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Today’s New In The Queue are for those who love the ornate.  Both of these pieces deliver.

When I was first contacted about the X-Fire, I think my first comment was, “it’s just a Chinese Twist with a cover right?”  That’s still basically what it is, but done VERY well.  How well the wood carvings will hold up under daily use remains to be seen, but these are pretty damn nice out of the box.  If you’re into wood and Aztec design, you’ll like this one.

V3Tronix continues to impress with their latest mechanical, The Flip.  The “3D” CNC machining on this mod is very impressive.  The locking mechanism is, once again, done right.  It also has some unique features I haven’t seen in a mech before like the flipping battery tubes to change battery configurations over the never-ending screwing and unscrewing you find in many telescopic mechs, or the replaceable tubes that you wind up losing or mixing up with other mod part.  The spring loaded center pin is pretty awesome as well.

If this one does well on the mech test, it deserves some recognition.

I think if I were to ever come out with a mech, V3Tronix will be doing the machining!

Enjoy the photos!


[img src=]32.1k0
[img src=]10770
[img src=]9800
[img src=]9440
[img src=]8730
[img src=]6870
[img src=]6370
[img src=]6390
[img src=]5870
[img src=]5810
[img src=]5350
[img src=]5430
[img src=]5170
[img src=]5450
[img src=]5450
[img src=]6540
[img src=]5760
[img src=]5220
[img src=]5600
[img src=]5150
[img src=]5230
[img src=]5170
[img src=]5040
[img src=]4910
[img src=]5090
[img src=]5020
[img src=]4530
[img src=]4300
[img src=]4380
[img src=]4450
[img src=]4350
[img src=]4080
[img src=]4090
[img src=]4480
[img src=]4830
[img src=]4970
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I was asked to do a little writing for the Ashtray Blog on my thoughts for vaping in 2014, much like last year (my God it’s been a year already).  It will be posted soon along with comments from others you may know in the vaping community.

I’ll let you know the link as soon as I get it.

Thanks again to James for allowing me to be a part of that blog again this year!  What I wrote is below, but here, I can add to it if I like ;-)

Unfortunately, I think 2014 is going to be the “year of the fight”.  The year that we fight for our rights as vapers, not only here in the US, but all over the world. Last year I said, “It has grown well beyond a fad at this point.”  That is certainly true.  It has picked up even more “steam” in 2013 and like a giant locomotive or cruise ship, with more and more people successfully making the transition from traditional tobacco cigarettes to vaping, it will become harder and harder to stop.

I continue to hope that those in charge look at the studies and reports, listen to the people who are living healthier lives, and put the importance of their citizens’ health before lining their pockets with tax dollars.  It’s not smoking folks, even though it may look that way.

Ah, but that is the politics of vaping, and we all know how I feel about.  Luckily there are those who focus on advocacy and fighting for our rights as vapers and to those people, I’m forever grateful.

So let’s talk more about the “hardware” and “software” of vaping.

As far as the “software” or e-liquid is concerned, I think we’re going to see more and more liquid companies doing things the right way.  Clean rooms, immaculate mixing facilities, documented processes, correct air handling systems, etc.  I think these are the e-liquid companies who will be around for the long haul.  Self regulation is the key to success here.

I think we’re also going to see more and more “designer” e-liquids… fancy bottles (hopefully ALL with child safety caps), and even fancier flavors.  In some cases, these flavors will be created in-house and not readily available, off-the-shelf flavorings.  Even if these liquids go up in price, it will still be cheaper than smoking, as long as you’re not spending all your money buying every mod that comes out!  :-)

I guess using the term “mod” leads me to the “hardware” side of vaping.

2013 seems to have been the “year of the mech”… with everyone and their brother putting out a new one.  Not to mention the clones, knock-offs, and replicas coming out of China.  My feeling is that this will continue in 2014, as people all over the world try to “cash in” on this booming business.  The problem with this is… they all start to look the same after a while.  More innovation is needed here and that’s something I’m going to be personally looking for in 2014.

There are those who are “cashing in” because they care about vaping, understand the impact it has made to people’s lives, understand the business and what is needed, and are vapors themselves.  There are those who are “cashing in” because they see nothing more than $$$ and don’t have a complete grasp on what vaping is all about.  I sincerely hope the first group wins.

So finally some predictions for 2014…

1) Better and better starter kits.  Fill and go kits that provide an outstanding, hassle free, and consistent vape experience for the beginning vaper allowing them to make the transition far easier and with less frustration than in the past.  Where were you when I was messing around with blue foam and Lipton Pyramid Tea Bags!

2) More focus on airflow and where it’s provided.  You begin to wonder if the 901 atomizer had it right so many years ago.  Your “topper” or what you screw onto your device should have the best knowledge of how it get’s its air, so it should be the one responsible for airflow and not the device you’re attaching it to.  This will allow for cleaner mounts for all, not to mention the ability to tailor your device to the e-liquid you’re using or the environment you’re using it in.  Juice flow control would help out here as well.

3) Different heating elements over the standard Kanthal and Nichrome.  I think… I hope, that 2014 will be the year we see some radical changes over the standard coil.  This goes along with some of my predictions I made in 2013, “Wicking without a wick.  Vaporization without a coil.”.  I guess if I continue to predict it, eventually I’ll get it right :-).

