly worry about what the cigarettes were doing to my health. I watch these commercials to prompt us all to quit smoking while watching my Government try to remove the one thing that has worked to get me off of cigarettes because you and I know they are losing too much tax money and the Big Tobacco lobby is muscling them to think their way.

I have said it before, and I will continue to say it…..keep up the great work! You provide such an important service in your entertaining style of education. Keep using your voice to educate the vendors on their marketing and child proof caps. You have no idea how the strength of your voice has made this world a better place as one smoker at a time puts the cigarettes down and picks up their first device.

Thank you SO much for what you do.

From Michelle

Hello Mister Busardo,

I would just like to say thank you! For being such a kind, funny, intelligent,
talented and honest reviewer.

When i’m getting a new device or tank, i always look you up first and i could just
listen to you all-day-long.

There are also other good reviewers who are not
annoying (Richard ng i like also, because he’s so down to earth and real)(just like
you are: real), but you’re my favorite!

I really appreciate your hard work.

I hope you get enough of these messages, because people don’t often understand how much of your time and
efforts this takes from you. Some people just take it for granted and always criticize.

I could never do what you do. I don’t even know HOW you do it. But you DO.

If it wasn’t for you, i would never understand how to coil and wick certain tanks! I would be so lost.

I wish you a good health and i will keep watching your videos.

I’m now ten months smoke-free and i’ve convinced a lot of people around me to guit too.
(My parents, husband, friends, co workers..)

I want the whole world to quit smoking! 🙂


Have a great day and
with very kind regards.
Michelle from Belgium

From Nick


As you know I have watched your reviews since started vaping since Oct 2014 and have chatted from time to time about devices. I bought an evic mini which worked good with the nautilus tank. Then back to the pen style. So I usually purchased online, but decided to go to the brick and mortar “Vast Vapor”. I was going in for a AIO that you reviewed with high praise. Told the guy about how you recommend and we started talking about you all good of course. Was interesting how one of there prior job requirements was to watch your videos to learn specifics. Now you can add to your resume “Employee training adviser”. Vast Vape nice store have a selection and clean. They told me to give you a shout and say Hi from them. Also enjoying AIO just what I needed going to pick up another this week.

I seriously think in my opinion that if it was not for your videos that I would have
been too frustrated with devices that I would have started the sticks again. God
sent you are “Following your passion”

Thanks for all you do always.


From Robert

Merry Christmas Phil.! ( no political correctness happy holidays BS. here
🙂 …. Congratulations on all your hard work with the coming launch of B.liquids
Phil. i for one appreciate your never forgetting the beginning vapor who is new to
all this. As i once began the same way as most others. We have come a very long way
since about 2008.! Much of that can be credited to you my friend.! i have learned
a lot. And a lot was learned simply by watching your videos. ! product testing and
learning which devices were with my hard earned dollar. and which were not. You
Phil Busardo, Are the hugest asset in the entire vaping community. Through your
honesty, and integrity you have earned my greatest respect. i hardly ever missed,
and still don’t any video you post on TYJ. And i never once complained about how
long they were. HA ! 🙂 I think it’s great you are launching your juice line with
the beginning vapor in mind, first and foremost. You have not forgotten the last
tobacco cigarette you smoked. ! Well, neither have i forgotten my last one. And how
vaping has completely changed my well being. Along the way.. you are always there
with the correct information to help all smokers keep trudging forward. You deserve
the best of everything Phil.

From Rich

Phil, just dropping you a quick line letting you know how much I appreciate
everything you have done and continue to do for the vape community regardless of our
vaping preferences.

Sometimes I feel the community get’s caught up in the “must have more watts… must
have lower ohms…. more clouds” vs remembering why we all started on this journey:
to become ex-smokers. I applaud you for continuously being objective and
providing excellent information that caters to ALL vapors, just not the “Flavor of
the Week”.

I have been cigarette free for over 4 years in a great part to the information you
put out and just the damn honesty in the way you approach your reviews and the
larger issues we face ourselves with.

I always look forward to your next video and thoughtful insights.

Thanks for remembering us ex-smokers how use this as a tool to keep off the stinkies.

Many thanks,


From Bill

Hi Phil, Just to say Hi and thanks for the great reviews over the years, I
have been vaping over 3 years now and quit nicotine over 2 years ago, I actually
quit smoking with my last cigarette on 18/09/16, I am really pleased at the upcoming
anniversary and to go from 30 or more a day for 40 years to NONE for 3 years is
amazing as I tried other ways to quit without success.

From Howard

I wanted to thank you for all your videos and your website. I am a 62 year
old labor lawyer (union side only) and a lifelong pipe and cigar smoker. I was
concerned about my wife’s cigarette smoking and we made a deal….she tries vaping
and I will join her. We have both stopped our smoking and are both in love with
vaping. Your work has made our journey that much easier. I like your no nonsense
videos that get to the heart of the product quickly. Thanks again.

From Rob

It is my 2 year anniversary of vaping Phil. Thanks for all the videos that
helped me choose wisely when it came to my devices. I was at VCCPA this year, and
due to being somewhat sick, I missed out on the night at Tonic. Which sucks because
I am a Grand Marnier veteran of 30 plus years 🙂

From Dave

Just wanted to say it was a pleasure to meet and have a vape with you at the Mid-West Vape Expo on Saturday! Also want to say thank you for all you do for this life-saving industry… from advocay to the honest, in-depth (read ‘LOOOOOOONNNNNGGGGG’! 🙂 ) reviews. Keep doing what you do! Much love and respect to you, your family, and everyone whose lives you have affected in such a positive way!

I started using e-cigarettes/vaping almost by accident. I was going to drive my step-son from Kentucky to California for his first job out of college, and out of consideration for his non-smoking and allergies I wanted to find something so I wouldn’t have to smoke in the car. I had recently noticed an e-cigarette store just around the corner from my house, so I walked over the morning we were to leave. I was hoping they would have a variety of disposable types to choose from, but they only had the eGo style. I had been considering trying e-cigarettes for some time, but hadn’t been able to justify the initial expense if I didn’t like it. This time, the consideration of my son outweighed the expense and I bought a kit. I took 2 packs of my normal cigarettes with me on the trip to smoke when possible and/or just-in-case. After the first day or so, I found myself wanting the real cigarettes less and less, and vaping was so much more convenient! I was a 1 pack/day smoker for the past 20 years, but those 2 packs lasted me 5 days! I had 2 more cigarettes the day I got back home from California, and have not had one since (my last cigarette was on 06/17/2013). Since then, my wife and her son have stopped smoking in favor of e-cigarettes, I have convinced 2-3 co-workers to switch, and my Mom was ecstatic when I told her! I did have some temptations to start smoking again as I was not getting a good ‘throat hit’ due to old/burnt atomizers, but as soon as I cleaned them and figured out the resistance/voltage variables, all is good! I find vaping to be a healthy and beneficial alternative to the negative health affects of smoking. Once you figure out what kind of set-up works for your personal preferences, it’s easy! I find it to almost be a hobby… trying out all of the different equipment and e-juice flavors. And MUCH cheaper than cigarettes! I was on a business trip to Chicago last week, and the ability to be able to use my e-cigarette in the hotel room and not have to walk all they way out to the lobby to smoke was fantastic! The fact that there is no second-hand smoke, little to no smell left hanging around, and no dirty looks from non-smokers definitely makes me not feel like an outcast. And the possibility of weaning myself off of nicotine completely is a plus (I started out using 24mg nicotine, and as of 03/04/2015 I am down to 12mg), although if I do that, I would probably keep vaping just for the pleasure of it. It is very rewarding to me to pass on my success story, and to help others learn the benefits of vaping. And best of all, now I KNOW I will be around to watch my grand-children grow up!

Thank you!


From Brian

Good evening Phil! I just watched your 8/8 video (and other recent videos
regarding FDA foolishness) and have been subscribed to both you and Dimiti’s you
tube channels since I started vaping (just hit two years without a cig this month)
and I just wanted to thank you….and the pink panther. Your channel was the first
one I found when I became interested in stopping smoking and I feel like those
videos were instrumental in quitting. I also want to thank you for your page for
beginners, it was a life saver starting out. I have enjoyed all the benifits of
becoming cigarette free and was sad to hear about the new regulations. As a police
officer I understand the importance of laws and/or regulations to protect us.
However, I do feel that these regulations are the farthest from “helpful” or
“needed” as possible. It’s frustrating to think that someone else could benefit the
same way I have, but not get the chance. I talked a coworker into stopping and
vaping a week after I did and we have both been successful at stopping. I heard you
talking about catching flack during all this and got a bit upset. I’m sure you get a
lot of positive feedback for what you do but I wanted to add to it. I’ve got two
small children that just may get a bit longer with Dad and for that I thank you.
I’ve seen what look like police patches on a picture on your wall. I’d be willing to
send you one of mine if you’d like. A small token of appreciation if you will. My
email address is xxx. If you have a p.o. box I’d be happy to send you
a couple of uniform patches……they’ve been washed of course. And by the way, most
times I see the color pink I instantly think Dimitri Pink. I thank you for that also

From Pamela

Although ALL the success stories and validations mean a lot to me, some have a special place in my heart. This is one. A very sincere THANK YOU Pamela. It was a privilege to meet and spend time with you and your Dad Denis!

To see more check out the SUCCESS STORIES AND VALIDATIONS PAGE. Perhaps you too can find the strength or inspiration you need to move away from tobacco cigarettes once and for all.

Dear Phil, I have no words to express how grateful I am about what you made us live yesterday. My dad is still floating. Thank you for the great moments we passed with you and your wonderful wife. You are a wonderful person (so is she), and I am proud to say that I saw you at peace once in my life. You change the lives of people, you inspire them, you make them believe they can do it, you support them by answering their comments and their emails. What you do, nobody could do it the same way, with the same feeling, the same passion, the same results. Never doubt about the difference you make in peoples lives, but also in peoples hearts. You made my dad happy, with a face like he was seeing Santa Claus….but you made me grow, with your listening, your words and by being there, being yourself…and your wife wow! So…thank you! Can’t say it enough! In every project that I’ll do in the future, I’ll think about you, about the way we both feel about comments, but also the good ones…and thinking about what you’ve been through, it makes me believe that I can do it too. Thanks 😘

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From Travis

Once again you absolutely amaze me! What a fast response and the info you gave is

I quit smoking mainly by looking at your reviews online. I mean you helped me kick
my 25 year habit. You are truly one of a kind. I don’t know if this vape world could
continue w/o u.

You do great things for all of us. Keep up the great work and thanks so very much
for the reply !!!!!


From Marvin

Hello Mr. Busardo, I just wanted to drop you a couple lines and say thanks
for doing what you do. I had some back sets in the beginning but haven’t had a
cigarette in one year today. You are the reason for this handicapped man in a
wheelchair rolling along looking like an old timely steam engine. Hell all I need
now is a whistle ! All joking aside you have changed a Lot of peoples lives not just
the smoker but the people that lived with the smoker. Don’t let people get you upset
by saying stuff they know nothing about. I am still using my good old Russian 91%
everyday and will be forever grateful.

From Jeff

Good afternoon Sir,

I just wanted to say thanks for your detailed reviews, and informative sharing of information.
My wife and I both have quit after being heavy menthol smokers. For me it was the Subtank Mini that finally gave me the satisfaction needed, and for my wife the Nautilus Mini. I used to watch your videos which gave me hope that I could build something that worked and would give the throat hit & airflow I needed without being over complicated. I have since moved on from the old set-ups and devices, but still have a couple mini tanks on the shelf.

The depth you review products without classifying what is the right and wrong way to Vape, keeps me always looking to see if you have reviewed a device I am interested in. With the onset of regulations and the continued negative media we don’t need to hurt ourselves.
Quite frankly, I can’t think of any “wrong” ways to save a life.


From Steve

I am a ~4 year lurker and have watched every single video you’ve done during that time – starting with the carto tank days and then vaping along with each new discovery you presented to all of us out here in the peanut gallery. Little wonder that I, too ended up on the Kayfun most of the time at 15 watts right alongside you. I really can’t thank you enough for being my sage guide through these years. You gave me just the inspiration I needed to get cigarettes out of my life for good – after smoking for 25 years. The sheer number of lives you have saved through your work is truly incredible.

My very best wishes to you – keep the faith, vaping brother.


From Kian

Dear Phil
My name’s Kian, I’m a newbie vaper, a former smoker of 11-12 years. I
live in Iran and there’s literally no vape shops here, not a single poxy one.
Therefore, my sole source of information on what I could buy over the internet, is
the internet itself. and in that, your channel is my go to channel. You, my good man
Phil, are the only person who speaks like you mean it. you don’t try to be hip (yet
you are the coolest), you don’t try too hard to be entertaining (yet your videos are
an absolute delight to watch), and you don’t follow meaningless trades, instead you
give genuine information (and your face is not covered with a tattoo of a Japanese
demon like many others). and that’s why I could learn from you. So, I thought I send
you this message to thank you for what you have taught me, and to let you know that
I seriously rely on you as a reliable source of information. I simply could not have
become a vaper without your channel to guide me, hence: a gesture of gratitude,
however insignificant, seemed due.

I wish you a long and healthy life and look forward to your every next video.

Yours truly…

From Eric

Hi Phil ( I called you Pete the last time I contacted you -sorry – I think
that it happens a lot to you for some reason). I just wanted to drop you a quick
line because I caught your appearance on the Vaping Dusk till Dawn from 3/16 ( I
know – I’m way behind on my viewing). Great show. It was great to hear more about
your journey and life and not just about vaping gear. I love your reviews and your
passion and information about vaping has changed my life. I haven’t had a cigarette
in over 4 years. Better than that, I love vaping. It has become more of a hobby
rather than an addiction. You have helped me more than you could know with all kinds
of info over the years. Anyway, somehow I feel like we’re friends that just haven’t
met yet. You talked on this show about how work, family, reviewing, etc leaves you
little “Phil time. Please remember my friend, taking care of yourself includes
granting yourself permission to take some time to goof off any old way that you’d
like to. I (and all your vaping friends) can do with a few less reviews as long as
we still have a healthy, happy and passionate Phil giving us the real info on vaping
gear. Harm reduction also has a very personal and emotional side. Take time to
“smell the roses. We’ll wait until you get to the next review. Rock on DJ Miami.

your friend

From Carlo

Hi Phil how are you my name is Carlo you recently attended the CVE in Toronto and met my friend Danielle I admire your knowledge of the Vaping world I was floored when Danielle show me that video I want to express my gratitude for the knowledge that you have provided me and everyone in the Vaping community also would like to say that you are extremely influential and knowledgeable in what you and your colleagues do to provide us with information I thank you for that. PS
you and Dimitri look cute together hope to hear from you soon and please let’s continue on this relationship ensuring knowledge and empowerment to those who need it most oh and by the way the cruise was phenomenal I’m Italian and I love to eat take care hope to hear from you soon

From Richard

Hi phil just want to say thanks for everything you do for us vapors. I can see you lead a very busy life. And for you to go out of your way for these great vids and events im very grateful. Thanks for pushing so hard to inform all of us. Im an ex smoker vaping for 4 yrs. Now and I live not far from you Im in buffalo ny. Would love to get one of my mods signed by you some day. Thanks for inspiring so many people.

From Chris

Hey Phil,

My name is Chris Kunkel. I’m a 32 year old father of three and I have been a fan of your videos for a little over a year now. I’ve seen other success stories posted on your Taste Your Juice blog, and felt it was time to share my own. With all of the negative publicity out there and the deeming regs being published, I felt that if my story can help others like me, that it was time to tell it.

I had my first cigarette when I was 11, stealing from the pack of Virginia Slims my mother had. I smoked off and on through middle and high school to appear rebellious and cool, stupid I know. It was in 2002 when I started full time. I had just graduated high school and had enlisted in the army. I found myself at 18 stationed in Korea, half a world away from my family and practically anyone I knew. I was alone for the first time in my life and I picked back up smoking to deal with the stress. For over 13 years, I smoked at least a pack a day. I was an active duty soldier and smoked even heaver during my two deployments. I knew I had to quit and had tried multiple methods. Cold turkey never worked and I would be back on the smokes within a few days. The patches and gums made me sick, so again, back on the smokes. My experience with Chantix was the worst though, and almost cost me my life.

I had finally decided to talk to my doctor about quitting. I had tried all the over the counter methods with no success and had seen an ad on TV for Chantix. I asked my doctor and he was all too quick to prescribe me this new miracle drug in the fight against tobacco. I picked up my first month’s supply and was eager to get started. The first week was interesting to say the least. I had the most vivid nightmares I had ever experienced. Every night I dreaded going to sleep because I never knew what horrors awaited me. And for someone who already suffered from PTSD due to deployments, it just made the situation even worse. But I soldiered on, this was going to help me quit right? I stopped smoking as instructed at the start of the second week.

The nightmares continued, but the meds were doing their job so I kept taking them. Near the end of the third week, my wife and two young children went out of town for the weekend to visit family. I was on call for the Army and wasn’t allowed to travel more than 50 miles from the base, so they left me at the house. Saturday evening, I was watching TV when all of a sudden I decided that I should end my life. Just like that. No hesitation, no questioning, it was as routine as going to the kitchen and making a sandwich. I went to the kitchen, grabbed a bottle of sleeping pills that I was prescribed for my PTSD, downed about 20 of them, and went back to watching TV. If my wife hadn’t decided to cut their trip short and come home that night, I wouldn’t be here writing this message to you now.

I woke up in the ER surrounded by my family. My wife arrived to find me unconscious and unresponsive on the sofa with the bottle of pills on the counter and called an ambulance. I had never had a history of depression, nor ever had a suicidal thought. But on this miracle medication, I came within moments of ending my life. My children watched as I was loaded on that ambulance near death. My oldest still vividly remembers that night!! Needless to say, I threw out the Chantix and never looked back. Within three days, I was smoking again.

Around 2011, during a deployment to Afghanistan, I purchased my first electronic cigarette online. It was one of the ones that look like a cigarette with a light on the end of them. You can find them in most gas stations now. It was a cheap one made and shipped from China, but I was intrigued by this device and loved being able to intake nicotine without having to go out in the 120 degree heat. It wasn’t meant to replace smoking all together, just supplement it. When I got home later that year, I threw the cig-alike out and returned to my old habit full time.

Winter was always the worst for me because of all the damage done over the years from smoking. Any time I got sick, it seems it lingered with me three times longer than anyone else. I decided I wanted to try vaping again in winter 2012 when a friend of the family had opened up a vape shop. I purchased a newer ego setup with a refillable Kanger Protank. This almost did it for me a few times, but it just wasn’t enough for me to quit. I’d do well for a week or two, but then I’d get stressed and buy a pack of smokes.

Finally, in winter of 2015, I came down with Bronchitis, close to full blown pneumonia. I couldn’t breathe, let alone smoke due to the burning in my chest. I picked up my e-cig again and just like in Afghanistan, I was able to use it to supplement for my nicotine fix. Anytime either I or my wife get sick, we are banished down to the basement so as to not get everyone else in the house sick. It sounds cruel, but we’ve got a full sectional sofa, a plasma TV with surround sound, cable, and a PlayStation down there, so it’s not the worst place to be on the mend. In my isolation, I started looking more into vaping and discovered a series of videos from a rather large Italian. After watching a ton of these videos, I knew what I needed to do.

Once I was able to leave the house again, I went to my local vape shop and bought an iStick 50w, a Kanger Subtank Mini, and a vanilla custard flavored liquid at 12mg nic. Of course my wife wasn’t happy when she saw the price of my new hobby. Within a week of that purchase, I was able to put down the smokes for good. This was March 7th, 2015 and I haven’t had a cigarette since. The secret for me was a combination of the right flavor, the right nicotine, and a device capable of a direct lung hit. See, I didn’t need something to replicate a cigarette, like a mouth to lung device, because that just made me want an actual cigarette. What I needed was something new. Something different. The Subtank was that device for me. Don’t get me wrong, I have no issue with those who enjoy a MTL vape, it just didn’t work for me.

Since I started vaping full time, I have noticed a major difference in my day to day life. I can climb up a flight of stairs without losing my breath. I can play and keep up with my now three children, the third of which wouldn’t be here if I had been successful in taking my own life. I’ve even started running again, something I haven’t been able to do in many years. I started vaping at 24mg of nicotine, near the top available, and I’m now down to 3mg. Thank you Phil for opening my eyes to what is truly possible. Vaping has changed and even saved my life!!

From Firas

Hi phil,
Let me introduce my self, my name is Firas am from Iraq. I have been vaping since
2010 and all because of you. I was a heavy smoker, I use to smoke between one to two
pack of cigarette a day. I am so thankful for you. you made me an expert in vaping
because of your intensive knowledge and breakdown of each piece of mods and
atomizers. I have been a big fan of all of your YouTube videos even before you got
your dedicated web site. I’ve never missed any video you put on YouTube or website.
I immigrated to USA on 2010 and I have became a US citizens last June 2015. The
story is that I am alone here in US, my family is still living in a war zone.
However, I feel like you are like one of my family here. Watching you video and your
sense of hummer always made me happy and informative.
My only hope is to meet one day and we become friends.
I would like to apologize to poor English!
Please, keep do what you do and never pay attention to those childish people.
You are greater than those tiny minded people.
Thank you for every thing you did for us vapors.
God bless you !

From Phil

I love your reviews, you go into detail and lay out facts, not a lot of
sunshine blown up my rear end, oh and you make it fun as well.. I love
your sense of humor. I have never made a purchase based on your thumbs
up that has ever been a disappointment or anything other then what you
described. I greatly appreciate your honesty and integrity and value
your opinion highly. Loading up tasteyourjuice.com is part of my daily
routine. My advice to you when you run into that level of bullshit is to
quote Bill Murry from Scrouged “brush them off.” You just keep on
keepin on and being you, it works my friend, I will guarantee that those
of us who love what you do vastly out number the blow hard bafoons.


Smoke Free for 4 years, 2 Months and 24 Days

From Wayne

Two years ago a friend introduced me to vaping, I went out and bought a $15 dollar ego starter kit and have not had a cigarette since. Today I ran across a review you did on vaporbeast when I was looking into the Kanger drip box. I appreciate your honesty. I have learned more about vaping in one day of reading your site than I have in the 2 years I’ve been vaping. Thank you

From Don

Usually these are reserved for the Success Stories/Validations page here on TasteYourJuice, but this was such a lovely letter that I thought I’d share it here as well.

Folks, this is why I do what I do. All of the work, all of the effort, the endless correspondence, the drama… it’s for one goal… to lead people away from the traditional tobacco cigarettes and to the tobacco harm reduction that is vaping.

Don, as always, give yourself all the credit. I can’t reach through the screen and knock the cigarettes out of your hands, you have to be strong enough and willing to make that happen and you did. Perhaps I just helped a little.


Good evening. I’m a long-time watcher/fan of your videos and I just felt the urge to write you a letter after viewing your last video (Kanger Dripbox). This is going to be a big one, so I apologize in advance for the size. Grab a cup of coffee, a good vape, and get cozy.

First off, allow me to introduce myself properly. My name is Don and this July 5th will make two-full years that I’ve been off “the stinky’s”. I’m a very proud vaper and I work hard to convert everyone around me into vaping. I allow them to try my different hardware configurations, as well as different juices that I purchase.

When I first started this journey, I felt completely lost. I bought a Blu
Rechargeable Kit at a gas station and soon found that it just couldn’t satisfy my urges. At the time, I was smoking Marlboro Red’s at a rate of two packs a day. I would vape a Blu, but then immediately light a cigarette when the urge would get too overwhelming. I thought to myself, “There has to be more to vaping than this crap!”

This peaked my curiosity and guided me towards YouTube for Blu reviews. I landed on IndoorSmokers’ channel and started watching his cigalike reviews. It wasn’t until a few days later, I watched one of his reviews for the Halo Triton kit. I thought to myself, “Well now that’s bigger than a Blu, so maybe more power will help me?” I ordered the Triton kit, as well as spare coils, tanks, batteries, etc. I also purchased Halo’s sample packs of juice. When everything came in the mail, I was blown away by the flavor and vapor production (compared to a Blu). I was vaping 24mg juice and soon learned what too much nicotine intake can do to you. Sick, sick, sick. Felt like I smoked ten packs of Red’s in a single sitting! Yuck. It took some trial and error, but I finally found my sweet spot to be the same as yours – 12mg.

The Halo experience was a nice step-up from the Blu Rechargeable Pack, yet it still couldn’t take me off the Red’s completely. I noticed that I was dramatically cutting down smoking, so back to YouTube I went. I was watching a recoiling video on Rip Trippers channel (totally amazed by the method) when he mentioned YOU. It was something to do with a full review on the product and he wasn’t going into detail about it, but you had the same product on your channel and broke it down completely.

Your name wasn’t exactly a new one to me, for many reviewers had mentioned you in their channels. Most of them talked about your long videos and how you go in depth on products. After Rip Trippers mentioned you, I thought I’d come visit your channel and see what you were all about. From that point on, YOU Phil Busardo, had changed my life and successfully converted me to a full-time vaper.

I was both amazed and hooked on your videos. Your in-depth reviews, charts, graphs, and personal opinions have blown my mind. After watching several of your videos, I purchased my first ProVari and Kayfun Light Plus. Your reviews were so good and close to what I was seeking that you guided me to my way of vaping still to this day. I’m a 12mg MTL vaper and every product I have purchased that you gave a “thumbs up” on I have been completely satisfied with.

I now have quite the extensive collection, ranging from ProVari P3’s, Kayfun 4’s, Kayfun V3 Mini’s, Taifun GTII’s, DNA devices, RTA’s, RDA’s, etc. I love vaping and enjoy the wide range of coil builds I can do and juice flavors I can try. YOU introduced me to this and guided me down this road. You, Phil Busardo, have changed my life and I can’t thank you enough.

Now here comes the reason for this letter. Kayfun 5 is released and there I was to watch your review on it. When you mentioned the airflow issue, that took me aback. Like you, I prefer a tighter draw to give me a more defined throat hit. I really valued your information on that issue, as well as the “inexpensive resolution” they plan to release for it. That was really good to know before running out and buying that thing, right?

I was bored for a bit today and thought I’d watch the video you just uploaded on the Kanger Dripbox. The first ten minutes into that video, I was disgusted and totally angry at the vapers who said the things they did to you. I mean, really. They have a lot of nerve, considering there are people like myself who really rely on that information when making a purchase. Does that make ME a grumpy old guy that won’t “evolve” into their way of vaping? I sure hope not, for I’m only 36 years old!

I didn’t write this letter as a rant, though I have plenty I could rant about with some of these vapers. As you said (with respect, I might add): We are all vapers and as long as we’re not smoking – that’s what truly matters. I’m writing this letter to take any discouragement away from you that you may have. Times can get tough and you may hear things like you have from people, but don’t let stupid childish drama steer
you from your path. There is still always that one person like me out there that appreciates what you do and what your goal at hand is. It takes a lot of time to do what you do, in the detail that you do it. I know I appreciate it and I’m sure others feel the same as I do.

Thank you for all that you do, the barriers you overcome, the sacrifices you make, and the genuine love that you have for vaping. As I mentioned before, you changed my life forever and I will always be in debt to you for that. Your diligence does NOT go unnoticed and we all thank you for it.

With Compassion and Gratitude,
Don Arrendale

Thank you Don… a very sincere and appreciative THANK YOU!
Even Don’s response to my request to publish his letter was touching…

As for the permission to publish my letter? Of course you have my permission and you can use my name as well. Once again, I’m flattered that you would like to share it for others to see/hear. I guarantee you one thing, though: Someone else out there will agree with everything I said. I know it. I can’t be the only one who has been touched by you and the guidance you’ve given. If it wasn’t for you, so many of us would be lost and without direction. You are a true blessing to the vaping community, and we are so thankful that you are here for us.

Thank you so much!
-Don Arrendale

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From Dena

Started vaping in January.because of your videos,I finally got up the
confidence to build my first coil.validation! Thank you for what you do.really wish
I could meet you-and your cat!so fluffy!

From Kunal

Dear Mr. Busardo,

Thank you for your comprehensive, informative, entertaining and honest reviews. I
would also like to thank you for helping me quit cigarettes; you played an enormous
part in it. I am a 32 year old male who lives in Gold Coast, Australia, and in my
opinion vaping was, and still is, somewhat of an alien concept here. After 14 years
with my love and hate relationship with cigarettes, I finally decided I had enough
of this debilitating addition, not only for my own sake but also for my family’s
sake. As I could not receive any first-hand help with electronic cigarettes, I
resorted to the internet. My research took me several months and within that time I
discovered your Youtube channel. I found your videos to be educational and
enjoyable, but more importantly I thought you were honest. I found myself trusting
in your wisdom and took your advice by purchasing a Kanger Subox Mini Starter Kit.
In December 2015, just a few days before Christmas, I assembled my kit and had my
first vape. It was also the day I quit cigarettes. Thank you Phil from the bottom of
my heart. Please keep up the good work. You are a true asset to the community and it
is channels like yours where many look for guidance.

Kind regards,

From Dave

A good one for the Success Stories page, an even better one for the front page.

Thanks so much for this Dave and YOU TOO HUNTER! It really means a lot to me.
Just make sure Hunter is fully aware that the safest way to vape is not to vape at all… but don’t smoke either!!

Oh, and be careful here as well… The FDA may deem Hunter a tobacco product.  😉

This is why I quit my son Hunter was born July 13 2015. we were having trouble
getting pregnant (the lil swimmers didn’t move much) I quit smoking July 29th 2014
and about 7 months later found out we were pregnant I really think it was the
smoking that caused it. And you sir helped me threw quitting with your reviews and
fun videos. And now me and my son watch your reviews together. Thank you sir keep
up the amazing job your doing.


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From Brian

Hi Phil, it was February 2015 when I emailed you to thank you for getting me off the smokes. Gone from aspire k1 to Kayfun mini v3, 5, and the evl reaper! After your video a few months ago aimed at smokers, I managed to get my dad off the cigarettes after 55 years smoking. He’s 71 and now using the innokin t22 system.

Over the last year or so, I’ve watched many reviewers but none compare to you, truly no ego to feed unlike so many now. Your work continues to be the gold standard.

I left a comment yesterday after the molecule labs tour and I want to reaffirm that, I hope you have every success possible with your juice line and work with molecule labs. If your ever in Scotland, let me know so I can buy you dinner and a beer! Again, thank you for what you do for us, there will now be many thousands who you’ve helped improve the lives of. Look forward to much more content in the future.

Cheers Brian

From Adam

Dear Phil. I have to mention this story to you that happened to me today.

So me and my wife went to a new doctor today for physicals and blood work. (I’m 42 and wife is 39 in great health). So the doctor ask “do you smoke?” So I tell him I smoked for 26 year and quit 26 months ago. The doctor stops writing and says “well do you know what’s in that fluid and have you seen the study that shows high levels of Formaldehyde?” (At this point my wife see’s me ready to answer and cringes)

I happen to say “you mean the study showing 3.3 volts they found no formaldehyde, while at 5.0 volts they found formaldehyde levels up to 15 times higher than in tobacco cigarette smoke. So basically if you were to Vape the Ohm level at 5 volts it would be completely a burnt hit, dry and way out of the normal operating range of what you would call a good Vape. It’s unusable and inaccurate at best”

So my wife is giving me the look of “Shut the fuck up & quit it” behind the doctors back. So I then mention that my eliquid is from the same place (NamberJuice doughnut pounder) for over 2 years and that all of the devices I use or have purchased have instructions… but Phil Busardo videos have taught me of what the actual device does and or doesn’t do. I have learned more from Phil and his YouTube videos on exactly what I am doing. I watch about 2 hours a day on devices and read the latest regulations and opinions on every Vape device… So YES! I do know what I’m taking about.”

So the doctors said “well what voltage does that device do?” I show him my DNA200 and Fire it showing the voltage and ohms to illustrate the 5 volt (above study he referenced) and his response was “Well…. Maybe I haven’t seen the update with that study and should look into it. Yeah it does seem that you have plenty of knowledge on the subject”.

He did say that he needs to know more about it and should “get up to date with those studies”. It was a great day for me and finally I feel that I made a difference. Primarily from watching your in depth reviews of all devices. Not only have I learned about devices but actually learned about ohms/voltage and batteries.

Thank you Phil… Thank you for all you do for us and others. I hopefully will some day be able to shake your hand and tell you personally how well you have help improve my life with the nerdy knowledge some of us crave with devices. You’ll never know how many people you have taught a thing or two about products that have changed our lives. Now let’s just hope the FDA gets their head out of there ass and out of bed with big tobacco or big pharma.


From Carl

About eight years ago I when in the hospital emergency room with chest pain. After three days the doctors told me I heart swelled up because of the bad state my lungs were in. Time to quit smoking they said. Much easier said than done. As a teen in the 60s, smoking was something a lot of us did and there was not much concern about health. Over the years I tried Pipe smoking and amassed a large collection of fine pipes. Cigars and smokeless tobacco were also on my user list. Now I had no choice but to quit. I never lit another cig after leaving the hospital the doctors told me that I had to stop. I tried to use a few pipes and cigars without inhaling just to get by but that was too hard on my lungs and heart. just the second hand smoke, I could not be around. Patches and gum helped, but did not work too good for me. so I started to use smokeless tobacco more. That soon came to an end for me after my kidneys began to hurt most of the day. I had been swallowing a lot of the tobacco juice and it was not good and I knew I had to stop.
when I found out about vaping there was not much on the market. I use the cig type ones with carts they worked some, but the real help came when I got my first joystick and the early drip type devices. Now I have many mods and Attys. Vaping gear took the place of collecting pipes and cigar humidors etc. And I enjoy it very much as millions of others.
But the most important thing I would like to say to whoever invented vaping and Vapors like yourself Phil who have done so much to help us is: “Thank you for saving my life” or at the least, adding a few years more to enjoy my children and grand children. Last set of lung x rays and scans of my heart and arteries a few months ago gave me a clean bill of health. My lungs are clear now a bit of old scarring and arteries have no built up. I hope the FDA hears us and will not sentence me and others to death by tobacco.. Walk in my shoes for 65 plus years and you will understand the difference between tobacco products and Vaping.


From Kieran

Hi Phil,
I know you are getting a ton of messages now, but hang in there. You are doing more
for public health than our own (cash influenced) government. As a 3 year vaper, I
should get a chest x-ray and send it to the FDA. After smoking for 23 years and
switching I’ve never felt better. On another note, there was NO mention of
electronic devices meant to be used with leaf tobacco or the green stuff. I spent
the better part of my weekend reading the deeming regs and found nothing. They are
not on our side. More sick smokers means more tobacco money. More hospital revenue.
More big pharma profit. Until Phillip Morris or GSK come out with their version of
the life saving vape device we will floundering in some pretty dark times. Thanks
again for being there for all of us. Love you man! (not gay)

Love you back man! (not gay either 🙂 )

From Nick

I just wanted to shoot you an email, and let you know how much your advice is appreciated. As you well know that we have been in contact over the past months in regards to product and opinions. I was new to vaping as of Aug,1 2015 and being your heavy smoker ( 2 -3 packs a day). Yeah your probably thinking holy shit. I started out with an Iclear 16 with an ego style battery. I was not sure how it should taste or how to even fill the tank since the retailer never showed me no “education” was given. I flooded the thing first time I filled it and had to go to the store and ask what the hell is wrong with it (Vape Dumb). So after a few months of being in this “Vaping World” I thought their so much product I am noticing everywhere how can I get advice on vaping, because I have no one that vapes around my inner circle to help me plus I am not doing the trial by error money pit. Then I thought well I’ll web search it and their I ran into a video of you yes you the “Legend, Educator, Mouthpiece, Proposer,Counsel” of the “VapeWorld”. I have taken your advice and because of you I am still smoke free to this day. I am very pleased with the device I use vapor and taste is amazing for me. I probably will never buy another device ever unless the one I have craps out,but I hope not. Now my goal is to start lowering my Nicotine level I started at 12mg now at 9mg. All this takes time I know 20 years of power puffing the sticks I can be patient. I think you have guided me in the right direction and I can only be grateful I ran into your video and have been in contact with such a great caring person. I appreciate all you do and do for others a true saint in my eyes.
Thank you again

From Michael

Hi, first let me thank you for all the time and effort you put into your videos to help us vapers make better choices with our purchases. I have been watching your videos for over 4 years now starting with when you posted the boge vs smok carto video. It was that video that convinced me there was a better way of vaping then what I was doing before then. It couldn’t have come at a better time. I was at the point of giving up vaping due to the hassle which led me to search the internet for better alternatives. One of the big thanks I felt the need to send your way is for the fact you are one of the last if the not the last reviewer who still has a vape style similar to mine. Unfortunately the only other go to guy who has also been doing videos for what seems like forever has lost interest and has completely given up on being thorough in the slightest. For your continued effort I am extremely grateful.

The thanks that actually led to me sending this email has to do with the Hurricane. Since my first kayfun which was an incredibly expensive kayfun 3 ES I have been a kayfun vaper. Up until everything turned to lung hit style vaping I purchased far to many tanks and drippers just because they are new only to go right back to a kayfun. Knowing your style of vaping and seeing you show the same enthusiasm for the Hurricane as you did for the tiafun which I still enjoy I finally decided to spend the money and purchase the Hurricane and couldn’t be happier. Up until now the only real enjoyable vapes I have with temp control has been with nickel in a kayfun 3.1 or Ti in a 3.1 or dripper with a wismec rx 200 since Ti doesn’t seem to function well with my DNA 200 devices. That is until the Hurricane. It has been flawless and has given me a new appreciation for Ti and temp control. It is really nice to finally be able to carry a small dna with me and not the giant RX 200 if I am using Ti. I am a mouth to lunger who likes things simple and this tank is as good as it gets in both regards and is no slouch in flavor either. Anyways this is a long embarrassing ramble at this point and just want to say thank you for everything.

From Bob

Did you feel that Phil? That was a big pat on the back from me ‘cos it’s
now over two years since my vapebirthday. Never felt better and all down to you.
Still loving the videos – I watch them even if I’m not interested in what you’re
reviewing ‘cos they’re so professionally produced and entertaining to boot (
especially the cranky rants which I generally agree wholeheartedly with).
Wishing you all the best from the UK – keep those reviews coming

From Shani

Thank you for your page. Ive been vaping for about 2 months now and I
really didn’t understand much of what I am doing until I found your website. My
husband has tried to explain it, the guys at the vape shop have tried to explain it
until they were really just making fun of me….I was starting to look for one of
those books “Vaping for Dummies” but I found your website instead and it made it all
make sense.

From Ville

As a semi-long time smoker, last weekend was my first bar-hopping weekend without my trusty e-cig in my pocket. Times when I were drunk, were the hardest to be without vaping/smoking.

I progressively dropped my nic-levels from 12mg to 0mg finally. Three months on 0mg and now im practically smoke/vape -free.

Just thought I’d share my gratitude with you, who is responsible for about 35% of what happened here 🙂

Keep up your excellent and informative work. World needs more ppl like you…


From David

Hey Phil, I wanted to email you for several reasons, the most important of
which is to say thank you. I started vaping with Eluma cigs and went back to smoking
because they sucked something awful. I tried several other products, ego style pens
and such, but I did not stick with it until I got my Evic tube mod, after watching
your review. I went through several tanks on that mod ending with a nautilus which I
loved. I have since moved on to sub ohm tanks and direct lung style vaping, but
thanks to your reviews and your advice I have stuck with it for quite some time now.

I also wanted to let you know that I now work in my local vape shop as a manager,
and I share your views on this industries importance, and it’s need to grow up a
little bit. The shop I work at, S.I. Vapors in Bradley Illinois is not the only one
in town, but the others sell tobacco and “glass herbal” wares as well, we only sell
vape gear. I constantly hear stories of people who have been ridiculed or belittled
for what they were vaping or what they were looking to purchase in those stores. The
problem we have is that the other shops in town seem to draw that younger, more
abrasive “cool” demographic which forces us to carry some juices I would rather we
not just so we can stay competitive. The main reason this bothers me is that I took
the job not for the money but because I get to help people quit smoking. We have
customers still using ego pens or vision spinners with little Iclear 16 tanks on
them, and I like you could not care less what they vape, I only care that they vape,
and not smoke. I get to come home from work and sleep a little bit easier because I
feel good about what I do. I have customers from 18 to 80+ and I am not fudging that
number at all. The frustration comes from the fact that “cool” kid shops constantly
seem to out do us, from them always seeming to be busier than us or them always
undercutting our prices because of massive mark ups on their other merchandise. I
just wish more people would open their eyes and see what our industry even being
near cigarettes and “herbal” products does. It harms us immeasurably and they don’t
see it. I wish we could open their eyes. All I can do is give good service to every
customer, continue helping people quit smoking, and stay up on advocacy issues. I am
glad that there are guys like you out there who are trying to get the message
across. Please just know that there a lot of us out here who watch your videos, who
love your videos, and who appreciate what you do more than we can ever express. I
hope some day to get to meet you so I can shake your hand and thank you face to


From Thomas

Although Tom specifically said he didn’t want a plug, sorry Tom, you’re getting one anyway.

Thanks so much for this, doing things right, and for thinking about the smokers!  It brightened my day!

Just always remember to have something for everyone, no matter how they vape!!

Talking about impacts, directions, and impressions in your video today.

I’ve written a few times just another among thousands, however after today’s video and your Facebook posts I thought I’d just remind you how you impact others in ways maybe you don’t think of:

March 7th… This happened…


Myself and my much smarter wife, opened a shop to help others find vaping.

You might recognize our starter kits…


Your review is why they are here.

You’ll notice thirty six MTL testers (60/40) and only 15 sub ohm testers.