4) More power and safer devices.  I think we’ll see a wave of devices that address the sub-ohm community, providing more power, regulated and stable power, and the ability to provide that power to lower resistance and multiple coil builds while doing it safely.

5) The one is going to raise some eyebrows… the death of mesh.    IMHO I feel that the vape quality, ease of use, ease of build, and position independence of a device like the Kayfun utilizing a micro-coil/cotton build is superior to that of the genesis atomizer utilizing a standard mesh/coil build.  So I think we’re going to start to see a loss of popularity of the genesis style atomizers and hybrids in favor of more Kayfun styled designs and hybrids.

6) Finally, my worst prediction… the number of spam emails in my inbox from Chinese manufacturers trying to sell me 5000 units of their latest clearomizers will continue to grow.  :-(.

Happy Vaping everyone and I wish you nothing but the best for 2014!

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NEW IN THE QUEUE – 12/20/13

Two new bottom coil, airflow adjustable CE-Style clearomizer tanks have been added to the Review Queue.

  1. The FAA-TANK
  2. The Aspire Nautilus Tank

A ProTank II has been shown with each for a size comparison.

The FAA-Tank is very similar to the Aero from Kanger.  The heads are similar (if not identical – need to take a closer look) as well.  It’s a single coil tank.

The Aspire Nautilus tank is a beast.  A dual coil tank with a very large (5ml) glass tank with adjustable airflow… but alas, they don’t use the standard Aspire heads.  Why… oh… why?  Well, hopefully the new heads will be “cleaner” than the originals and some of you who are having issues with the flavor of the Aspires will be happy.  We’ll see I guess.

New In The Queue - 122013

[img src=]33.5k0
[img src=]8010
[img src=]8700
[img src=]7180
[img src=]7380
[img src=]4700
[img src=]4990
[img src=]5050
[img src=]5230
[img src=]4690
[img src=]4310
[img src=]4130
[img src=]4810
[img src=]5150
[img src=]4660
[img src=]4510
[img src=]4070
[img src=]4060
[img src=]3730
[img src=]3620
[img src=]3350
[img src=]3620
[img src=]4020
[img src=]3540
[img src=]3540
[img src=]3750
[img src=]3540

Oh, and how many times can you misspell “screw” in 51 words?  Apparently 3.  Come on!

But Phil, if you had to type Chinese, would you be able to?  No, not a shot in hell, but you can bet your ass if I needed to write an instruction manual in Chinese there would be a native Chinese speaker on staff in charge of that effort!

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What’s the difference between a 129 Euro original and a $19.65 replica from FastTech.  Not a lot from what I can see.  Ugh!

My original, much used Taifun is on the left and the replica is on the right.  From what I can see…

  1. The box of the original has a more velvet lining to the box over the foam of the replica.
  2. The top cap of the replica’s threads aren’t very good.  You get tight, smooth, tight, smooth as you tighten it down.
  3. The metal of the build deck appears to be different.

I have no way to test the metal on these so if anyone has any information on the differences between the original and the replicas, please do let me know so I can post here.

For example, I’ve heard from some that the Kayfun replica from FastTech (the one with the SvoeMesto logo) actually rusts (can’t currently confirm that) and that this Taifun replica is chrome plated brass.  If you’re ever concerned about the materials being used in your atomizers, buy the original!

Taifun Replica

[img src=]32.5k0
[img src=]17740
[img src=]16930
[img src=]19670
[img src=]17710
[img src=]15550
[img src=]15640
[img src=]15170
[img src=]15210
[img src=]14920
[img src=]14950
[img src=]14560
[img src=]14430
[img src=]13690
[img src=]13550
[img src=]13520
[img src=]13430
[img src=]13200
[img src=]12910


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The room codes have been announced for Vape Bash!

Click the banner below to get the details.

See you there!


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A VapinGreek Video – The TAN-N-VAPE

My personal line of highly successful, much sought after, and often Chinese cloned vape gear including the Legal Vape 4000, the Kourada, and the Feta Max continues with the TAN-N-VAPE!

In this video, The Great Golden Greek Goddess himself, Dimitris, of DimiSphere & Gyros-R-Us, takes a look at my brand new Tan-N-Vape. Sorry I can’t review this product myself due to conflict of interest and personal bias.

The Video:



MAN they don’t waste any time!

Nice work Dimitris and Connie!  I got a big laugh out of this!

Richard, my lawyer will be in touch regarding “Chen Ping Wong” exclusivity.  :-)

… and DJ Miami wasn’t very chubby …


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Here is some information on this new organization…

We are a non-profit organisation. We are here to become the muscle of vaping worldwide. We are here to defend against dubious politicians, rogue scientists, controlled media, bias public organisations, and anybody else who hides behind them.
Our approach will be swift and powerful, with a team of scientists as advisers, a small army of white collar solicitors as executors, and a monstrous PR agency to spread our word.

We believe that Vaping is not smoking and eliquid is not a medicine, neither tobacco. In fact this is our only policy. It is about time that everybody out there learns that a vaping device is not another cigarette. It is about time all of us, vapers, vendors, reviewers, forums and trade organisations become united under one international umbrella .

Membership is FREE, so please join WVO today. Every membership counts. We don’t need thousands, we need hundred of thousands.

And… YES, that’s how they spell “organization” in British English.  :-)
Click the banner below to go to their site.
WVO Banner
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