Some of your comments about accessibility for the MTL crowd are the reason for that.

It might be my shop, but a lot of our business decisions on stock, presentation, and some of our chosen standards (including the shop name) are directly attributable to things I heard and saw on your broadcasts.

You had a part to play in this, and no; no royalties for you 😉 we didn’t call it Phil’s place.

Warmest regards,

Thomas Kirsop, CEO
Alternatives & Options – Vapourizers and E-Liquids Ltd. (Alberta)
9510 100th St. Morinville, AB
P.O. Box 3062, T9R 1R9
(780) 939-0141

This email was royalty enough Tom, thank you and best of luck to you and your (much smarter) wife!  🙂

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From Brandon

Hey Phil I just wanted to thank you for everything you do for vaping man.
You’ve influenced every purchase I’ve ever made since I started vaping a year ago
and more importantly, you’ve taught us about advocacy and fighting for our right to
vape. Last week I had a long talk with a house of delegates guy from my state and I
had a long talk and showed him my vape and explained that they were trying to call
it a tobacco product and really think I got through to him. I never would have spent
the time talking to him if it weren’t for your videos. From the bottom of my heart
dude, thanks a ton. You’re a real one Phil.

From Tony

Hi Phil my name is Tony from London and really just big thanks for the effort you put into the reviews you do as there honest, hard and not bias. I really enjoy these videos and have shown a few people them and it’s really great that someone cares about the products which are released. I was a heavy smoker and have not smoked for 5 months now. I am also passionate about vaping and love the whole experience that I’ve encountered so far. I have managed to convert 5 more smokers (friends) into vapors within the last 2 months( hopefully it will last for them). But thank you again these videos are great. All the best Tony Bradshaw

From Jason

I’m sure you get this all the time but I just wanted to say thank you! I’ve
been off the stinkies for three years. I really enjoy watching your videos and I
value your opinion. Thank you!

From Drew

Not to sound “stalkerish” but if I ever meet you in person at a vape meet I would love nothing more than to shake your hand and thank you in person for what you have done for me. I might only be 21 but I was smoking at 14 and the day I turned 18 I picked up my first vape and haven’t looked back. Since then I have relied on your reviews and tutorials so much not only for me personally but for work as well. I work at a vape shop in Hopewell New York and you have taught me how to use so many devices or how to fix simple issues so I can help the customers that come in. Thank you so much Phil!

From Jos

just want to say thanks for all the reviews they are always fun to watch and
helped me so much with choosing the products that i use.
now on my second year without touching a “normal”cigarette and its awesome i am now
using my brand new cuboid with a billow v2 i can only say i never ever go back to a
cigarette it will never give me that pleasure.
again thkxx and keep up your good work .
many greetings from Rotterdam Holland

From Nick

Pete PBusardo,
Hey man just wanted to let you know that I recently seen one of your videos on you
tube. I was looking for feed back on a vape device and there you where. I am in a
position that at 36 years old my health is not the greatest ( 4 surgeries) since Oct
2015 and my wife is the sole provider at this point. To make a long story short we
quit smoking for going on 8 months now and we have only used the ego style vape pens
since. I wanted to upgrade so my choice of shopping is Craigslist do to my financial
situation. I have been looking at a few used ones and wasn’t sure of the quality so
I ran into your video and been a fan ever since. AS luck would have it I have no
money and wanted this so I had to sell some hunting stuff (I also wanted to buy a
exercise bike for my wife). I a few things and got some money and a eVic VTC mini
kit was just listed. This unit was 2 days old and used for about an hour. The guy
that was selling it fairly cheap. I wanted to see your review on it. You gave it a
good review and I feel that you can be trusted so I purchased. I have to tell you I
bought unit with seller having receipt of purchase that he paid $120 for kit,
battery and juice sold it to me for $25. I charged it used it all day here and got
to tell you its perfect for me even though not sure if I am crazy about the ego ONE
tank. I wanted to thank you for your reviews,because a lot of us are dumb,
misinformed, or just not knowledgeable enough about it. And for this unhealthy poor
bastard you put a smile on my face(much needed)
Thankyou Nick

From Matt

Just want to say a huge thank you for your help. I’m am one of your UK followers
And I’ve been smoke free for 10 weeks now.
It began by stumbling across one of your review videos on YouTube. Now, 10 weeks on
any after watching many of your videos, I have finally kicked the habit.
I settled for a cool fire IV plus , and have my handy nautilus tank , isub A & G,
and kanger mini in my Arsenal. Not quite ventured into re building just yet, I’m
still using stock coils. Love MTL as it gives me that satisfied feeling, although a
good direct lung once in a while for some really good flavour goes down a treat.
Thanks for your reviews and I suppose your support (although indirectly). You really
have helped me. Can’t wait for the next video. Keep up the great work.

From Jesper

I just have to thank you for all you wisdom. I have been snuff and cig fre
now for 4 weeks and love to watch you channel. Like you I love mouth to lung. Have a
Innokin T18 and T22 but now looking for the next mod. Thank you again for a super nice channel.
Best regards

From Denis


Today is a very important day for me: it’s been a year now since I quit smoking,
thank to you. After 40 years of smoking tobacco cigarette, I watched your videos in
February 2015 and bought my first device, March 24, 2015. I never smoked a cigarette
since then.

It was so a revelation to me that I decided to share my findings with other people:

Thanks to you, I have converted four people: my sister, 58 years old (8 months
vaping after 40 years of smoking), my nephew, 25 year old (9 months vaping), my
sister-in-law, 48 years old (8 months vaping after 30 years of smoking) and my
brother-in-law, 50 years old (8 months of vaping after 35 years of smoking).

Thanks to you, I am convinced that I have increase my chances to live longer.

Thanks to you, I will be able to see growing up my two grandchildren longer (3 1/2
years old little girls and 1 year old little boy).

Thanks to you, my grandchildren will have the chance to see their grandfather longer
that I had with my grand parents.

Thanks to you, I will be able to have good times with my son and daughter longer.

Thanks to you, I will be able to love my wife longer.

I am so happy today that I wanted to share it with you. My greatest wish for the
future is to meet you in person to express my happiness. I am still a big fan of

Phil Busardo, thanks to you.

Your friend forever,


Denis, THANK YOU! But THANKS SO YOU! It was you who had the strength to get off the cigarettes. Thanks to YOU your friends and family are off the cigarettes. Give yourself all the credit! Never take that away from yourself. Maybe I just helped a little!

From Daniel

I wanted to drop you a note about the DNA 200 video series. First
wow…jesus man…nearly 4 and half hours worth of video I am truly impressed by
your dedication to the science of vaping, and yes I did watch all of it…painful at
times but immensely informative. Brings me to my second point, been on the fence for
awhile about getting a dna200 device namely because of how advanced, detailed, and
complicated it is. After watching your videos, I realize how clunky my cuboid is,
and that I shouldn’t be afraid of a DNA200 mod. As soon as I get the money together
I will be getting one (prob wiztech Reuleaux) namely due to your series. It is
beyond obvious the time you spent behind the camera preparing for the series, and I
know you probably do not get many positive comments back. So, I will say man keep up
the quality it is so refreshing to see a review step away from subjective
information and into objective quantitative information. Take care and enjoy a vape
well earned.


From Rodolfo

Hi Phil – I hope all is well with you. I want to thank you for everything you have done, endured, and taught over the last 4 years that I’ve known you (electronically, that is). In 2 weeks, it’ll be 4 years being smoke free, after a 16 year, 30 a day habit. I had tried to quit several times – and like many – failed. I enjoyed smoking and my tobacco habit covered everything from cigarettes, to roll-your-own, to pipes and cigars. Patches and gum never worked for me. I thought, at the time, that I was going to die smoking, and had resigned to that fact.

I had heard about electronic cigarettes and when I started doing some research, I stumbled across one of your reviews. Based on your openness, straightforward, manner. I decided to give it a try. I was skeptical at first, but kept at it, finding something that worked for me. Two weeks later, I had “accidentally” quit. Not quite trying hard (like I had to with patches or gum), simply by being. There’s nothing that I can write that can express the gratitude I have for someone like you.

Your videos, your continued support to the community, and all that you do for us is something that I greatly appreciate. You, along with Dimitris, inspired me to open a shop in Costa Rica, where, indirectly, both of you have helped over a 1,000 people to switch.

If there’s anything we can ever do for you, please let us know, even if it’s just being your hosts here in Costa Rica.



From Bill

How are doing this fine day Phil. Just wanted you to know if it wasn’t for
your you tube channel I would still be smoking those stinky sticks. I love your
reviews and I just got some vape mail from fasttech yesterday and it was the freemax
Starre tank that was part of your review on sub ohm tanks and all I can say this is
the best tank I have, and I have many, and I love it. The flavour of my juice has
never tasted better and I love the cloud production. Keep up the good work that you
and so many others do to help people get off the stinky sticks. You have a fan of
yours for life. vape on my brother.

From Mark

Dear Phil (Mr. Busardo!)
I don’t tend to do these kind of emails / contacts but wanted to give you a quick
note of genuine and heartfelt appreciation for what you do and to let you know just
how much you have helped me in my vaping journey over the last 12 months.

I struggled for a long time to move away from tobacco cigarettes and whilst I
dabbled in starter level vape kits I never found “the one” device that allowed me,
or got me to, quit them completely. Through your videos I have discovered tanks and
devices that all of a sudden gave me a completely satisfying flavour, for it’s this
that matters to me, and completely satisfying experience out of my vaping that was
enough to flip that switch in my mind to let go once and for all from cigarettes.
The first of those tanks being the Kayfun 4 which is still my go-to tank through the
day. Of course, as you will know only too well, once that switch flips you seek to
broaden that satisfaction to suit different moods and I’ve expanded that experience
to include a Marquis RDA, a Kayfun Mini v3 (just because!) and now a Hurricane to
try out temp control (that works!!). Each of these purchases has been down to your
thorough and highly entertaining reviews which are always enjoyed whether it’s a
device or tank for me or not, but then that’s the beauty of this industry now, there
really is something for everyone. What I can say, 100%, is that 1. I will not go
back to cigarettes, and 2. My bank balance has suffered from your efforts! 😉

So once again thank you, and please keep doing what you are doing because I am a
true example of someone you have taken away from the dark side and into the foggy

Kind regards to you and your family.
Mark – UK.

From Bas

Hello Phil,

I started smoking at the age of 13 in highschool because it was ‘cool’ and ofcourse before i knew it i was hooked.
Fast forward 16 years, i am now 29 and i’ve developped a nice smoker-cough and my health is getting worse and worse, I tried quitting a couple of times but failed, so be it back to at least a pack a day.
Then, this one day, at a birthday party, a friend who had been smoking forever introduces me to vaping and i give it a try on her evod and i was stunned, this could actually work!

A day or two passed and the little evod puff stayed in my mind as i was coughing my lungs up so one night i searched youtube for evod and found a lot of videos about it (this is where i found Pbusardo), i watched a couple and came to the conclusion that if all these people managed to quit smoking using products like this, i can do it too!

A couple of days later my friend took me to the local vape shop and after trying some products i got my very own evod starter kit and some liquids. It was on their doorstep on february 27th 2014 at 11 in the morning that i put out my last cigarette.

And so, as i am celebrating my 2nd vapeversary today i just wanted to send you a ‘little’ thank you note for the amazing work you’re doing in the vaping world. If it weren’t for you i’d probably still be puffing away on the little evod kit i kicked the cigarettes with. Nowadays i enjoy rebuilding and even making my own juice has become a part of the hobby.

I still prefer a nice relaxing MTL vape however i do also enjoy a clouding session on a subtank every once in a while. I’ve ordered the new Kayfun mini v3 as a little gift to myself for my vapeversary and i just heard they are going to have expansion tanks available to increase it to a 3.6 or 4.2ml capacity, yay!!

I was just watching a random youtube video of someone receiving the silver play button for 100.000 subscribers and it made me wonder if you ever received this token of appreciation, i couldn’t recall ever seeing it in your videos. In my opion you deserve it like no other! Your in-depth reviews and tests of every thinkable parameter (yes i remember the cartotank pull force tester) are just an amazing guideline in buying new vape gear. Also I really enjoyed the ‘How It’s Made’ series from China and last but certainly not least the LegalVape 4000 (TC).

Thanks again and please keep doing what you’re doing and fight for your right to vape!

Over here in Europe it seems it’s too late with the TPD being introduced in may this year, in fact here in The Netherlands there are regulations since february 2015 that ban tanks over 2ml and juice bottles over 10ml (and 20mg nic), they were introduced in preparation for the TPD through the so called ‘Temporary E-Cigarette (Commodities Act) Decree’, you can read more about it here:https://www.government.nl/topics/smoking/contents/regulation-of-e-cigarettes should you have the time or interest for it.

Despite all of that negative bullsh*t i’m quite convinced vaping is here to stay and that all of us will #keepitgoing 😋 .
Over the past 2 years i’ve invited several family members and friends along on the vaping journey and i’m happy to report that all of us haven’t touched a single cigarette since our first vape.

Greetings from across the pond, sorry for the wall of text in dodgy English

Bas from The Netherlands

From Russ

Mr. Busardo-
Just wanted to write a few words to say how much I enjoyed today’s review video, it
really hit home with me. My wife and I are hitting 3 years smoke free this month,
after 35+ years of smoking for me, and 40 for her While we are probably not your
typical vapors, she still likes to use Kangor T3s on an ego style stick, and I’ve
been using a Kayfun lite v2 for the past couple of years. I rarely drip anymore, and
never did away from the house. Your video today really hit home with the mouth to
lung vs lung hitters. I believe another thing that would help advocacy is for people
to be more aware of their surroundings. Big clouds are a turnoff for people who
don’t know and don’t understand the benefits over smoking. I turned around and left
a vape shop recently when I opened the door and couldn’t even see the counter.
Probably not converting too many smokers there I would guess. I have seen a
promising trend recently with you reviewers getting back to some of the starter type
mods and kits to get more people off the cigs. A welcome change from a seemingly
endless period of sub tanks and 200 watt mods. Sorry for the long rant, keep up the
great work.

Thx, Russ

From Nick

Hi, I just wanted to thank you for your review of the endura kit. I have
been vaping for close to a year now, and had been trying to find a set up for my
dad, who had been a heavy smoker for over 30 years. He didn’t want to try any
devices I showed him because of how complicated they seemed. After watching your
review on the endura I decided to buy it for him as an xmas gift. It has worked
amazingly well for him. He hasn’t had a cigarette since January 15th, and he has no
interest in going back. Thanks again


From Rob

Hi Phil, I just wanted to drop a line to you. I’ve been cigarette free for 2 years today. I was introduced to vaping by a friend in Toronto (Darryl) who had come to Halifax on business. I tried using his kayfun lite and I was thrilled and thought that this was something that could get me off the stupid cigarettes that I’d been smoking for 33 years (ugh). I found a vape shop a couple hours away and went for a road trip the following weekend. Picked up a istick and a couple protank minis. Talked to Darryl and he told me of your and a couple other reviewers youtube channels and a couple of reputable Canadian websites. I watch hours of videos, ordered a kayfun lite and the adventure in coiling and wicking began, experimented with drippers and clapton wires etc but I’m still a mouth to lunger at heart.

I’ve watched every video that you have put on youtube since then. Recently you posted the one for the Kayfun Mini V3, I liked the video so much that I went and got one from Dash Vapes in Canada. It arrived this morning with the mini volt, built it just like you did in the video and its awesome (photo attached)!

The point I want to make is that what you do is important and appreciated, never forget it!

Thank you and keep the reviews coming!!

From Konstantinos

Hello Phil,

My name is Konstantinos and I live in Greece.And I smoked. Since I was 13 I did, as
an occasional “trying to look cool” “early thug life” type of smoker, and I did
until January 21st 2013. When a close friend of mine tried to quit cigarettes again
by vaping (2nd attempt) by purchasing an eGo type and I decided to give it a go. I
bought a pack of cigalikes, no button, just inhale and vape, tried a lot of juices
until I was happy with a sweet type of tobacco from a Greek company (Nobacco, in
parentheses if you don’t want to advertise). I decided to vape for financial issues
at first, with health being just secondary. I was a pack a day smoker, smoking heavy
25/pack cigarettes a day and I was getting laryngitis or bronchitis every 3 months
or so, like an early warning sign. I said to myself, you spent 40 euros,got no job,
now you are stuck with it, vape it. You are not going to smoke again.

So I vaped. And then I started looking online for tips when I had trouble with my
atomizer, mostly Greek forums. Then YouTube. And I found a guy named riptrippers,
who was making his own coils on some super overpriced metal tubes, called mechanical
mods for some reason I still don’t get. And then I found a guy called Phil. Phil
wasn’t a teenager, he was mature. Phil made these reviews in an entertaining way
that appealed to me, made me look more into it.

Because let’s get it straight, cigalikes sucked. And cigarettes were on my mind a
lot. I watched the review on the istick 20 and was like , that’s me. Who cares what
this guy says about pulse width modulation and voltage being higher than the screen
shows. I like it. And I found it in Greece, rebranded from the previously mentioned
Greek company, hugely overpriced, but I bought it anyway. And I loved it.

Long story short, it was a one way street for a gadget loving guy like myself, to
get RDAs, build my own coils, temp control/limiting devices, that I still use in
kanthal, because I don’t know why, maybe I don’t like titanium, nickel and SS that
much. I got some mech mod clones (not enough money for any authentic), chased those
clouds, was that 1 guy in Greece that people glared at in the street trying to be a
truck exhaust. But I liked it, didn’t care (provided I didn’t annoy other people
around me). As long as it kept me off cigarettes. Finally I managed to save up
money, after I finally got a job in this crisis ridden country (that’s going from
bad to worse) and got my very own Kayfun v4 that I cherish. And switched from lung
to mouth to lung.

This is not a fan email or some similar crap. It’s appreciation letter to you and
the work, the real WORK you do. I have learned so much about the hobby (because mods
and vaping ended up as a hobby for me),that I passed to others, friends and
colleagues in the bank that I work. I have managed to help (because I don’t like the
word convert, it’s too much of a cult/religious reference) 7 people to switch to
vaping. And I only hear thanks. And this “thanks ” should be addressed to you, who
managed to research so much and convince me, help me and inform me to stay on
e-cigarettes for more than 2 years now.

So thank you Phil, for all your work, dedication and questionable love for Greeks
and excuse my language errors and syntax.


From Javi

Hi Phil!
I don’t know if you are going to read this messagebut i really hope so.

First of all let me apologize for my English. As you’ll notice is not my first

I just wanna thank you. Not only for being inspiring when it comes to quit smoking
but for the amount of hours of entertainment.

I’m gonna tell you my story. I’m 26 years old. Ive been smoking since I was 15. 2
months ago i discovered the e-cig world and i decided to give it a try. Started with
an ego CE5 and it didn’t work at all. I didnt give up and I tried to step up and i
got an ijust2. Im actually 15 days smoke free.

Little bit than a month ago i was diagnosed with a pretty bad disease. Something
that i will carry my whole life. It has nothing to do with tobacco. I have no job,
things are pretty f***** up here in Spain and even worse in my situation. Even
though id like to try mods and atomizers i can barely handle the e-liquids. I know
that you have plenty of contests but Im not lucky at all 🙂

Well, just thank you! You don’t know how much your channel means to me. A lot of
hours of entertainment and very very interesting content. Keep up with the good job
and those long videos. I love to play one of your videos and fall asleep at night.
If one you have one spare mod or something more advanced than an ijust 2 and you
dont know what to do with it Im here 🙂

Best wishes and long life to mouth to lungers!

From Jeremy

Mr. Busardo,
Just want to say thank you for all the information and reviews you have done. I
started vaping a few years ago and was just overwhelmed with all the devices and
such on the market. I ended up using mechanical mods with rebuildable kayfun style
tanks so my cost was low. Did not like buying pre-made coils. I tried an early
variable voltage device and was not impressed.
When Kanger came out with the subtank I liked the design and easy build. So after
seeing your review of the top box mini i purchased one from my local B&M shop. well
i will have to say the temp control scared me at first and used it for the first
week in wattage control and enjoyed it. Now i have been able to dial in the temp.
control and airflow to get very nice lung to mouth draws. Compared to other devices
you have reviewed it is low tech but works very well for me.

smoked for 20+ years

From Doug

     Now, I would like to encourage you in what you are doing. Instead of going back to smoking 2 years ago (for a myriad of reasons that I wont bore you with), I got into vaping because I stumbled across one your videos and ended up watching a ton of them. You dispelled all the magic which made me feel that, “Hey, I think I can wrap a coil.” today I vape a 3 nic sometimes and a 0 nic sometimes down from a 12 nic which I started with. So thank you again Phil!

I watch your videos all the time because:

  1. You really make the experienced and newbie vapor alike feel comfortable and welcome.
  2. You are sincere. That makes all the difference my friend.
  3. You’re just a very likable guy and your entertaining. We share a similar sense of humor and for that I feel bad for you. :0)



From Brian

Phil, I saw your post on Facebook today from one of your followers,
pertaining to his journey away from cigarettes. And I realized that I have never
written you to tell you how much you have done for my entire family.

My girlfriend decided to start vaping in March 2015, in an attempt to break away
from cigarettes, and I figured “why not, I’ll try it too”. Starter kits. Discount
bin juice. BUT, after balancing vaping and smoking for a few weeks, I was able to
toss the last few of my smokes, and have not had one since April 13th 2015. Your
reviews helped me (us) SO MUCH, i chose upgrades carefully, and stepped up to 20w,
50w, temp control, and now 100+ watts, all with confidence. Thanks to you I was
capable of making informed and smart decisions when it came to buying new vape

Shortly after I upgraded to the obligatory 20w iStick/nautilus combo, my son and
fiance (new parents), decided to try vaping. while she has gone back to
cigarettes, my son has learned from your reviews, and made educated choices as

Now his 2 year old daughter will be able to grow up, with (hopefully) no memory
of seeing her daddy or grandpa smoke. And we owe a good portion of credit for
this, to you.

For years I have tried and failed to quit smoking over and over. Vaping is the
only thing that has allowed my to walk CALMLY away from my tobacco crutches. After
27 years of smoking, I am now smoke free.

Thank you Phil. Thank you for all of the work and detail that you put into your
reviews. Thank you for putting them on youtube. Don’t stop doing what you do.

From Paul

Hello Mr. PBusardo.
My name is Paul, I’m 42 years old, and smoked cigarettes from the time I was 19 to
the time I was 40. Quit cold-turkey successfully, but the urge for “something” has
always been there even after two full years. A good friend gave me an Evod starter
for xmas to maybe help fill the void cigarettes left. It’s now a few weeks later,
and I’m already on the stereotypical first upgrade 20w istick/Nautilus mini combo..
Even using 0nic high VG juice is enough to satisfy the “habit” I was missing all
this time.
The reason for this email is simply just to give a hearty thank you for doing what
you do. No other resource on the internet I’ve found has been as informative as your
website and youtube channel, specially for someone new to all this and trying to
learn it all at a steady pace. Your reviews are both informative and educational,
but more importantly convey a high level of knowledge in a very easy to understand
manner. I will not be making any future purchase decisions without first researching
your video review archive first! Keep up the great work and happy vaping!

From Jack

Hi Phil,

Just want to write a little bit about my personal project over the last
few weeks.

Started vaping at the time of the release of iJust2, and over a short
period bought like 80 small bottles of 4mg nic. Went on to Crown.
Changed and charged batteries all the time.

Fascinated by Europe and older video’s on YouTube where people say they
use less that 2ml a day and a tiny eGo battery last them over a day, I
went on to trying to achieve this for myself with GG Tilemahos v2+.

After an adjustment period, I can now finally say that I use 2ml a day
too, and I have never felt better. I wash the car for the fun of it,
scrub floors for a bit of exercise, sleep much better, do not get
nic-sic and so on.

Requires 30mg+ nic in the juice for me, and I have no doubt that doing
2ml of 30mg juice is far superior to 20ml of 3mg juice, health wise.
The worst pushers for clouds are juice sellers naturally, with support
from videos on YouTube, cloud competitions in vape shops and so forth.

Marlboro Light is one of the most nicotine rich cigarettes on the
market. It is possible to extract over 13mg Nicotine from one single
cigarette. Studying cigarettes vs e-liquid is my next project.

Thank you for your latest article on your website. They bring even more
emotional stress release for me.

One tiny bit more.

I feel the only law we need is an airflow restriction for atomizers. Say
something equivalent to 1.5mm round hole. Most vapers would not even
notice this law, but the police would be allowed to confiscate the rig
used by irresponsible cloud chasers in public. It is still more airy
than a cigarette, so no vapers could use this as an excuse to start
cigarettes again.

Without the cloud, the public would not even know what we were
With small cloud people would be fascinated by what we do, and think of
us as smart people.
With big cloud they hate us for disturbing peace, and for polluting the
air they have to breath in.

By the way, I really believe your juice line will be a huge success! I
am so very happy and excited for you.

With deep respect for what you do, and my very best regards,

From Mike

I typed up this long message to you on twitter but it would not
send it to you due to the size so I decided to just email you. I really
enjoyed your thoughts/hopes on 2016 that you posted. Us veteran vapers
really need to think more about where we came from and what we can do to
help others quit cigarettes and other tobacco products. I have been
lucky enough to convert several of my closest friends and wife to
vaping. Even though I have gotten several people to make the switch
your blog really made me reflect and understand I can do more. I have
used vaping to quit smoking 3 times now. The first time like you I just
used a simple gas station cigalike and then ended up getting a better
setup from smokeless image and that did the trick. Then I was out
drinking and drunk me decided a smoke sounded wonderful and 1 was all it
took and then next thing you know I was back at it again. The second
time Variable Voltage was just coming into vogue and I brought a VAMO
and it was much easier and quit. I knew what I was doing and the second
time was easy. Again drunk me decided to smoke again and its history
for me once I get nicotine back in my system and boom I am back to
smoking. Now since variable wattage and voltage was around the second
time I quit I knew all about Ohm’s law and resistance this third time.
I guess the point to this rambling of my story is this. I have watched
this industry come from nothing where people were amazed that your ecig
had a cool light on the end to where we are today. If I did not have
this knowledge and understanding of history I would be overwhelmed
walking into it right now. How we were able to quit using the basic
devices we had years ago shows just how serious we were about saving our
lives and quitting smoking. I am amazed at the current level of
equipment we have now but its really a double edged sword. Yea its
awesome for us that know what we are doing but a nightmare for the new
users. I am going to make a promise to you. I am going to do
everything in my power to help any smoker or tobacco user who is
interested in quitting. I am going to make myself and my knowledge
available to anyone who asks for it. I am going to commit to start
advocating for this industry in any way I can.

I just want you to know you mean a lot to a lot of people. For years
you have given countless hours of your time to us. I just want you to
know that I support you and understand exactly what you are hoping for.
Last I want you to know I personally pledge to try to do my part. Have
a wonderful 2016.

From Craig

Dear Phil,
Next week it will be 1 year since I quit smoking. I started at age 17 & am 40
now(23 years!). Two years prior to quitting, I had tried Blu e-cigs on & off
after my best friend came to my birthday party with one. They weren’t working
though, and I continued to smoke as many others have(my buddy having the same
problem as well). Then, during the first weekend of Jan. 2015, I watched my first
video of you doing reviews on YouTube. So, I went to the local vape shop &
purchased a Manger Emow kit, as well as some house brand 18mg e-liquid. Within 2
days, I wasn’t smoking anymore. I continued watching your videos, ditched the
Emow tank for a Mini Nautilus & never looked back. Your reviews are the best out
there & if not for you & my friend, I’d still be a smoker. Currently, I enjoy
sub-ohmming, but that wouldn’t have worked to get off those stinky sticks! You’re
right about that in your thoughts for 2016. It’s entirely too much vapor. I
know, I bought one for my brother-in-law & he’s been unsuccessful. Even my wife
quit smoking; that Aspire tank & a battery had disappeared! So, I can’t thank you
enough for how you’ve changed my health for the better. Hopefully, these
politicians who are supposed to be “our” voice will keep their hands off my vape
stuff & the local shop that’s been so helpful & friendly, will be able to keep
their doors open. Have a Happy New Year!


From Craig

Hi Phil,

Well, it’s time for me to take my hat off to you.

My name is Craig 41yrs and I’m born and bread in the UK, South Yourshire. Thanks to
your extremely informative videos on YouTube I haven’t smoked a cigarette in 6

I started trying to quit smoking about 3 years ago with the e-cig blister packs and
ego style batteries and carto’s but still couldn’t leave the cigarettes alone, I was
getting frustrated with myself and decided to spend a little bit more money and went
for the evod mega kit, really found it to be a much better set up for me but was
still craving the cigarettes, so at the beginning of this year (2015), I turned to
the web for help and understanding of the whole vaping experience. I started to
learn about the juices themselves first and came across the VG/PG ratio, after
looking at the label of the juice I’d been using for so long it was 70PG/30VG (the
worst mix apparently) during this time of research I found your YouTube Channel.
After spending days and days watching your videos I found a better supplier of
e-juice and went for a 50/50 mix, topped off my evod mega tank with it and Bingo, 2
days later the 19 cigarettes that was in the kitchen draw went in the bin, not
looked back since.

Continuing to view your review videos I decided to step up my game again and went
out and bought an iStick 50watt and paired it with a Kanger Sub Tank Mini using a
30PG/70VG E-Liquid, I continue to use it to this day, maybe looking to upgrade yet
again in the New Year.

I just wanted to let you know that… YOU do make a difference and you are helping a
lot of people around the world Quit those nasty little sticks we call Cigarettes.

Hats off to you Buddy and Thank You for making those fantastic, informative videos

Good Luck for the New Year!


From Andy

Thanks again for all you do. When I got my first ego, my friend picked me up and took me to a local vape shop. I sat there with him and others for 2 hours and walked out feeling as if they were speaking German. I came home and said “this isn’t for me”. I never spent time on YouTube beyond looking at a music video, but I did a Google search and one of your videos popped up. I sat there throughout the rest of the week just watching your videos until I started to understand. I think you were the first channel I ever “subscribed” to. You made it make sense for me and it made all the difference in the world. To this day, you are the only reviewer my wife (non-vaper/non-smoker) will watch because she is Italian. Thanks for making a difference and clearing up the mud in this confusing market.


From Jay

I know that after smoking for over 50 years, I feel so much better Vaping.
I no longer have to be on OXYGEN or USE an Inhaler. Having C O P D I feel so much
better Vaping. I breathe better, my food tastes better and I’m saving money in the
process. I have been vaping now for three years much of it was because of the
information I read on your site. I’m convinced Vaping is so much safer. I guess my
only real concern is the newer temp control mods. I don’t use them mainly because I
can’t afford to purchase them on a fixed income (i’m 72) I do wonder about vaping
above 40 watts or so. However I feel if you CAN”T QUIT SMOKING then you SHOULD VAPE.
Thanks again Phil for all you do for US UNEDUCATED VAPERS.
to me. Thanks again and I would like to WISH YOU and YOUR FAMILY a VERY MERRY

From Mike

Hi PBusardo. I have been a smoker for over 45 years and depending on the
day and mood, was up to almost 2 packs a day. That’s almost 50 shit sticks a day. I
told my Wife last year that I wanted to give an e-cig a try and she got me an
unovape pen for Christmas last year. At first it was great but the battery was so
small that it would die after a few short hours. Last month after the government
raised the price of cigs again, I decided enough was enough and went out and got an
evode starter kit. I was told it was an Evode2 but I discovered that I was rooked by
an overeager salesmonger. What he sold me was an Evode single coil unit but it came
with 2 batteries and 2 clearos. Thats why he called it an Evode 2. I went to another
vape shop looking to get some coils for my unit and found out that it wasn’t an
Evode2 at all. Anyways long story short: I watched your video on getting started
and I just want to say THANK YOU. You helped me get to what really matters , and
that is to get off the shit sticks. After watching some of your videos and reviews,
I bought an istick 30 and paired it with a nautilus mini. I know that there is much
better out there but for right now this rig is working great for me . I did watch
the reviews you did for both the istick and the nautilus and it helped a great deal.
When I first started out, I scoured the internet looking for info on vaping for
beginners and came across your site. I found your site more informative than most
others and your presentation very appealing. Keep up the good work. I suggest your
site to all my friends and anyone else I talk to about vaping. You have a new
follower in Calgary Alberta Canada. I give you 2 thumbs up.

From Adrian

Just wanted to say that may well be a watermark video, and youre right,
the bulk of manufacturers have dropped the ball on offering devices for the
initial quitters, and we who have moved on have moved on and not noticed.

Congrats on the video, and the way you targetted it and explained it. A
video like that hasnt been done before to my knowledge or at least in that
way, and it was perfectly done.

I have been struggling on what to recommend to one of my friends, a lady,
who needs exactly what the Endura gives, ease of use in a form factor that
she wont baulk at carrying, and no need to know resistance etc

I started my vaping career on a Innokin MVP3, and if the Endura is as well
made as that then it should be a great product.

Great work, have a good weekend,


From Jason

I just wanted to send a note to say thanks for what you do and how you do it. Ive
been back and forth for the past almost 2 years, vaping, then smoking, then both.
Im a long time follower and i lost my way for awhile – relying on the local vape
shops which aren’t all bad as I’m sure you know, but not everyone needs the 200
watt box mod. I watched your reviews back to the early days, and re learned how to
satisfy those cravings. I haven’t smoked in weeks now. Im back to the vaporshark
rDNA 40 with a kabuki tank for the flavor and throat hits and haven’t looked back.
Your reviews (especially the latest innokin one) finally got my dad to at least
dabble with making the switch.

Again, I just wanted to say thanks for being a guiding light for so many people out
there. Although i don’t personally know you, your honesty and genuine concern come
through in these videos. Keep it up, regardless of how bad the weather sucks around

– Jason

From Ben

Last night, I was fortunate enough to come across your You Tube video aimed
at smokers. Although, it was rather lengthy, it was also very informative. I have
been a smoker for over 50 years and have tried many different ways to quit,
unsuccessfully. Thank you for showing me a way that may work. I entered your
contest, and if fortunate to win, fine, if not , I will be looking into the purchase
of vaping supplies.

Thank you again for this info. Keep up the good work. I am now a subscriber to
your channel. Again, thank you.


From Andrew

Dear Pete, 😉
I’m a long time listener, but first time caller. I have to say hands down, your for
smokers video is the best vaping video I have ever had the pleasure of watching.
You covered information that took me weeks to find and longer to understand. You not
only covered great information but delivered it in most coherent way. What I found
also helpful(to smokers) was what you didn’t cover and your explanation for not
doing so.

Thank you for all of your time and hard work that you put into your research,
filming, editing, uploading, and follow ups.


From Todd

Bravo Phil !!! That was a video long time coming. I’m really glad to see
you do one for the smokers to help give them a quick tutorial on the basics and
what’s available. I can now refer those I’ve been trying to help quit smoking here,
to an informative video to rest their minds on some of the issues. Been working on a
family member last few weeks and even though they like my advanced stuff, it’s
daunting to them, and the egos, while they served me well, still aren’t what gave a
good experience. I may go out and buy one of those endura’s, if I don’t win that
one, just so he can have an awesome experience without all the confusing bells n
whistles. Thank you for the review and beginners tutorial. Awesome job, sir !!! Love
to see these 🙂


From Matthew

Hi Phil

I sent you an email back in 2013 to thank you for the role your videos played in helping me give up cigarettes, two years later and i’m glad to say that beyond a couple of times when nostalgia got the better of me, and i’m still vaping away.

I remain a big fan of your videos, and watch them religiously. You made a comment in one of your recent ones along the lines of “it’s not about blowing clouds, it’s about getting people to quit smoking”.

I couldn’t agree more!

From Larry

Hi Phil,

I have been watching your reviews since I found your site a little over 3 years ago. I enjoy all the stuff you do, even stuff I might not have an interest in. I just wanted to tell you that I think that this review was quite possibly the best one you’ve ever done. I was intrigued for the whole hour and 18 minutes! It wasn’t so much the Endura, but more so the delivery. It reminded me so much of your older video’s. It was just nice to see you explain everything for the smoker who wants to quit and for the beginning vaper. Your were right on the mark with this one!!! Great job!! As always thanks for everything that you do for the vaping community!


From Andy

Phil I have vaped for 3 years now, I used to get bronchitis every winter, having smoked for 25 years I think I was a clear candidate for CLPD or worse. Every year my bronchitis seemed to get worse and worse.

Since I have stopped smoking I haven’t got bronchitis. I really feel like vaping saved my life. The best and worst part of me starting to vape is that my now 6 year old daughter doesn’t have asthma anymore. I only say worst because it proof that our smoking caused it. We never smoked around her directly but we would smoke in the car and house if she wasn’t around.

So if you are on the fence about quitting I hope my story pushes you in the right direction.


From Annalisa

It’s been almost two months since the first time I contacted you. I had so many
questions, as I transitioned from vape pen style vaping, to a box mod, and I
don’t think I can ever thank you enough for the time you took to ask questions,
offer advice, and provide much needed information. Your videos are the
highlight of my week, and now that I understand how that information impacts my
vape experience, they are truly enlightening.
It was my goal to take the information you provided, along with that I gained
through other sources, and pass it on to my family, most of whom are long time
smokers. As of Thanksgiving, my brother is vaping on an iStick 60w TC that he
purchased when the subox kit I gave him unexpectedly died. My parents have eGo
Mega Devices now, which they are going to try, with my brother’s assistance. I
do not know if they will enjoy vaping, but the fact that they are willing to
try is both a gift and a reason to hope. I am so glad there are sites like
yours where they can go for information, not just about advanced vaping, but
what many people consider “beginner stuff”, after all, we were all beginners
As for my own journey, I discovered that I like flavor, above all else, and
wandered into the realm of RDA’s. Tonight, I built my very first coil, closely
followed by my second. I’m learning to build on a velocity mini clone I found at
a local vape shop. One of the employees there held my hand while I built those
coils and installed them into the deck. The feeling of accomplishment from having
her say that they were “pretty” for a first attempt was like… Well, honestly,
it was like the first time I had a pita puff up in the cast iron pan. It’s silly
to say, but it’s almost like magic.
I appreciate what you do for the vaping community, from your reviews, to
actively posting information regarding vaping advocacy. It’s also a pleasure to
see you joking, teaching and sharing on facebook. I’m not sure if your family
likes baked goods, breads, cookies, those sorts of things, but if you would be
amenable, I would very much like to send you a gift basket of homemade goodies.
Please let me know.
In the meantime, I offer you my gratitude.

– Annalisa

From Waylon

Just wanted to say keep it up and threw my vote your way. I love what you
do, you entertain and teach at the same time. If it hadn’t been for your videos I
probably wouldn’t have stuck with vaping. Have a great Christmas and I look forward
to another year of info and reviews (maybe 2016 is the year of the 3000).

From Carl

Hey Phil,

It’s been a while, so I wanted to send an update and thank you. We exchanged emails briefly a little over a year ago when I was (looking back now) still pretty new to vaping. It’s been a year filled with highs and lows, both of which back when I was a smoker would’ve had me reaching for a Marlboro. I’m happy to say I haven’t even been tempted since discovering my old VTR, that awful\leaky tank it came with, and your channel.

I’ve also been pretty involved in advocacy here in Chicago (cook, ugh), brining myself and as many vapers as I could to local hearings regarding vaping regulation and taxation. I’m not sure if it’s doing any good, but it’s worth fighting for either way. I’ve given away more mods\tanks\atomizers than I can count (I guess that’s one positive of these vendors releasing a new product twice a day), and switched a good amount of friends\coworkers\family from tobacco to vaping, even if it’s just part time (more than a few went from hookah to vaping cold turkey, which surprised me).

Long story short, NONE of this in the last year would’ve happened without your videos, knowledge, and encouragement. This “hobby” has grown into a movement of people taking their lives and health back, and a VERY large part of that is due to your work.

Thanks again for everything you do Phil. I really can’t understate how much you’ve helped me and many others. I’ll always be a friend (and a fan, I’m pretty sure you’re allowed to have fans now) of you and the community you’ve helped create.


From Rami

Hello Phil,

I’ve been watching your videos for almost 4 years , and although I have portrayed my appreciation for your hard work on your YouTube videos before (username zanzabar7878), I wanted to take a moment and explain to you just how important you have been in my vaping journey over the years.

Where I live, vaping products are banned, as is importing via mail. The only way i can get mods and attys are when my brother visits from the US. That means I can only get one mod/atty a year, two on a good year. If I get something and i end up not liking it, i’m screwed till next year.

This makes having someone like you, who is trustworthy, meticulous with a great deal of knowledge even more important.

I’m happy to say i’ve been very happy with every single product i’ve purchased based on your recommendation. You have been and will continue to be a major factor in keeping me off cigarettes, for that I thank you.

I’m sure your videos are equally as vital to those on a limited income who cannot afford buying a new product every month.

Keep up the good work Phil, looking forward to your upcoming Mouth to Lung clearo comparison 🙂

Best Regards,


From Andrew

Phil, I just want to tell you thank you for everything that you’ve done.
You and a few others have inspired me to become smoke-free and start vapeing. If it
wasn’t for your words of wisdom and knowledge of all products that you have reviewed
I would probably still be smoking cancer sticks. When I first started they be if it
wasn’t for your words of wisdom and knowledge of all products that you have reviewed
I would probably still be smoking cancer sticks. When I first started vapeing I had
just a standard 500 mAh ego battery and the original kanger aero tank with The
delicious bobas bounty but I wanted something a little better and more Advanced so
I watched a few of your videos and found the cool fire 4 and a RDA and started
building my own coils. Thank you for putting out the such great reviews and giving
people a little bit of knowledge before they buy to make their personal experience
better. since then I have gotten my mother to quit smoking and started fighting on
my old ego and aero tank set up. So we just wanted to say thank you and please do
not quit reviewing these products. If it wasn’t for you and many others like you
people would still be smoking and not know the benefits of these Life saving

From your faithful viewer,

From Ray

Good evening Phil,

No questions or comments for ya this time. Just wanted to say I really appreciate the work you do and outside of vaping hope all is well. You may not think so, but the vape community would be a much different place and much worse off without you in it. All the hard work you do for all of us and yourself, I don’t think we can all thank you enough. Ah crap I guess I did have a comment…oh well. Take care sir.

From Robert

I just finished watching your second episode for the DNA-200, and I just wanted to say thank you. I see all of the effort you put into your videos and I wanted you to know how grateful I am. I have vaping for about four years now and I look to you for information on ways to enhance my vaping experience. I am in love with temp control but I cannot use nickel, i am allergic to it. I don’t know if vaping it would hurt me but prolonged exposure of it on my skin cause a painful rash so I’d rather not attempt it. I went with an evic vt to do titanium, but after your last videos see myself going to a Dna-200 when i can. Sorry going off topic, Again I just really wanted to thank you for everything you do for us as a community, you’re changing people’s lives by the thousands and I just wanted you to know it is appreciated.

Thanks Again,

From Kevin

Hi Phil,

First of all I want to thank you. I was a smoker for 22 years and I quit and
switched to vaping after watching your videos and videos by GrimmGreen. I have been
cigarette-free for about three months. I was so excited to find something that
actually helped me quit smoking (I tried all of the “FDA approved’ methods) that I
even started my own YouTube channel dedicated to vape reviews and tutorials under
the name “CageClouds”. I only have about 240 subs right now after about two months,
but I am just so excited to share my experience about vaping with others. I just
wanted to let you know that you changed my life, and I wanted you to know that what
you are doing IS MAKING A DIFFERENCE in people’s lives. I know are very busy, but I
would love to get some feedback on my channel from you. Any help would be very much
appreciated. Thank you again..


From Dave

Hey Phil,

Thought of you today as I ordered an ISub Apex. Last year I emailed you for help on how to get into mods and tanks and you were just so helpful with your suggestions. You helped me settle on the MVP 20w and an Aspire Nautilus. I have used that set up for over a year now and as I await the Apex and a new battery for my KBox, I realize that the MVP 20w is going to get retired.

Your recommendation kept me off the stink sticks through some really difficult times, family deaths, employement issues, finacial issues, all things that would send me right back to Big Tobacco. I was Tobacco free for a year before you suggested the MVP/Nautilus combo but I highly doubt I would have made it through the rest of 2014/15 on the eGo cheapos I was vaping.

I just wanted to thank you again for the work you do, helping to keep this industry alive and giving hard data to users in a way we can understand and enjoy. So thanks for your work and keep it up! I’ll be keeping an eye on your videos to decide on what Mod I want next because the KBox is kinda boring!

Much respect and Love,
Your friend,

From Suzann

I just read the story by William and I am sitting here with tears in my
eyes. My Mom passed this June after 60 years of smoking and I don’t know what was
worse the day she died or taking her for chemo all those months. I have written to
you before but I am now over one year cig free and I swear if it wasn’t for you and
a select few of other You Tube reviewers that have guided me, I don’t know where
things would be. Again thanks Phil for everything

From Andre


I just want to thank you very much for all your help and dedication. I have made a
decision a week ago to give up vaping and it has been a week since I stopped. Since
I won’t be following you as much as I used to in the past, I just wanted to show my
appreciation for everything you have done. Vaping helped me quit smoking, and now
I’ve been able to give up vaping as well, and thanks to you for keeping us out of
smoking. Again thanks you and I’ll be checking on your videos every once in a while.


From Bastiaan

Hi Phil,

Eight months since the email exchange below, I just wanted to quickly reach out to you.

Vaping has become a very enjoyable hobby for me.
Right now I am in Montreal Canada for a business trip and I’ve managed to visit 5
B&M’s while here. (I don’t have many in NL)
I’m enjoying every minute of this.

The main intention of this email is to give you my whole-hearted thumbs up!
I watch every single one of your videos, and I feel I should again commend you on
your efforts.
Your visit to china and especially the recent visit to flavourart (imho) really show
the world to what, the right players, are doing to bring this movement further.
Thank you sooo much for all your efforts!

I also follow other vaping content. (vp live and many other youtubers) I know they
tend to make fun of you at every possible moment.
Even though I feel you don’t care I wanted to voice my opinion that you _really_
shouldn’t care about them…

Since the last email exchange I have converted 5 smokers to full-time vaping, your
efforts help me (and them) to have a voice.
I do understand that this is really a sacrifice you are making, the youtube
monetization doesn’t compensate what you are losing in family time.
As a father of two I value this even more.

So hereby a big old man-hug from me….

Sincerest gratitude,


From William

Phil, Thank you, for all you do for the vape community/family! I had my last Camel Bold Crush on November 14 2014. This November 14 2015 will be my first year cigarette free in 22 years.

Yes that is right! I smoked for 22 years and the day I started vaping I never touched another cigarette. My very first set up was a Vamo V5 with an aspire nautilus and 18mg juice. Since then I’ve moved on to dripping and sub ohm tanks and even lower nic level to 6mg and on 11-14-15 I’m going to drop again to 3mg!

The reason I quit smoking cigarettes was due to my youngest son Sam. He was born premature at 27 weeks weighing 2lb 1oz and 21inches long he fought for his life for 3 1/2 months in the local hospital NICU. When he finally got to come home he was on oxygen periodically because his lungs were still not fully developed. I started thinking one day while outside lighting a cig that if Sam can fight for his life being so small that I can fight for my life and give up these damn cigs so I can be around for him.image1(Literally seconds after being born he almost died)image2(Look close on his arm that’s mine and my wife’s wedding band that’s how small Sam was)image4I tried numerous things for 3 yrs to give up smoking, patches, gum, prescription medication blah blah blah, nothing worked Phil. I googled vaping, started reading, watched some of your YouTube videos and the next day I was vaping and never touched another cig. So MY SHOUT OUT IS FOR MY SON SAM!!! I owe my new release on free breathing to him and you for your videos and advocacy for the vape family.

Thank you for your time I really hope you get time to read this, because vaping saved my LIFE and my son Sam saved my LIFE.

Some stories are too good to keep on the Success Stories page, so this one will be posted here as well.

It’s a wonderful story and a good message. If you don’t want to quite smoking for yourself, think about quitting for all of those people who care and depend on you. I’m sure they’d be quite happy to have you around longer in life.

And William, don’t go dropping your nic level at the expense of vaping a bunch more liquid!!  🙂

Thanks for sharing this William and WAY TO GO SAM! Glad you’re both doing so well!

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From Damir

Hi PBusardo!
My name is Damir and I live in city of Zagreb, Croatia.
Since april last year my wife and I stop smoking and start vaping. After months of
trying and learning about vaping, modes, atomizers etc., I find one of your’s videos
on Youtube ( I think it was abot Kayfun 3.1). Since then whenever I become couriose
obout some atomizer, first thing that I do is watch yours rewiew. So manny people
put there rewiew’s on you tube, but honestly, and that’s my opinnion, your’s are the
best and the only that I watch whenever I want to try something new. I am writing
this mostly because I was wiewing your’s rewiew abot Rose V2 atomizer and finaly I
have it. It’s exactly like you explaned, something that you let to give to you, not
suck from it, and I am more than satisfied with it.
To meke longer story short, thank’s for you rewiews witch I will watching in the
future, offcourse, and wish you all the best in your’s both bussinises and private
Best regards

From Craig

This (hopefully) brief email is to thank you so, so much for all your hard work in bring information to light for us, the masses, and in particular, to me and my wonderful wife. I’ll try to be brief, as I know you’re a busy man, but I will likely fail. Sorry about that.

I know you think of yourself as just some guy on the net, and are humble as the day is long, but you helped two people in Wilsonville Oregon throw out their cigarettes. Credit where it is due, you didn’t do it alone. Richard Mallard, Matt Culley, Ruby Roo, GrimGreen, etc. you folks are all fantastic advocates and are changing people’s lives. Seriously. You’re changing lives. For the rest of my story, read below. I hope it doesn’t trigger a nap or something.

I was a smoker off and on (mostly on) from the time I was 17 until a few months ago (thirty years, as I’m 48 now). I quit a few times, twice cold-turkey, and once using a well-reputed cigg-a-like company’s products (V2, in case you wondered). The latter wasn’t particularly satisfying, and in all cases I eventually went back to cigarettes, usually within a year or two.

I smoked the organic tobaccos, fooling myself into believing they were “better” for me, but I knew it would eventually kill me if I kept going in the direction I was headed. No male in my family had lived beyond their mid-fifties for over a century, and I woke up one morning realizing that milestone was just around my celestial corner. Heart disease, cancers, were all in the road map I was staring at.

I finally decided I needed something different. Something satisfying, intriguing (I’m a computer science and engineering guy for 25 years now), and above all, something that I truly enjoyed to the point I would find returning to cigarettes hideously loathsome. Vaping, real vaping, was it. Being an engineer, I started doing research. Tons of it. I searched videos, read articles, reviews, research papers. Name it; I investigated it in one form or another. Without ever setting foot in a vape shop I honed in on your reviews particularly, as they are monstrously informative and frequently very engineer-centric. My wife was interested as well, and was willing to give whatever I settled on a try. And so….

My first real vape rig:
– SX Mini M Class,
– Kanger Subtank Mini

Wife’s Rig:
– Aspire Nautilus Nano Kit with 1000mah battery.

It took me about two minutes to warm up to the new style of vaping. The moment I hit home I knew, I **knew**, this was it. I finally found it. Something that I was confident from DAY ONE would work. I’ve not touched a cigarette since. My wife wasn’t truly satisfied with here smaller rig, but didn’t want something that had complicated bells and whistles like my rig. She was still 50/50 on cigarettes. She was willing to try a small box mod and a larger atomizer (22mm) like mine. She wanted something she could forget charging for a day or two and would still have power to spare. A little more research, including more time in your videos, and I settled on a rig update for her:

Wife’s Rig (Part Deux)
– ELeaf I-Stick 50W. (the VW/VV is super simple on this mod)
– Kanger Subtank Mini (she wanted a larger tank that hit harder)

Running a 1.5ohm coil she only has to charge the thing about twice a week, and absolutely loves it. The flavor, the hit, all good and she’s no longer 50/50-ing with cigarettes. She’s 100% in the vape world and loving it. We’re both currently at 6mg (in fact, started there), and very happy with that.

Finally, clouds-bro’ was fun, but really just wasn’t my thing. I needed something different as well. Mind you, I didn’t need it, but I certainly wanted it, and perused mouth-to-lung satisfaction. Once again, I turned to research; once again, your videos. Not shocking, I decided to give a Kayfun v4 (authentic, directly from Svoemesto) a try. It is amazing (and occasionally frustrating). I currently run a 28-awg kanthal 7-wrap micro-coil at 1.4 ohms and 15 watts. Great battery life, tremendous flavor, thick, dense vapor (you used the term “juicy”, and it is quite-accurate). It is a complicated atomizer, and frankly I accidentally flooded the air-flow-control at least a dozen times in the first week alone. I finally found a process that works very well, and am now simply amazed by this device. The only real drawback is the weight when coupled with my SX Mini M Class. Good God that’s a dense rig for such a small handful.

Thank you Phil. I mean that. THANK YOU. I simply cannot wait until a vape expo comes somewhere near Portland Oregon and I can finally meet you and thank you in person.


From Angelo

hey there mr busardo, i just felt it was time to say thanks.
it was almost three years ago that i had my last cigarette! i went into my local b&m
bought a shitty little 650mah stick with some shitty kanger tank, now i say shitty
because well, they were shitty. what i did when i bought that setup was to leave my
half pack of cigs in my car which were readily available to me at any time. 2 days
went by with no smokes, a week went by with no smokes, then on the third week the
novelty started to wear off. i wasn’t getting satisfaction from my setup, and i was
thinking of having a smoke. needless to say is that i did not light that cigarette
up, it was not because of willpower to quit or because my kids nagged me, it was
because i realized that i was a slave to the cigarette! a fucking slave!! with my
new job i was allowed three breaks throughout a ten hour shift to got out for a
smoke and initially i huddled in the canadian cold like all the other slaves to suck
away as much as i could before it was time to go back in. back to that third week
when i went on my break to get some fresh air i instinctively walked to the smoke
shelter and realized that i did not need to go there, i did not belong there, i did
not want to go there. i decided to go to my car and open that half pack of
cigarettes and take a good look at them. i decided then that i was done with being a
slave to cigarettes. six seven months later my brother told me about yours and
grimms shows which triggered my curiosity, fast forward two years being cigarette
free i am vaping with not so shitty gear. following the trend in tc made me wonder
if youtube reviewers were smoking crack because i tried to build and vape similar
builds and could not get a good vape. then i realized that i also went through the
learning journey that most people who have been vaping for about three years, i
learned how to modify mechs to work, i learned how to chuck clouds safe, i learned
about how to enjoy vaping but more important is i learned to build what works best
for me. today i built my kayfun4 with ni200 reading .24 at 17w and 300f
and it is hands down the best tc vape i have had. i know its a high build to whats
out there but the flavor is fantastic. this morning i realized that i quit smoking
almost three years ago, my clothes do not smell, i do not smell, my kids do not
smell, my cars do not smell and most important i am not a slave to cigarettes.

i don’t think i have ever heard you give a shout out but if you ever do please give
a shout out to my brother paul pastras, it was his comments and help that kept me
cig free.

thank you for everything you do, it is very much appreciated

with much respect

From David

just a big ty for all you do . off ciggs for 2 weeks with the eleaf i stick
50 and aspire nautilis ! never looked back. The first vid i saw of you caught my
attention as you were wearing a Montauk t shirt. i grew up on LI. as it seems we are
relative neighbors, im from Waterport …about 45 minutes from you. i can’t stop
watching your you tube channel. you were a GOD send to me . Thanks So very much !
all my best, David

From Robert

Your work is truly helping the world. Keep going. You’ve helped me so much. I have
zero desire for tobacco. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!

Your conscientious reviews, objective analysis and practical advice has changed my
life forever. Midnight New years eve 2012 i smoked half a cig and realized how
disgusting it is. Haven’t looked back since.

You really did help me get to that next level beyond the ridiculous disposable/gas
station products and on to a place where I’m so satisfied and healthy! ❤️

My doctor approves 100% and i see her every three months.

Science is still on the way but anecdotally, I’m convinced that vaping results in
less, and slower nic absorption than ‘big tobacco’ products for, in my opinion, a
myriad of reasons we could delve into.

My Very Best Regards,

From Chris

Hello Mr. Busardo. I just wanted to let you know I just recently made the
switch from cigarettes to vaping. It will be three weeks tomorrow. After watching
many reviews on YouTube to try to gather as much information as possible, I recently
found some of yours. I just wanted to say thank you. You have the most in depth
reviews of anyone I have found. Your 100% honesty is the best part of what you
offer. You have a new fan here. Once again thanks for what you do.

From Jospeh

Dear Mr. Busardo, I just wanted to write you today and say thank you! Today
is my 2 year anniversary of being analog free! You are a BIG reason I made it. From
building my first early coils, to learning about battery safety, and what makes a
good (and bad) mod, I learned too much from you to list here. I am more advanced in
my vaping journey now, but I still love to watch your videos. Quality is quality and
your work is just good!
With all that being said, just let me say again Thank You sir! Not just for helping
me, but all the others you help with your work as well. Keep up the great work!

From Ryan

Hiya there Mr. Busardo! I wanna say right off the bat, THANK YOU for your
website and your review videos. I’ve been vaping off and on since about 2006,
starting with a P.O.S. Ruyan pen style piece of junk from china, and over the years
have grabbed other budget pieces with little success, and much disappointment. But
when I learned about your review site and checked out some of them, you helped me
finalize my decision on a product. Now, the real meat and taters here is the fact
that your indirect influence got me immediately off cigarettes, dare I say,
permanently! I talked my old man into buying me a Kanger Subox kit for my upcoming
birthday, and as a result, he bought some new vapes for himself, and ALSO said to
hell with cigs. Since I’m still waiting for my Kanger to show up, I grabbed a new
Eleaf iJust2 (which you NEED to try, my god) to sort of tie me over until the Subox
shows up, from a local store in Buffalo NY. Similar type of setup, albeit more
simple, sub-ohm vape, but the big cloud belching device that I hadn’t tried yet. The
big thanks is that you demonstrating these new products and seeing the performance
changed my mind, and my beloved father’s mind, about vaping, and I’m infinitely
grateful, sir.


From Rob

I am one year smoke free today. I just wanted to drop a line to thank you
for the videos that you make, and how they have helped me with the decisions on the
devices I have chosen to buy, and not to buy, over this time. You have saved me
hundreds of dollars.
When I started this “journey”, there is no way in hell anyone could have convinced
me that I would sit for an hour each week to watch a video about a vaping device,
yet somehow you pull it off.
I am looking forward to my next year of being smoke free, and watching the videos.

From Gerry

Just wanted to say a large and loud THANK-YOU for all of the time and effort you put
into your reviews and the vaping community in general.

I’ve been analog free for a year and a half after smoking for 16 years. Your
Youtube channel and website are invaluable and entertaining sources of information
and have led me to products that have both kept me from returning to cigarettes and
introduced me to what is now a wonderful hobby. (Just wish I’d seen your Fogger v5
entry on here before I picked up mine, fortunately cheaply. Frustrating is only the
first word I’d use, the others are usually four letters.)

Banner week for me as well. I’ve taken no less than three people I care about to
local vape shops and helped them with their first set-ups, in part using information
gleaned from your videos.

Keep up the amazing work, and thanks again for your dedication!

Winnipeg, Manitoba

From Keith

Hi, Phil,

The reason I’m e-mailing you is to thank you for your efforts in putting together vaping-related videos.

I started smoking when I was 13. I’m now 50, so that makes 37 years of sucking all kinds of toxins into my system. For a lot of those 37 years, I was a 2+ pack a day man. I never thought that I’d be able to kick the habit. I’d tried the patches, cutting down, cold turkey, and so on. I never did try the pills (Chantix, Bupropion, nicotine lozenges, etc.) because I did not trust going that route.

A few years back, one of my friends suggested that I try picking up Walmart’s version of the Cigalike. Needless to say, I was back on the cigarettes within a couple of hours.

A few months later, I picked up an Ego C-Twist. This also did not cut it, and I was back to smoking by the very next day.

Fast forward to a couple of months ago. I was tired of wheezing and coughing, and being out of breath from all the smoking, so I picked up the Ego again. I tried hard to stick with it, but found myself going back and forth between it and the Ego. Desperation drove me to YouTube to do some research and I found people were using something called ‘mods’ and blowing clouds of vapor. That looked more like it. That looked like it might work!

So… I paid a visit to my local Cheap Tobacco store to see what they had in stock. I was impressed by how lackadaisical the staff of said Cheap Tobacco store were, and by their serious lack of knowledge and willingness to actually help customers, but like I said, I was desperate, so I purchased a Kamry 20 with an Aspire Atlantis tank (which sucks with both .5 and 1 ohm coils, by the way) and it helped a little, but still just didn’t cut it. Oh, well, I asked myself, what was I expecting from “cheap Chinese crap?”

At that point, I was ready to throw in the towel and just go back to smoking and deal with the health issues I was facing – yes, I know that I’m weak willed. Then I discovered your videos.

I watched a few of your videos, and finally came across your review of the JoyeTech eVic-VT, and was intrigued. This looked like just the ticket. Of course, I wasn’t going to just take your word for it. I searched and found a bunch of reviews on this device, and for the most part, they all said what you said – Rip Trippers is a hoot, by the way.

So I went back to your channel and found your China series, and this showed me that not all “cheap Chinese crap” is created equal, and based mainly on your videos, I picked ordered an Evic-VT from http://vaporauthority.com/. It arrived on July 21st, 2015, and I’ve not had a cigarette since then. It’s now September 3rd, and I’m more than happy to have replaced smoking with vaping.

Also, based on your August 27th review of the Goliath V2 by UD Youde, I ordered that on August 31st from VapeNW. It’s due in tomorrow.

Long story short, Phil, I owe you debt of gratitude. It is plain to see that you put a huge amount of time and effort into your videos in order to educate people about vaping, and your efforts have most definitely paid dividends for me, quite literally, changing my life for the better. Thank you for this!

You have my full permission to publish any portion, or all, of this e-mail on your site, and if any of your readers/viewers have any doubts about the sincerity of what I’ve written here and want to contact me about it, please feel free to publish my e-mail address.

Thank you.

Take care of yourself and those you love.



From Chad

I know you probably wont see this but i wanted to at least try to send you my thanks.I had smoked for 15 years and I recently quit smoking analogs (4 months) and your videos were very helpful in finding a setup that worked for me as well as encouragement to keep going. as of 2 weeks ago i also have quit nicotine and now only vape for making Os, but from me and my family i would like to thank you.

BTW – I did see it and thank you!! 🙂

From Chris

I have sent you afew emails in the past asking questions and alittle cranky chris as
well lol. I’m really wanting to thank you, I have been smoke free for almost 2
years and I’m loving it. I started like everyone else with a ce3 and a ego battery.
I now run a provari 2.5 and a ehpro kayfun 3.1. Your reviews and builds have
really helped me to choose what I should go for in the vast amount products and
juices out there. I will admit I forced myself to hold off vaping all of my five
pawns until i got my provari in the mail 🙂 . I’m hoping in the future I can go to
a vape meet and thank you in person for helping turn my health around but this will
have to do for now.
Thanks 😀

From Dusty

Pbusardo, just wanted to say that I both enjoy and value your reviews. As far as I`m concerned you`re the best, keep up the great work and if no one else has said it, THANK YOU, for all you do for all of us vapers out there.

From Simon

Hi Phil Just wanted to say how much i enjoy your Video’s,Review’s on YouTube.
I’ve gotten loads of information from them.
I’m 48 and stopped smoking 6 weeks ago along with my wife after 34 years of smoking
and was very surprised how quickly i lost the craving.
I use to roll my own and was smoking about 100 grams of tobacco a week so about 70
or 80 cigarette’s a day anyway just wanted to say what a great job you are doing and
to just say keep it up well done Phil also say hello to Dimitris.

From John

Good evening,
I don’t normally reach out to reviewers and tutorialists (Yeah I think I just made up that word), however I wanted to thank you. Here is where you
would find the sob story of trying many different shelf e-cigarettes and
failing, but I figured you’ve heard enough of those. Let’s just say that I
always wanted vaping to work for me, but lacked the starting point I
needed, and sunk too much money into the not quite disposable

Over the past week I have watched dozens of your videos and they have played an
instrumental part in helping me understand the vape scene I did not realize existed.
As I began to understand more I would go back and re-watch one of your videos and
pick up things I didn’t understand the first time. The site has helped me more in
the past week than any other resource has in the past year.

What makes your reviews better? In my opinion it is the unbiased way you conduct
them, coupled with the depth of information and descriptions you provide.

I know you don’t recommend new people jumping into the complex setups right off,
however after several bad experiences, with 50.00-90.00 setups, I wanted this
investment to be the one that can get me in the door and off of the smokes. So, I
have invested in a VaporShark rDNA 40 with a Kanger subtank mini. This, to me, along
with your video reviews, seemed to be a setup that I can comfortably manage safely
and expand on as I learn more.

So from a new Vaper thank you sincerely for the hard work and effort you put into
the vaping community.


From Todd

Hell Phil. I’ve always referred you to folks. I found your site 1-13 which gave me the courage to put the cigs down because of your reviews and your enthusiasm for what we do and why. You have been there basically from my little ego with a ce4 all the way to this point now. I’m rebuilding now. Got that down pat. Thinking temp control but intimidated just like I was before I tried the ego twist to get off smokes. You’ve been there. Questions. Answers. Advice. Suggestions. Didn’t matter. You’ve been there. No body knows everything but I’ve enjoyed and valued your reviews and your personal responses where needed. I hope you have a great afternoon.


From Suzann

Hey Phil: I have been vaping since last July 2014, yes made one year off
those nasty butts after 25+ years of Marlboros. Thing is if it wasn’t for your
channels and the other You Tube reviewers that I do follow, I would be on my own
getting information. Sometimes you need to know what your looking for and then where
to find it. I just wanted to take a moment and thank you for all your reviews and
comments. I found myself needing batteries and boy that was a learning curve,
especially with all the bs that is going on with fakes and such. So in researching
Taste Your Juice, I saw that you trusted RTD Vapors and I bought my charger and
batteries there. Thanks Phil. Nothing is guaranteed in this world but I do trust
your knowledge and I feel secure in what I purchased. I will still research and
continue to learn but I had a great start with you. You are one of the best in my
books. Suzann

From Brian

Hi phil
my wife and I are one year off the smelly things today.
after being diagnosed with COPD I tryed e-cigs just to see if it could help me cut
down bit,
as I was a 40 a day smoker with a 40 year old addiction,
we never smoked since still can’t belive it.
So we would just like to say thank you for all the work and time you put in
and your wife for being understanding of that, you are a great help for people like us,

From Andre

Hi Phil,

Just a short message, saying that i really love your reviews and the way you are
doing it. Good information and explanation of the stuff and i find it really a joy to watch them.

I’m just a just-started-vaper started on April this year…after 35 years of heavy
smoking and since April i haven’t touched a real cigarette since…
It was so very easy to quit this time, because i have the feeling i dont miss
anything while vaping.

Started out on a EVOD2, very quickly went to a genitank with IPOW2 for more airflow.
Not very long after that bought the Subox black, excellent device and looks sharp
🙂 And to try temp control i just recently bought a Sigelei 75W TC device with
subtank plus.

I cant say quiting smoking saves me a lot of money :-), but hey…its so fascinating
this world of vaping….

Keep up the good work Phil.
I’m already on the lookout for your next video.

(from The Netherlands)

From Phil


First thing I would like to thank you. Of all the reviews out there your reviews are my favorite, mainly because my name is Phil too (OK that was a joke). I find them to be the most informative and honest, and that to me is what a review needs. Your page (and youtube page) are great, and I am sure have helped many people get off of the “analog sticks”.

My journey to vaping is a bit different them most people. I was a pack a day plus smoker, started at 14 (both parents smoked so I had access), and also used smokeless tobacco. Three years ago we lost my father in-law to cancer that spread to his lungs (never smoked), seeing him in hospice and pass scared me so much on my way home I threw everything smoking and dip related out the window at a stop light, which only lasted a few weeks. Then after a few months my own father was diagnosed and passed of cancer. That was enough to go cold turkey. Although his was not in his lungs I didn’t want, to have anything working against me, and tried to live a better lifestyle. Which lasted about two years then I started to get killer cravings, and nic-fits that would almost bring me to my knees. So instead of starting to smoke again I started to research e-cigarettes and vaporizers, stumbled onto your page, and reviews.

So in typical fission I got sold a pair of egos, and some cheap tobacco flavor juice, from a local tobacco shop. Since then I have made an investment is more then enough Mods, Tanks, Addys, rebuilding supplies, and some Juice, still trying to find the perfect all day vape (I’m more of a fruit guy, still have not gotten myself to taste any of the milky or cream stuff).

So before I get to long winded ill leave this there.

Again Thank you! Your honest reviews, humor, and wealth of information has been a huge help to me.



From João

Hello Phil.

My name is João, I’m 42 and I live in a beautiful seaside country of Portugal. Although I’ve never been a compulsive smoker (usually half-pack a day to one pack), I started smoking when I was 15 and never gave up. On 2009, I had my first experiences with an ecig – a cigalike. I stopped smoking immediately and, after a couple of months I stopped vaping also. I’ve been clean for more than one year but a professional problem gave me a stupid excuse to start smoking again. On September of 2014, passing by a new vape store I gave it another try and bought a trashy ecig. That was really the beginning of my great adventure. From that I got a Sigelei mod with a Nautilus mini, experienced with RDAs, then sub-ohming, got in love with RTAs and jumped on the temperature control train. You know the drill.

Now, I’m going to be very straight forward – when I first started to watch your videos on youtube, not that I didn’t like them, but they were not my favorite ones about vaping. They were too technical for me. I wanted to vape and know the fundamentals only, not to be an electronics engineer – simple as that. Seeing your deep analysis on the hardware was a bit overwhelming for me. One day I got across your Legal 2000 video and, I liked it so much that, since then, I’m a dedicated fan. I watch all your videos and I even started to like your technical explanations – and started to understand them also.

And why am I writing this to you? Well, I’ve seen your videos about the Vape Expo NJ and you seemed disappointed like I’ve never seen you before. So, this is a way to tell you that all this is worth. All the trouble you had in the Expo and all the other problems you already came across and all others you will still face in the future are a small fraction compared to what you do on your videos. You’ve been like a guiding light to us all. Your videos save lives. Might as well saved mine, you know?

There is no proper way to say how grateful I am, so, I’m just going to say thank you and keep up the good work, knowing that it will never be enough.

By the way, if, for any chance, you happen to come to Portugal, please contact me and I will be honored to invite you to eat our marvelous Portuguese food with a nice red Portuguese wine (or a freezing Portuguese beer if you prefer) and, of course, have a vape together.

Best regards


From David

Dear Phil,
Thank you, July 1st i decided to quit smoking, went into my local vape shop and instantly went uh oh. So i talked to the owner, she asked questions about how much i smoke a day. I told her that last time I tried using Blu’s and they didn’t work due to the fact that i could hardly get a drag off them and when i did there was very little vapor. So i went back to my cigarettes and blew smoke rings. Well she told me that i should get one of the Sub ohm tanks and a battery. so 40 mins and 80 dollars later i walked out with a Kangertech nano and a Eleaf 30w. Still no idea what to so with watts and volts. “What the hell was an ohm?” went about my head throughout the day. To the point where I thought shit this isn’t going to work this just confuses me. so i started looking on youtube
and still the videos that came up where this build that build .5 ohms 1.8 ohms. Then, then i came across this Italian buy who seemed like he actually cared about people, not just trying to chase fame. And of coarse that guy was you. And you explained ohms and ohms law, wattage and volts, and just about everything else i could ask. I’ve even built coils in the sub tank mini, yes i upgraded then i tried the Nautilus, okay I like this aha moment i like flavor more than clouds. and i really like building coils it relaxes me to wrap the wire and put the cotton in. well I’m rambling now sorry back to what i was saying is that you made sense of all this stuff, and for me that was what i needed to give up the stinkies no cigarettes since July 3rd. and it really is thanks to you for your channel.
So thanks again.

From Phil

Just wanted to let you know I enjoy all your videos and info. I am 41 years
old and smoked for nearly 30 years, I started young. I was smoking over 2 packs a
day. I had quit before but it never stuck, until I got into vaping. I believe it has
saved my life as I have already had a heart attack 8 years ago. I have now not had a
cigarette in more than 3 months and brought my nic level from 24mg all the way to
6mg. I can now taste my food and walk stairs without being winded. We need more
people with common sense such as yourself as advocates for this industry to survive
and possibly save more lives. I tried to meet you at the fiasco known as NJ vape
expo but you are a very popular man. Keep up the great work and keep the videos
coming. Thank you.

From Dan

I know you get hundreds of emails daily so in the past I’ve refrained from adding
to the load. But after watching your NJ Expo 1 & 2 you’ve prodded me from the

Briefly, I am 65 and have been on disability for COPD for a number of years. I
smoked 2 and a half packs a day for over 40 years. In October 2013 I lost
consciousness due to low blood oxygen level, fell, and suffered a compound fracture
of my leg. During my two week stay in the hospital after the operation I was on
some strong pain medicine and managed to do without nicotine. When I released, I
knew I was in serious trouble. Luckily, I had a cigalike kit I’d bought previously
but never used after the first couple of puffs.

I’m still off the smokes, and my breathing is getting better every day. My
cardiologist is overjoyed at my heart function.

I know you hear stories such as mine ad nauseum, but I wanted to explain my position
in the vaping world. Along with saving my life, it has become a serious hobby.

But the real reason for this message is to offer my heartfelt thanks for doing what
you do. Often I feel like an outcast when I watch the younger people vape, post
messages, and enter cloud contests. I don’t understand them.

You offer the good sense and judgement of maturity, and I know I can trust what you
say. You’ll never know how much I appreciate that.

Dan Bennett

From Frank

Hi Phil.

I just want you to know this.

I have been a smoker for 16 years, when i unfortunately began when i was 12 years old.
I`ve tried everything to quit smoking, but without success until i finally, after
several weeks of reading and searching on google found your channel on YouTube.

Thanks to you and your recommendations, I took the big step and bought me a Vamo V5,
when i felt this was a nice start in the right price range for me.

I`ve been following your videos in over 1 year now and i feel my health is so much
better after i started vaping.
I have more energy, better appetite and much more joy in my everyday life.

Thanks to you Phil!

Continue with what you do, you are changing the lives of many smokers and vapers out

And again, Thank you!

From Dan

I am coming up on my one year smoke free anniversary. It is the same for my
mother and father as well. You, your reviews, and the information you provide
have been instrumental in that transition. Most importantly for my parents.
They were former smokers who had quit for 15 years only to pick up the habit
again. Vaping has provided them with a healthier alternative to cigarettes.
I am a divorced and single father of three beautiful children. I needed to
think of their futures and that I wanted to be there for all the wonderful life
experiences they’ll have. It was time to kick the smokes to the curb. I was
introduced to vaping on a vacation to Virginia with my children and my dad.
Like most, I started with something simple. An Innokin iTaste CLK. However,
that wasn’t cutting it. I turned to the internet to find out what more I could
do. Stumbling upon your site and Youtube videos, I began to see there was so
much more out there that I could avail myself of to not fall back into smoking.
Evolution began. MVP 2.0, Vamo 20 watt, Aspire Nautilus, IPV Mini, Kanger
SubTank(along with learning to build), iStick 50 watt, Youde Zephyrus, and
finally the Evic-VT. (Which I give a thumbs up to so far) I’m going to start
venturing into the world of temp control builds now. Not only has vaping
accomplished freeing me from the poisons in cigarettes, but it really has made
my entire life better in so many aspects. Most importantly the ability to
enjoy activities with my kids without having to break for air or another smoke.

My parents who are at/near retirement age, really needed this as well. In the
day and age of Obama”Care”, their health is even more at the forefront. I am
so happy for them and relieved. I felt somewhat responsible for their relapse
since they took up smoking again when they took me out for dinner on my 21st
I just felt compelled to pass this along to you as we near this special date in
my family’s lives. I wanted you to know how important the work, and we know it
is WORK, you do is to so many people. I can’t thank you enough for everything
that you do for the vaping community. So it is with pride and health that I
would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to you for helping me and my
family members make the switch to a healthier lifestyle.

Thank you Phil,

From Myles

Howdy Phil. I just wanted to say thank you for all the work you do and all the informative reviews you post. I look forward to watching the videos put up every day after work. Because of your hard work I have been able to continue vaping and not having to worry if what I just bought is crap. Best of luck in the future and thank you again.

From Emin

Hi Phil, my name is Emin as you can see I live in Bosnia and Herzegovina and i’m a passionate vaper for 3 months.

I don’t want to be childish but I watched most of your videos on YT and read all of your article on TYJ.com. You and your dear friend Dimitrie helped me a lot to quit smoking. Before vaping I was a pack a day smoker for 10 years. In the past 2 weeks i’m trying to get my father on to vaping. I gave him my old equipment and he used it for 1 week. Then i bought him a better equipment to make it easier and better for him to move away from smoking. He was a 3 pack a days smoker for 30 years and I really can’t describe you how happy i’m right now when I see him vaping.

I know you get this type of messages a lot but i wanted to try to reach to you and to let you know that you helped me a lot.

I have made the first Facebook group in Bosnia for vaping related stuff. I’m trying to help other people to quit smoking, i’m trying to spread the word that e-cigs are safer than smoking and that e-cigs are the future.

I’m really sorry if my English is a bit bad but i think you get the point.

Bosnia and Herzegovina and other Balkan countries don’t have that much of taxation that you guys have in the US and people can switch to e-cigs because it’s a cheaper solution for them, but they don’t have the faith and the knowledge, to make the change, and that’s what i’m trying to change.

Thank you Phil B.

From Chris

Hey Phil. Just wanted to let u know that your videos have helped me stay off cigs
for just about 2 years. I live in forked river nj and we have a Vapor shark in
Barnegat and I have been using a vs rdna 30 and a Russian 91% and it has been a
perfect combo. Thank you Phil for all your help, we don’t know each other but u
have helped me out more then u will ever know.

From Anthony & Samantha

On behalf of my wife and myself, we would like to thank you for everything you do for the e-cig/vaping vaping community. I began vaping over 2 years ago (this past April was my 2 yr anniversary) and my wife began about a year and a half ago. I started out using a cig-a-like kit from 777 e-cigs, and was not very satisfied with the product, so much so that I nearly stopped vaping and was going to begin smoking yet again. However, before I switched back, I came across your very detailed and entertaining YouTube videos. I have learned, and continue to learn, a great deal about e-cigs & vaping from watching your videos (and then passing that knowledge off to my wife), so much so, that I decided to stick with vaping and never again use a regular cigarette (except for the occasional 1-2 here and there in the beginning). MY wife’s health, as well as mine, have improved greatly over these past 2 years, and I know that this would not have happened had I stuck with smoking. For us, vaping not only became an alternative to smoking but ha snow become a life-style and a hobby that we both enjoy. I truly like watching your videos when I can to see what new devices/tanks/e-liquids are out there and if they are worth buying or not. Watching your reviews has saved me quite a good amount of $$ as there are many devices I was interested in getting, but decided not to after watching your reviews. Many times have your reviews exposed me to different types of hardware that I never thought would work for me or I would like, which has made the vaping experience that much more enjoyable for me and my wife. My wife and I say it all the time.. If it wasn’t for you, we most likely would have stopped vaping and went back to rolling our own cigarettes using pipe tobacco and pre-made tubes w/ filters like we had been doing for 6 years prior…

From Jake


I just want to express my appreciation for this site and for your YouTube channel.
For almost a year, vaping has kept me from smoking cigarettes. The information that
you provide, as well as the reviews and your honest opinions, has allowed me to stay
tobacco free not just through vaping, but by vaping safely.

Thank you,


From Denis

Hello Phil, me again.

I watched your video again this week (just like a tv show). I go every week to your website to see if you have made another one. And believe me, I enjoy every second of what you do and the way you do it. Now, my daughter (she does not smoke) want to follow you every week too.

I do not know where you get your power and strength to do all you do but you impress me.

Keep doing what you do. I am learning more and more every time…and still away from tobacco cigarette. I do not remember if I told you but I smoked during 40 years until I watched one of your video (the one that you take a cigarette in your mouth to remember the feeling) and quit right after.

Again congrat about what you do and please, please, continue doing it.

PS: I also see Lamborghini when I vape my Kangertech mini


From Bradly

Want to thank you for your no nonsense Website and videos like the comedy aswell. Last year in the first part of September I had a heart attack and bypass at age 38 I was a smoker and pipe smoker from age 19. The worst part of the whole thing was I had to quit smoking something I really loved. When I was in hospital my sister gave me a little pen vaporizer. This was a god send. I tend to research things a lot and your website was just what the doctor ordered. It also kept me laughing in the hospital bed. Know you probably get these things all the time but as alway had to drop my two puffs. oh and glad to see you make it up to my country Canada even if it was at the other end. I am an ex smoker cheers

From Christopher

Hey phil I have been watching you for awhile an thanks you to the advice an your reviews of tanks an mods I have been cancer stick free for two months now so keep up the good work

From Andy…

Hi Phil,

I became a fan of your videos a little while ago. A friend from work (Sean) was
using a Nautilus when I was smoking. Let me tell you…it fascinated me. Due to
money issues, I bought a CE4, which broke two days later, I then took the plunge and bought a Kanger Aerotank V2, which was pretty decent. I always had issues with the stick batteries in my pocket, they kept snapping in my pocket. My partner bought me a Nautilus and a MVP mod for my birthday, and man…I’ve never looked back.

I’ve watched all of your reviews for the past few months, and I love them. I know
some people might think they are a bit long, but I like the detail, I love the
technology and I love the banter you have. I’m thinking of getting a Kanger Subtank on the back of your review, I’m wondering if I should get a Smoktech M80 plus to go with it. There’s a store in the UK called Vaporized (amazing liquids by the way, especially the USA range of Ice flavours) and they suggested the M80. If you already have, I’m asking a stupid question…but could you do a review of it please? Your word is the only one I trust when it comes to vaping. Lots of stores have an agenda and certain brands to upsell, and I love that you are impartial. I would also love to see a few liquid reviews if you have time.

I hope you enjoyed the Vape Jam event, I was working and unfortunately couldn’t
come. I just want to say, I read your story on the site, and a lot of it really hits home with me. You’re an awesome guy, and smokers and capers alike need your videos.

Keep doing what you’re doing.

All the best,

Tyne and Wear, England.

From Derek

Comment: Hey Phil, just wanted to say I appreciate what you do. I too was a long
time smoker and used vaping to stop. I only recently started getting into what I
call “real vaping” and purchased a subtank mini and Aspire sub ohm battery. I
stumbled upon your videos and wanted to say thanks. You do a great job of explaining
the technical side of this in a way even a noob like me can understand, lol!

Anyway. Thanks again and I look forward to watching more of your videos.


From Achilles

Im a fan because you helped me to quit smoking regular cigarettes. 5 months ago I was looking youtube and came across one of your videos and because of that, I started to research on ecigs and quit smoking the nasty ones. It´s been 4 months (and counting) and I don´t feel the need of smoking cigarettes anymore, only feel like vaping and ive reduced my nicotine down to 6ml. So thank you Phil Busardo! Ohh, and just to let you know, I´ve already helped 6 friends(heavy smokers) to quit smoking and start vaping too.

From Brian

Hey Phil, greetings from sunny San Diego! I just wanted to thank you again
for all you do keeping the masses informed and entertaining us all. Oh yeah, and to brag a little! Two years tobacco Free! as of today May 4th! the second year seemed to go by faster than the first. I love the fact that I can wake up every morning and take those deep breathes.Loving the fact I can go hiking again with out feeling like my chest was gonna pop, and actually know how it feels to run out of breath from activity not just sitting there sucking down death in stick form. Thanks again for taking the time to read this and inform the public. We need more phil in the cart!

From Livius

7 hours from now will mark exactly one year since I had my last smoke and your videos have contributed greatly to that. Just wanted to say thank you. So, thank you.

From Louis

Hey just want to say that i have read you bio and really love what you are
doing! I quit smoking cigarettes a 3 weeks ago and started vaping because my wife
got me an ego and didn’t really liked it so idid some research on internet and
youtube and found your channel. followed some of your advise and since then never
went back on cigarettes. keep up the good work! Louis

From Robert

I have been Vaping since April of last year (2014). Unfortunately late last November
(2014) I relapsed on real cigarettes for about 3 weeks due to the stress of a
psychiatric problem. In December of 2014 I was hospitalized at Mount Sinai Hospital,
intubated in the ICU Unit for massive lung failure (ARDS-Acute Respiratory Distress
Syndrome) for 7 days, brought on by a community pneumonia infection (I think it was due to my
smoking at the time). I was released on December 25 2014 from the hospital. Needless
to say a number of follow up appointments were made in respirology at Mount Sinai

On April 28 2014 I got back from my appt. with Dr Balter, my respirologist at Mount
Sinai Hospital (in Toronto) and my recent chest CAT scan showed
exceptional improvement over the scan from Dec. when I was in the hospital
ICU for lung failure due to pneumonia. Also todays pulmonary tests were
perfect, so I got a clean bill of health from respirology! I don’t have to
go back!

I should clarify that after getting out of the hospital, I didn’t vape for
about a week to let my lungs heal, and came back to vaping slowly …
why.. because I like it … and I like the hobby aspect of it!

It was interesting thinking about giving up Vaping, I concluded I would
miss more than the actual act of vaping itself, but also the hobby –
social aspect as well.

From Jamie

Hi Phil, Just a quick message to say thanks for the great reviews you do. Thanks to you and your excellent advice I have quit smoking after 30 years and bought an MVP 3.0 and a Kanger subtank plus It’s performing better than I ever expected and I just made another milestone today. I built my first coil from scratch at 0.7 ohms and its also been 5 weeks today without a cigarette Thanks again for inspiring me to quit. I’m converting all my friends too now and also pointing them to your channel. P.S. Happy belated birthday from sunny England

From Alie

Hi Phil-
I know you get thousands of emails coming at you and I don’t expect a reply. I just
hope you know how much of a difference you are making to people.

Here in Indianapolis, I started playing around with vaping about 3-4 years ago. I
started with Blu because – well – their marketing campaign. Cigalikes did nothing
for me so I was soon back to analogs. I tried an ego, but didn’t like the fuss with
their atomizers and not being able to dial in the right voltage threw me back to
analogs. Then, I tried my first box mod last year. The iStick 20W. Now THAT was the
winner. I moved from Boge cartos to the Aerotank mini to – now – an iStick 50W and
the Kanger Subtank Mini. Finding my way to a better vape world is all thanks to your
guidance on YouTube. I really hope that the future gets brighter for us vapers. It
will be an unfortunate day if the feds take vaping from us as we know it. I am
already struggling with the thought of an Indiana with warped vape laws – and that
may be coming all too soon.

Thank you for your dedication to getting vape information out to the masses! You ARE
helping people make a better decision with their lives.

From Joshua

When deciding on, or curious about anything relative to vaping your
video’s have been more than effective in describing the pro’s and con’s
of devices, along with a lot of info others do not cover.. all while
remaining entertaining and enjoyable to watch. I’m not mailing to ask
any questions, or even need a reply.. just wanted to thank you for the
helpful information & reviews you provide, researching these devices and
knowing what they are really like are two very different things (in my
opinion) and your work has helped bridge that gap. thanks again.

From Denis

Hello Phil,

My name is Denis and I am a new vapor since 4 weeks today. I started watching
videos on youtube like yours and Dimitris (I sent 2 emails to Dimitris but did not
receive any answer back ). I wanted to let him know that I believe he is doing a
very good job with all the warnings about what your Government is doing with vaping.
What is going to happen in U.S. will bounce back in Canada for sure.

I watched your videos and they are great. They are very good and funny as well. It
helped me to determine what device I wanted to try. I started with the egrip from
Joyetech and it is now my travel device. I bought recently the Istick 50W with the
Kanger sub tank mini and really like it. Now, I would like to have another sub tank
in order to vape more around 40 watts (with the Kanger mini, even if I build my own
coil, I can’t vape over 25 watts without having a burned taste )

I want to tank you for what you do. I believe you help alot of people to quit
smoking tobacco cigarette, starting with me. I am helping my brother in law and
sister in law to quit smoking as we speak. My brother in law dropped from 35
cigarettes per day to 5. He still struggle in the morning and after dinner but he is
getting there.

Please keep doing what you do, the way you do it. Great job!


From Matt

Hey Phil,
I know you’re probably overwhelmed with emails these days and wont be hurt if i don’t receive a response from you.
I just wanted to take a moment to thank you as i do every year for being integral to my success with quitting smoking 3 years ago today.
I found you about 3yrs ago when i was trying to learn how to rebuild my vivi nova heads. I, like you, was thrilled by the vivi when it first came out! My how far we’ve come! Since, i have evolved with the industry, started my own business wholesaling eliquid (Which is now distributed across 7 states) with the goal of providing the perfect flavor to get someone off the stinkies!
I love your style of review and all the detailed information you provide. Since I’ve found your website and youtube channel, I miss nothing you produce. I’m looking forward to the opportunity to meet you at some point in the near future. Perhaps the ECC in Chattanooga.
I would lovethe opportunity to share my eliquid with you as a token of my appreciation, not for review or for opinion or promotion, but simply as my way of saying thank you to a dear friend on this road to better health through vaping rather than smoking.
In closing, i just want to thank you again for all you do for the vaping community. Your advocacy, your reviews, your passion. Thanks for sharing so much time focusing on this industry, thank your wife for me as well for giving up time with her husband so you can be so detailed in your reviews and interviews. Im so glad she finally quit smoking! Thanks Phil!

Kind Regards,

From Doug

Just started vaping after being a 20 yr smoker, just wanted to say your
site has been so helpful. Searched all over for info now i can’t stop watching you.
Thank You
Sincerely Doug

From Richard

Hi there Phil, I hope this finds you doing well.

I took delivery today of my new VaporFlask V2.1 Blackout Edition. This is such a
huge improvement over my iPv mini that I am at a loss for the words to describe it.
I wanted to take a moment to thank you for your videos. Your experience, along with
your expertise in the field of knowing what ex-smokers are looking for, led me down
the path to making this purchase.

I have now been cigarette free for more than 3 months after smoking for 30 years!
Keep up the great work, and enjoy this holiday weekend.

Happy Easter,


From Rhea

Rather you are aware, you are my go to person/website before I purchase
most of my vaping supplies. I find your reviews to be right on target, & I
appreciate all you have done for us. A big, huge THANK-YOU from the bottom of my
heart, to my now clear 30 years of past smoking lungs! I was hoping so very very, I
mean very much hoping I’d be able to meet you, shake your hand, & say thank-you in
person at the Niagara Falls (ECC) show coming up this next weekend. I don’t see
where you have listed intentions of attending. I understand Easter weekend is hard
on all, but us vapor peeps in WNY need a ton of support as well. We are also being
crushed by the tobacco industry’s lobbyists, as they could care less as long as they
get a chunk of change in their pockets. I cannot travel long distances as I have a
very bad back. Hope to one day meet you in person. Thank you again for all your
wonderful advice & reviews. Kind regards & vape on!

From Adam

just wanna say I love your website and reviews I get tons of information
everyday from it and have learned so many things I didn’t know. ive sorta became a
vape enthusiast partly because of it. between yours and the other popular ones I
wanna keep learning more about products and safety etc. As well as what I can do to
be involved cause its became a big part of my life for the better hopefully.
Hopefully vaping doesn’t get shut down by the greedy govt who really don’t care
about our health is obvious. I also would like to know more about the conventions
and stuff and things like that that I can be apart of. thanks keep up the good work
and ill keep reading.

From Mark

Hey Phil,
My name is Mark and I’m from Hamilton, Ontario. Right across the lake. I just wanted
to write a thank you note. I’m BRAND new to vaping. About a month ago I caught the
need to join the vape community, so I decided to check out some reviews and tips and
beginners guides and what-have-you. Your reviews always popped up first, so I got to
watching. They are very comprehensive, highly informative, and they accurately and
unbiasedly present the pros and cons of whatever device you may be featuring. So
after a few weeks of mulling over the flood of information and careful consideration
I decided to go with the Kanger Kbox with a Subtank Nano on it. I know this may not
be the traditional beginner set up, but with your reviews I felt that the ease of
use and the fact that the mod is basically built for the subtank I think it may turn
out to be a fruitful venture. I’d like to just thank you again for the knowledge and
inspiration. Keep up the good work.

From Michael

I just wanted to thank you for your work and let you in on another success story.
I was a 2 pack a day Marlboro red smoker. I had always said quitting was easy I
did it a hundred times. Patches, gum, cold turkey, even Chantix nothing worked and
the urge to light up was always there. Even though I worked as a Pulmonary
Function Tech measuring smoking effects on others and myself I was hopelessly
hooked. About four years ago I tried a minimart Ecig but it had little effect. I
did some research and bought V2 cigs online yet even those replaced only a few
analogs and left me thinking of lighting up. About six weeks ago I went into a
local vape shop and picked up a MVP mini 70watt a Aspire Nautilus and Kanger Nano
tanks along with a couple of juices. That was on a Saturday, on Sunday I simply
stopped smoking. I didn’t quit as I had before with the thought or planning, I
just stopped without the desire to light up. After just a few day the reduction of
CO in my blood was like getting a new lease on life. The swells and tastes coming
back are an added pleasure
Shortly after stopping while gathering as much information on the art and science
of vaping as I could I found your videos and then this site. I have gathered more
info here than from all the others combined. Your videos are entertaining and very
informative. Your impressions are close to my own experiences and the technical
info is a welcome change from so many reviews based on opinions alone.
I have since added 3 Kanger sub minis to my tank collection and a dripper for
those times I want a stouter hit. I am rebuilding all my own attys experimenting
with resistance and power and have build a carry case out of an old day planner to
carry all the tanks and a few accessories to work with me allowing me to rotate
through juices throughout the day. I have locked down favorite juices for three
tanks now ( Castle Long, a blend of Gambit and $100 Apple Pie, and a local shops
coffee blend) and am working through others to find favorite for the other two.
When I read your opinions on the 5 pawns favorites of mine I decided to give your
shout out list a try. Though I have to admit I don’t seem to have your affinity
for peach.
You mentioned how you worried about leaving out assumed knowledge on some subject
thinking those new to vaping would lack understanding on the matter. I found
going back over 3 years of videos I could gain that base and watch the evolution
of the tech. So keeping the older stuff available and chronological was a great
In conclusion though your videos may not have effected my first purchase they have
help filled a need for knowledge I have. So Thank You very much Sir and keep up the
good work!

From Chris

When I get down, this brings me right back up. Thanks so much for sharing Chris and to all the others who have shared their stories as well! Vape Happy everyone!

Dear Phil: I began vaping on Feb 7,2011,You posted my success
story,I would like to share this with you.I went to get my pre-employment
physical on Wed,And the Doc was checking my lungs.To both of our
surprise,They were very clear. I began to brag about how vaping has
changed my life..And she was very impressed especially when I told her
that I smoked 2-3 pks of Marlboro reds a day for 24 years..I would like to
thank you from the bottom of heart for helping vapors like me kick the
smoking habit.If it wasnt for your videos,I wouldnt be writing you
today,,Thanks Phil you really do make a difference!!!

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From Marc

I don’t know what it is but your videos help me relax man. I can go back and watch your old videos, looking at where we all come from, what we all struggled with and it relax me.

I spent the day playing GTA 5 on one screen and your YouTube channel on the other. Day well spent!

Something you may not hear but I suffer from a pretty rough depression and more often than not I am messed up. It’s pretty sucky but one of the few things that gives me real and genuine joy is Vaping and part of that is sitting down and watching PBusardo videos.

Thanks again man. I know I messaged you in the past and said thanks but really Thank You for doing what you do man. Tell your real world boss (not your YouTube boss) to reduce your work load so you can do more vaping videos.

From Paul

Hi Phil , my fellow vapour sorry ,sorry just been watching your BF channel
lol .I just want to say i am a big fan of yours Phil and although i did not find
you till recently boy you have changed my outlook on vaping in a big way , when i
stopped smoking 7 months ago i did not find it too hard to stop, the tech after all
is a lot better now than in 2009 ,however i thought would use vaping as a way to
stop smoking and then i would stop vaping , it seemed to me a natural course of
action and what you are supposed to do. I really dreaded that day , i have tried
every thing in the past , patches, gum, tablets ,sprays and a inhaler , rubbish, all
of them and the thought of giving up vaping sent shivers down my spine because i
knew that once i stopped i would be back smoking again , not because i was addicted
to nicotine , i was nicotine free before with patches for 7 months but i was
addicted to the act of smoking ,every smoker has triggers whether it is a drink (in
my case) stress (in my case ) emotional (in my case…… i think you know where i
am going with this lol ) all these triggers don’t have nicotine as a overwhelming
factor its the act of smoking that has .This is where you come in , after watching
your video’s i have come to the conclusion that i like vaping i am not going to
stop vaping for the first time in 17 years i enjoy the act of it , is it a 100%
safe maybe not , is walking through a city with all the car fumes maybe not ,
there are lots of things that are not good for your lungs all i know for 100% fact
that vaping is better for you than smoking the evil weed , i know this because my
chest feels good again , i don’t get out of breath , my lungs don’t feel restricted ,
like they did when i smoked .Our top medical adviser in the UK has stated that if
smoking is a sore of 100 bad for you vaping is a 5 , well that’s good enough for me
So a big thank you for your informative video’s and your web page , it has been a
eye opener for me and has given me believe that i can remain smoke free for the
rest of my life.Kind regards Paul . Ps looking forward to see you in London, Vape
Jam .

From Poland Paul

Hey Phil,

I am 28 years old. I smoked cigarettes for 10 years. One day, I came across your video.
I became interested in e-cigarettes. Since January 2015 the happy owner of a blue Eleaf iStick 20W (thanks for the review) and GS-AIR (it was included – I know it’s not the best) The plan I purchase something better than Gs-Air. Waiting for the tide of cash: D

With your films from rookie I became more experienced and wiser e-smoker. Some of your videos explain the basis of operation of the e-cigarette, some fun, but always your message in these films goes to me (so far as I understand English :))

I wish You a healthy 100 years vaping, smile, and the thing that makes your videos are so positive 🙂

Best Regards,
Your fan from Poland Paul (Paweł)

From Brent

Although I receive emails like this all the time, and they’re all very important to me, I thought this special enough to share.

Folks, THESE are my trophies. This is why I do what I do. They keep me going and make all the time and effort worth while.

Thank you Brent!

I’ll tell you the same thing I tell everyone else. YOU saved your lives! Give yourself all the credit. There’s no way for me to reach through YouTube and knock the cigarettes out of your hands. You are the ones who were strong, and you were the ones who quit. Maybe I just helped a little. 🙂

Need a little pick me up? Need some motivation to continue and be successful? See Brent’s and many other wonderful emails I’ve received in the Success Stories & Validation section!

Thank you so much for your quick response! I will add one more thing for you to
think about. When my wife was diagnosed with COPD the doctor stated, “it’s just a
touch of it on the bottom of your left lung and it will eventually turn into scar
tissue as long as you never smoke again.”

Fact 1: Neither one of us would have ever been able to kick the habit with the
resources and information that was available at the the time (I.e blu, young
internet reviewers that we really didn’t relate well to, etc).

Fact 2: If we would not have found tasteyourjuice.com we would probably still be
smoking today. Simply put your website made me feel like I was vape “expert” over a
few days of reading your blogs and watching your videos. Without your informative,
entertaining and just straight damn “down to earth” (yes, Phil you make everyone
feel comfortable from age 20-80) website, I would not have been confident enough to
transition from ” Winston full Flavor” to some weird alien looking device that has
volt and watt controls.

Fact 3: If tasteyourjuice.com was not there for us at that particular time, we may
have eventually quit but instead of her having a “touch of COPD” she very possibly
could be disabled, on oxygen or even worse by this point. To make matters worse, she
even admitted that she probably would have never quit if she was still a smoker when
she was diagnosed with it. In my opinion, she would have became depressed and
probably would have continued the habit using the philosophy many smokers use,
“there is no cure, so what’s the point!”

Yes we did it! She quit after 32 years of smoking and myself after 24 years but you
were there to provide us with the knowledge, “know how” and confidence we needed at
a very critical time to be successful! Phil, I cannot emphasize enough the extremely
critical role you played in this process. Simply put, there is a very high
probability, YOU SAVED HER LIFE and extended and/or saved mine by supplying us with
your information!

We will never be able to thank you enough for what you do every day. Please remember
that for every 1 person that emails you a success story, there are probably 1000s of
people do not. Many people feel that they don’t have the time and/or confidence of
their writing abilities or like myself, I never thought you would have the time to
read all those emails!

Yes Phil, YOU have saved a countless amounts of lives and we all you an enormous
amount of gratitude.


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From Bob

Hi Phil, Bob aka Lynne Nux (Linux – geddit?) here,

At midnight tonight I shall have given up cigars for 1 year exactly. No backsliding
since my first vape. I feel like a million dollars.

You & TYJ & your fab reviews played a huge part in this.

THANK YOU!!!! Really big appreciation from the UK.

Go polish your halo now!

All the best,


From Andrew

Phil. Sir Phil. Ever since I started vaping 10 months ago I have come to
you for reviews on all the good things vaping related. Not only have your reviews
been informative, but also entertaining. When I think of vaping I think of Phil. My
vape gear goes hand in hand with a good ol’ review. If you were to stop then vaping
would never be the same. So I felt it was due time to send you a message and say
THANK YOU for all your great work for this industry. I’m a huge fan of your work and
I’ll continue to entertain myself with a PB review with my Sunday morning Coffee and
vape of choice. I hope this gets to you so you know how much I and so many others
appreciate what you do. Keep up the good work. I only just noticed you have some
merch, so i’m definitely putting an order in for some, to support a true vaping
icon. Would love to see you come for a trip to Australia one day. Keep up the good
work mate!

Yours Truely,

p.s Say hi to Dimitri and tell him I love his favorite color. My girlfriend loves
pink too. They will get along well 😉 lo

From Amy

Hey Phil!
Just wanted to let you know that your reviews are great! I was a 1-2 PAD smoker for
around 15 years. Bought a Blu e-cig in 2013 when I went out of town out of laziness
– I didn’t want to go outside in the cold to smoke in front of my hotel. I used
that off and on while still smoking until I got an eGo, but still smoked with that
for another month or two. I started watching some of your videos, and ended up
upgrading to an iStick 20w and Kanger GeniTank. I quit analogs 2 weeks later, right
after my college graduation! I even started using RDAs (even though I never build
below 1 Ohm). I’ve been considering a Mech Mod (I don’t care if kids are going to
laugh about a 1.2 Ohm build on it…I’m 35, what do I care? lol) to try since I
want to eventually ‘reward’ myself with a Reo when I finally find a job related to
the degree I finished in December. Your site has provided me with enough
information to feel more confident about a purchase. Thank you for everything you

From Jeremy

Hey Phil I am not sure if you will see this was hoping yo see you in Florida for vcct but I know you were in Indiana but I just wanted to give you a thanks for everything that you do for this community means a lot that there are people out there who truly care about this community and helping us fellow vapors !

From Matt

I just wanted to say that I have recently discovered your videos and I
can’t stop watching. I was looking for reviews to find out which battery mod to get,
and your videos were by far the most helpful and informative, as well as
entertaining. I have a job that allows web surfing and have found myself passing the
hours watching reviews on devices and juice. If nothing else, the point I most want
to make with this is to say thank you for putting so much time and work into making
these videos, learning about the products, and sharing some opinions and laughs with
all of us. What you do is greatly appreciated. In case you were even slightly
curious, I went with the eleaf istick 20w. I’m very happy withtthis device. Making
the decision was easier after seeing a fair, honest, and full review and
demonstration of the products considered. Thanks again!

From Dean

Hey Phil, just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your really informative and interesting China videos. I know you already know how much the people who watch your videos appreciate your efforts but I want to add my heartfelt thanks once again because I think what you do for us guys that have quit smoking in favour of vaping is outstanding. Your tireless work to educate and inform people has inspired me (and I’m sure loads of other people like me) to spend my time helping others in Guernsey get into vaping. So what you do is very important and though I will probably never meet you in person, it’s true that you have had a positive impact on my life and on the lives of those people that I am educating about vaping. This kind of ‘paying it forward’ is really important for the vaping community and its great that what you do goes way beyond the people that watch your videos! So I’m guessing you get to fall asleep every night thinking, yeah, I made a positive difference to the world today! Really, what could be more important than that????? P.S. Based on you always going on about how great the flask is, I treated myself to the five pawns edition. I can see why you rave about it! However, the battery covers on mine don’t line up the way yours do!!!

Thanks very much Phil. One last thing, how the hell do you manage to keep talking without repeating yourself for so long in your videos? You really should think about getting into television. Man you would be an excellent news or sports anchor

From Bob

Hi Phil! I just wants to say that I really enjoy your review videos. I
find them not only helpful and informative, but entertaining as well. Thank you for
your time and effort and passion. Have a great day and I look forward to your next
review 🙂

From Kevin

Hey Phil, my name is Kevin, my wife and I successfully quit smoking (me of
25 years 2pack a day and her about 15 years) January 1st 2015 thanks to Vaping. I
had never seen or heard of you when we started but through research about different
products I came across your videos. I just wanted to thank you so much for all the
knowledge you’ve given me and thanks so much for all the time you take out of your
own life to actually get this done. My wife and I started out with a Nautilus mini
with an istick 20w and while this was effective in helping us quit smoking we have
both since moved on to the vaporshark rdna 40 since we both weren’t very happy with
burnt, dry hits. She still uses her Nautilus with the temperature control but I have
moved on to a kanger subtank mini and the Atlantis (thanks to you) ‘?”?”?”?’. I just
wanted to let you know how much you help people that come across your reviews,
you’re an important asset to the community. Happy Vaping

From Leo

Phil, I enjoy your videos and thanks to you and a few others i am smoke free for a year and a half. And yes vaping has changed my life. lol Turns out I am a DJ also, although i have been in involuntary retirement for a few years but planing to make a come back soon. Thank you so much for you dedication to the education of the newcomers and the veteran vapers. i don make a purchase without research and getting the opinions of you and your fellow you tube vaping gurus. thank you so much for what you do.

Leo, Atlanta GA.

From Matt

Hi Phil – just a quick note from the UK to say how much I appreciate your
work. I have been vaping for about five years and most of what I have learnt over
the last few years has been from you. You are providing a great (and entertaining)
service, which is massively appreciated, thank you. No need to reply as I am sure
you get hundreds like this every day, but please keep up the good work!

All the best, Matt.

From Bastiaan

Hello Phil,

I just wanted to give you a shout out from Haarlem in the Netherlands.

I love your work. The broad range of reviews, the way of presenting in videos, your
honesty, your engineering approach with measurements. Just everything.

You’ve helped me find my way around, and I highly value your opinions on reviews.

I hope you can keep on doing what you do and don’t run into too many issues
balancing work, life, hobby and loved ones..

Kind regards,


From Ryan

Mr. Busardo,

Just wanted to write to you to tell you that I am a huge fan of your youtube channel. I recently started vaping (I was a casual smoker, only would smoke when I would go out to have a few drinks, but I did like to chew, I would have a dip a day for about 5 hours) and I was looking for a way to learn all about the products out there. As a budding electrical engineer I was immediately impressed with your videos and how thorough you are with each review.

I had read that you were a pack-a-day smoker and that vaping really changed your life. I knew that I couldn’t keep either smoking or chewing forever and that I wanted to stop when I turned 30 this summer. I hadn’t planned on quitting this soon, I really loved to chew and do my homework or game, but once I found vaping and started watching both you and GrimmGreen – well, I’ve stopped for close to a month now and I have no desire to go back. Your story and your contribution on youtube have really helped. I will certainly keep watching and thank you again sir.

From Tim

Just a brief THANK YOU. Your product review videos are incredible. They are
professional, informative, creative and just fun to watch. Those who vape are far
better off, because of your sincere desire to bring the latest and greatest to us
all. Again, thanks for all you do.



From Jeremy

I purchased the IPV mini and the Kanger Subtank mini. Definitely the best
vape experience I’ve had to date. Like you I’m a lazy vapor so a sub ohm tank is
fantastic. I just wanted to let you know that it was your reviews that led me making
the decision on the mod and tank. Thank you for your devotion, your dedication, and
your willingness to try out so many different things. I’m spreading your channel to
all of my friends so that they can quit smoking too. Keep it up, you’re changing
more lives than you realize.

From Christian

hey Phil I want to thank you for your videos, today is my 1 year
Vapeversary . Without you videos to help me on my Journey I don’t know if I would’ve
made to a year, but I did it was hard but I did it. Thank you thank you so much for
what you do.

From David

Hi there Phil, I would just like to say thank you. Thank you for all the
time and effort that you put into your reviews and videos. I was a pack a day
smoker for 32 years. I went on a trip to Sydney, here in Australia and met a group
of fellow performers. We all do live shows across the net in Second Life and we are
all singers. Whilst there someone mentioned vaping, whilst I had tried the horrible
cardboard flavour cartomiser ecigs a couple of years ago, I had never associated
this with vaping and I didn’t even know what the term vaping meant. So a week later
I got back home and did my research. Over here in Australia it is illegal to sell
ecigs, ejuices etc with nic in them and the cartomisers I had been buying were
basically unflavoured and after the chat I knew there must be something better out
there. So after doing my research I found a local vape store and went down for a
chat. Vaping here in Australia is still in its infancy but, thankfully, it seems to
be growing. My local Vape store are brilliant. The staff there are very
knowledgeable and make me feel part of the family when I go in there. I started off
with the emow and tried to gut things thru with ejuice with no nic. I struggled
badly and started on the tobacco cigs again. Just before Christmas last year I bit
the bullet and ordered a bottle of Nic from the States. It took 3 weeks to get to
me due to the holiday season. I have now not had a tobacco cig in 2 months and I am
loving it. My Vape store mix their own juices and are pretty basic so I am now
thinking about buying juice over the net. The government legislation allows an
individual to buy a max of 3 months supply of ejuice containing Nic at any one time.
But as my pallet is slowly returning I am finding it difficult to justify spending
a lot of money to get juice from the States which I may not like. So I take a lot
of notice of things both you and Grimm Green say. I have now moved on to the 20W
iStick and have a couple of different tanks now including the Kanger Aerotank Mega
and the Aspire Nautilus. Money is pretty tight so I am trying to take things slowly
and get the most out of what I have. I gave my Emow to my Son and he has now joined
me in this wonderful vaping experience. I have even convinced a number of heavy
smoker friends to take up vaping after they have sen how easy it was for me and it
has been wonderful to pass on the very limited experience I have had so far. I am
pretty happy with these and they are serving my purpose at this time. Maybe I will
get into rebuildables and mechs but I just cannot justify the cost at the moment.
Anyway, this is a long winded email but I just wanted to say Hi, say a little about
myself and just really really thank you for being a part of my journey into vaping.
Your reviews and insights are invaluable and have inspired me over the last few
months. Many Thanks – Dave

From Witz

Hi Phil,

Just wanted to say that I surfed to your site a few weeks ago and have found myself
coming back for more. I love watching your reviews and have actually placed orders
for e-juice from some of the suppliers you have reviewed.

Anyway, sometimes in life it’s good to get a random act of feedback from a stranger;
so I wanted to let you know that I really enjoyed your review from August 2014 on
the RBST and three dukes range. I’ve been sitting here in Canberra, Australia on a
85 degree Aussie Saturday afternoon, vaping away on a donhill/menthol blend from
soulblu New Zealand, and sipping a Moo Brew ‘Belgo” Pale Ale and really enjoying
your review.

Keep it up, I look forward to watching more; as we say down here “Good-on-ya-mate!”


From Jeff

I just wanted to take the time to say a few words of gratitude to you and everything you have done to Get me to quit smoking after thirty years of that nastiness. Over the last couple of weeks I have watched a ton of your reviews and listened to your opinions and have totally committed myself to the vaping community. Your insights have been so “Insightful”. Because of your opinions I have Recently Purchased the Vaporshark rDNA 40 and the Kayfun V4. They are Awesome products. I am just starting out but just wanted to thank you for all that you do.. And will continue to value your Thumbs up and Thumbs down opinions.

Thanks So Much for Changing my Life.


From Peter

Dear Mr. Busardo:

I’m am contacting you simply to thank you for your extremely well produced, meaningful and thoughtful e-cigarette and related items reviews. As an ex smoker, more than two months now, after 41 years of tobacco use, I’m extremely happy that I found e-cigarettes. I quit smoking analogues literally overnight as a result of those life savers. Of all the dozens (or hundreds?) of e-equipment reviewers out there, you are by far the most believable, honest and well spoken persons; I trust your reviews and opinions. Again, thank you and keep up the great work!

From Brian

Hi Phil, just a wee note to thank you for your invaluable information and
reviews, just set up with a couple of aspire vv batteries and ordered mvp3 to
replace my MVP2. I find your videos entertaining and they’ve really inspired me to
kick the tobacco.
Keep up the great work and best wishes from Biggar, Scotland

From Conner

Hi Phil I’d just like to thank you for keeping my spirits high over the past couple of months, they have been hard and I almost started smoking again but watching your videos along with other reviewers has kept me vaping and off the cigs and for that I can’t begin to express my gratification to you. Keep doing what you do.

Again thank you

From S.

Hi Phil,

I had been vaping for almost 4 years, I had been coming from 3-4 pack a day smoker
before starting vaping. Only recently, I started to use rebuildable tanks and all I
can say your youtube video is a tremendous help for me to boost my learning curve on
how to rebuild my tanks, what is the best wick to use. I have a Taifun GT 2 for a
couple of months and can,t seem to get it to perform to my satisfaction. Opening the
juice flow to eliminate burn taste, I ended up with juice leaking out of the air
holes and vice versa. I hope that you will review and do a tutorial on the Taifun GT
2 soon. Thank you for taking your time to educate vapers and really minimize the
guess work out of vapers who want to advance to rebuildable and VV or VW mods.

From Nathan

Mr. Busardo,

My name is Nathan Ogg. I have been a Vaper since late 2010 and a loyal fan of yours since you started uploading videos. I attribute my continued effort and the fact that I am still Vaping instead of smoking to you and your inspirational videos. Almost every time I struggled with a device, I would look up one of your videos and would see you struggling with the same problems which strengthened my view of camaraderie that makes this community so special. I have always appreciated your no bullshit brutally honest reviews and your prevailing sense of safety for not just yourself, but for your viewers and the community. You have a unique gift and an unrivaled passion for Vaping and the community.

Keep up the good work
Much Love Mr. Busardo,

From Charon

Dear phil.. (sorry if I didn’t spell ur name right) I thought I like to
share something wonderful with you. My name is charon and my boyfriend paul ate from
tulsa, Oklahoma. Paul has been tobacco free for 2 years now thanks to you and the
vape community, every night after work we watch your blog and grim green as well..
Last week paul sent my best friend, who is very dear to me, a care package for her
birthday. . She is a 2 pack a day smoker and has never been able to quit, thanks to
Paul and your blogs she has been almost smoke free for 3 weeks! She only has a
cigarette once every 2 days and it’s only a half one.. she feeling better than she
has in a very long time.. Paul even got her watching your blog for she can become
well educated and help others quit as well.. I just wanted to say all that your
going is more than worth it!! And that not only have u help change the cape
community but u also are helping change people lives for the better. . The vaping
community is growing here in Tulsa and every vaping shop here knows ur name well and
we your always welcome here ‘?”?”?’ Thank u for taking the time to read my message and
please never stop being passionate

From Owen

Hi Phil,

You’ve said you like to hear from people, so thought I’d drop you a line.

First of all I’d like to let you know that what you do is awesome! You’re videos are
not just entertaining (love the funny bits!) but they give real, practical help to
people trying to figure out what to buy or what not to buy. If all that wasn’t
enough, I’ve found that at times when the temptation to smoke got really bad, just
watching you’re videos kinda inspired me to vape instead! and to persevere with it
things weren’t working for me.

Now it’s taken me about 2 1/2 years to reach this point, but since the start of the
year I have been basically smoke free (for the first time in 35+ years). In that
time I have been experimenting with vaping to find what works for me, I’ve tried
lots of different mods, tanks and juice compositions i.e. PG/VG, flavour bases etc,
etc. I’ve even tried with no flavour. By the way, I have the complication of having
a TB like infection and very sensitive lungs.

What I’ve ended up with is; ~15mg Juice that has 0 PG (seems I’m allergic) , and
uses distilled water for thinning and no added flavour , although I might experiment
again with flavouring when my luns get a bit better. This goes into a significantly
worked Russian 91% sitting on top of a Shark rDNA 30 that I’ve upgraded myself to a
DNA 40 (temp protection is a massive advancement in vaping!) I love this setup, it
works! and I don’t think I would have had the same success quiting without it.

Having had so much trouble finding the right setup for me, has given some unique
experiences and insights into vaping, it would be nice to find a way to share them
(I’m too shy to even try what you do).

Anyway, please keep doing what you do! and thank you.



From Jens

Hi Phil
I think it’s about time to send a big Thank you! from germany.
I’m pretty new to this whole vaping thing, about half a year ago I started with an
EVOD2 set. After a few weeks of dual use, since December 2nd, I’m totally away from
And you’re part of my success by making your incredible show I stumbled upon a while
ago when doing research online.
I’m also new to this Youtube subscription thing but finally I got a Smartphone and
became a subscriber of your show. But be sure, I saw a lot of your videos, even not
logged in.
Among this nowadays very big crowd of youtubers who do vaping content, maybe a
handful stand out and you Sir are undoubtly one of ’em.
Decent work man, go on and please: never stop! Perfect mixture of information and

Sorry for my English; as I have no native tongue, some sentences may sound strange
to you. But I think, you can decrypt what I was trying to say. 😉

Sincerely yours

From Matt

Just wanted to say thanks. I quit dipping snuff (a can a day) and occasionally
smoking analogs 6 weeks ago as a Christmas present to my wife (and kids). I stumbled
into a B&M vape shop on the way to work and bought an eVOD on a whim. Started
looking around online, found your site and now I’m a huge fan. Literally everything
I have learned about vaping is from you. I now vape a Nautilus Aspire mini on a 30w
iStick. Next month: a Russian! Gotta get some ceramic tweezers….
Anyway, you’re a gifted, thoughtful, entertaining engineer and I appreciate what you
give to us in the vaping community. Thanks a ton.


From Sally

Hi Phil,
Thank you, thank you, thank you. One year and two months ago, I decided to change my
life and try to give up tobacco sticks. Well I started searching the internet in
November 2013 and after looking at various sites, and getting rather confused, I
stumbled into your website. WOW what a difference.
You explain every thing in a clear, easy to understand way.
On the 20th December I visited my local B&M and bought an MVP2 starter kit and I
have never looked back. I had my last tobacco stick on Christmas Eve 2013.
Thank you for giving up your time to pass on your advice and information in a clear
and concise way.
I’m hoping to see you at Vape Jam UK.
Thank you Phil

From Harrison


You may or may not read this, but either way, I wanted to take a moment to let you know that your videos are fantastically helpful to me and I am sure many others.

The thing that kept me vaping instead of smoking was the hobby aspect. Trying new things, learning what worked, and getting excited about new design like the Kayfun v4 (holy shit they fixed everything that was wrong with the first fantastic edition.)

I just wanted to offer some personal thanks to you for what you do. I have been able to make some great purchases and found things that I really love by watching some of your reviews.

Keep ’em coming, and thanks so so much.


From Christopher

Phil, I have noticed that your name and your reviews are the standard that
all others follow. We need more people of your expertise to promote vaping and
encourage more people to quit cigarettes. I have been a deputy sheriff for 15 years
and I recognize sincerity and honesty when I watch/study your reviews and “how to”
videos. I like to see people succeed and prosper from hard work and you definitely
put 100% into your reviews. Your reviews promote better industry practices and
encourage more people to put down the “analogs” (as you call the cigarettes). Thanks
for your time. Christopher

From Jorge

Hi Phil,
You probably get this email a lot so I will try and keep it short. The entire point of this e-mail is just to say thank you very much for all you do for us new people that are just getting out of smoking and in to vaping. So thank you sir. I hope you get a hundred times more than what you give. That is all (unless you have time to read the rest)

I am a 39 year old man. I started smoking at about the age of 13. A couple years after, I had turn into a pack a day smoker. A couple years ago, maybe more, I read something about ecigs and was very interested in something that could possibly take the place of smoking and be healthier for me. I did a little research and ended up ordering a starter kit from greensmoke. Oh man I could not wait for this miracle device that was coming in the mail. I had such high hopes for this to be my way out. So the I received my starter kit. Wow was I disappointed. It was cute little cig alike. It had a little taste and almost no vapor. I’m sure you can guess what happen after. I went right back to my smokes.

On November 19 2014 I decided to do a search on vaping. Your youtube channel and a bunch of others popped up. After watching some of the videos and seing how much vapor was being produced, I decided to give it another shop. That next day I went to a local pipe shop and picked up my first ego battery and iclear30 tank. I was amazed at how much things had changed.I am guessing that it must have been much longer than two years since I tried the greensmoke device.
On November 20 was when I had my last analog smoke. I refuse to say that I quit smoking because I feel that me saying that will make me want it again.

Since that day, I have done nothing but look at youtube videos about vaping and have since then purchased several tanks and a box mod. Out of all the videos I have come across, yours are by far the most informative and entertaining. There are other great youtubers doing vaping videos but I find my self going back to yours the most. I feel like you have helped me more than you will ever know and more than you will ever get back in return. For this sir, I thank you more than I can express.

Forever in you debt,


From Wendell

I’m so happy I found your reviews. I’m 56 and just finished my first year of vaping
after 40 years of smoking. Most of the video reviewers I’ve seen are kids and don’t
give anywhere near the details you do. I want those lengthy, in-depth reviews.
I own a wholesale food company distributing to stores across the northern half of
Arizona and am considering adding vaping hardware and liquid to my wholesale lines
and possibly retail. There is only one vape store in Flagstaff which is a college
town of 80,000 people. I’ve had aggressive offers from one company out of Florida
which I’ve seen you review but haven’t yet explored other brands.
If you have any insight I’d appreciate it.
I currently vape the EMOW mega with an Aerotank Mega tank.
I just ordered the IPV mini and am thinking about using the Kanger subtank mini or
nano with it after watching your reviews last night. I’m partial to Kanger. I was
going to order the Vox 50 until I saw your review which brought me down since all
other reviews were so favorable but I just can’t dismiss yours.
Thanks for all you do and if you have time I’d love a response.


From Greg


I just wanted to thank you for all you do for the community. I stopped smoking 2
years ago. I started out, like most, with a carto tank and an ego battery. Luckily
shortly after I found your youtube channel and videos. I have watched every video
since. Now I have ‘moved on’ and I am strictly a cloud chasing hobbyist. I went
through alot of gear, most of which was purchased based on your reviews and
suggestions. I went to the ViVi Novas, to the original Protank, PT2, etc. Then
made my way into the kayfun world. Stayed there for a bit and moved into
rebuildables and mechs. The first was the original K100 and a Patriot. Now as I
type this I have moved through other things. Now sitting here with an IPV3 and a
TOBH V2. I still watch your videos, and have recently grabbed an atlantis, based on
your review. Loving it so far for an in-the-car type of vape.

Your hard work and dedication has not been for nothing, because I am sure that my
story is not unique from anyone else that has found your channel or site. I love
your review style, very honest and straightforward. You cover all bases and aren’t
a “Flavor of the week” type of review.

In closing, thank you so much for what you have done for me, and everyone else. I
am looking forward to 2015, the regal vape 4000, and many more reviews!


From Ramiro

Hi Phil, sending this out from Nicaragua… I love your videos I learned a
lot from the added value you give by explaining the technical things we normally
overlook. I personally enjoy it, there are some of us that don’t mind a lengthy
video if we you are kept at the edge of your seat captivated with such rich
information flow.

Please continue uploading I appreciate your time producing the videos and the time
when I watch them. I smoked for 17 years, that is half of my life and your videos
helped me to stop smoking, I have been vaping and off of smokes for six months and I
know for sure I am never going back again, nowadays just the smell of cig smoke
really bothers me and I cant believe I got hooked on them for all that time. what a
waste… anyway I just thought I would tell you this, I have gotten a few of my
friends to switch and to my surprise felt quite satisfying.

Best Regards from Nicaragua.

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