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Join me and my Pal Jonathan Thomas (JT) from the Vapestars Network on Saturday, February 28th from 11am at the Hotel Fort Wayne, 305 E. Washington Center Road, Fort Wayne Indiana 46825.

Let’s get together and have a VAPE IN THE FORT!



Click the flyers below to be taken to the website.



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FROM CASAA – New York Call To Action: NY State Bills threaten consumer choice and subject e-cigarettes to tobacco taxes

Once again, vapers in New York State are being threatened by multiple bills intended to severely impact the electronic cigarette industry and, by extension, dramatically limit consumer choice and increase the cost of these potentially life-saving products. Representatives Rosenthal and Dinowitz and Senator Rivera have introduced bills that would impose a punitive 75% wholesale tax on “e-cigarette cartridges” and completely ban the sale of refill liquids.

Please follow THIS LINK to the CASAA site to find out more and to take action.

Thank you!

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Ok, so I’ve been inundated with a plethora (yes, I said plethora) of box mods coming from China. Which do I review first? I want to know what’s most important to you so you get to pick.

At the top of TasteYourJuice there is a poll listing all the box mods that have come in and I’m prepared to review (DNA-40s will need to wait for the DNA-40 review which I’m working on… really… I am).

You may also want to know where the MVP3 is. It’s not yet ready for prime time, but once I have the final market version, it will be there as well.

So find the one you want to see reviewed the most/next and vote for it.

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Kanger was nice enough to send us back with some of their cotton being used in the SubTank (new versions coming soon… HINT HINT).

Although I didn’t ask them specifically if they were sourcing it from (it’s Muji), I did take some photos for you. To the untrained eye (mine) it looks and feels like the same stuff which makes me kinda happy.

I have tried it in my builds and it appears to work just as well. No difference in taste either.

For all I know, it’s all coming out of the same cotton factory.

In the photos below, their cotton comes in the smaller sheets. Take a look and decide for yourself.

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This is a handsome box and feels pretty solid, but I believe they totally missed the mark on battery insertion and replacement. You’re going to need to use the included (or your own) allen key to take off the bottom (4 screws) and insert the battery which fits very snugly making it difficult to remove.

Now sure it has a micro USB charge port and you probably won’t have to change the battery often, but believe me, the first time you’re out and about, run out of power, and you or your friend has a spare battery and you don’t want to wait for it to charge, you will be cursing this design.

The “reset” port/button concerns the crap out of me. Why would that be needed? Hmmmm.

She’ll fire up to 50 watts and down to a .2 ohm. Note that I haven’t run the numbers yet.

Shown with a Kayfun V4 and Vapor Shark rDNA for size comparisons.


[img src=]90020
[img src=]12220
[img src=]12450
[img src=]10970
[img src=]11390
[img src=]9050
[img src=]9040
[img src=]10270
[img src=]9920
[img src=]9170
[img src=]8730
[img src=]8940
[img src=]8570
[img src=]7740
[img src=]7390
[img src=]7490
[img src=]7470
[img src=]8140
[img src=]9750
[img src=]11490
[img src=]10090
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New in the queue is the Cloupor Mini. You know what? Although I haven’t run the numbers, I’m impresses with this little f*cker. The buttons feel good. The device feels solid. A magnetic battery cover makes me happy. A spring loaded 510 pin would make it perfect although it is adjustable. Damn!!

Shown with a Kayfun V4 and next to a VaporShark for size comparisons.

Cloupor Mini 30W Features:
1. Size: 77.5mm*36mm*22mm
2. Output power: 7W-30W
3. Removable 18650 battery
4. VV/VW Mode can be switched manually
5. Vaping time counting ( 15S limited protection )
6. Output voltage : 3.6V—7.0V
7. Max output current: 10 Amps
8. Can build on 0.45-3.0 ohm atomizer
9. Adjustable 510 Pin
10. Ohms reading calculats to 0.01ohm
11. Reverse battery protection , no worry about installing battery improperly
12. Left & Right Mode
13. Magnet back cover,no need to use screwdriver,more convenient
14. Instead of screen lock, It can be turned off
15. Over charge protection
16. Colors: Black,Silver

Cloupor Mini

[img src=]22.6k0
[img src=]19310
[img src=]18200
[img src=]19900
[img src=]17190
[img src=]15820
[img src=]15490
[img src=]15960
[img src=]13750
[img src=]12260
[img src=]12380
[img src=]12370
[img src=]14130
[img src=]15550
[img src=]13140
[img src=]14870
[img src=]15380
[img src=]14590
[img src=]4380
[img src=]4060
[img src=]3900
[img src=]4080
[img src=]4010
[img src=]4100
[img src=]3840
[img src=]3720
[img src=]3510
[img src=]3740
[img src=]3460
[img src=]3420
[img src=]3290
[img src=]3170
[img src=]3360
[img src=]3080
[img src=]2980
[img src=]3110
[img src=]2860
[img src=]2840
[img src=]2810
[img src=]3060
[img src=]2840
[img src=]2940
[img src=]3290
[img src=]3970
[img src=]3790
[img src=]3700
[img src=]7520
[img src=]6310
[img src=]5650
[img src=]5210
[img src=]4580
[img src=]4360
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Picture this…

Every competing e-liquid and hardware manufacture in America, sitting together in a single room, with a single goal…

To move vaping forward and to keep vaping alive, the way it is now. The way WE like it. The way WE choose to vape.

That’s just about what I witnessed today as Dimitris and I talked to over 70 electronic cigarette manufactures in Schenzhen China, united under the single flag of SEVIA. What is SEVIA?

The Shenzhen Electronic Vaporizer Industry Association (SEVIA) is committed to promoting Quality, Research & Development and Technological evolution of the Advanced Personal Vaporizer and electronic cigarette industry in Shenzhen and around the world.

You can read more about SEVIA here.

I would so very much like to see the companies in America use this model. It’s ok to compete, it’s ok to disagree, but we are far stronger together and united than apart.

As you know, I’m not the advocacy or political expert. I leave that to my Greek pal, but from my perspective, it was pretty damn cool seeing companies like Innokin, Kanger, and Aspire sitting right next to each other.

From Dimitris:

We had a very successful conference today in Shenzhen China. The Shenzhen Electronic Vaporizer Industry Association lead by Innokin, Kanger and Aspire gathered over 70 manufacturers of ecigs and were presented the current status of the industry and the challenges we face both in the US and EU. We also had a 2 hour Q and A session. Both me and Phil Busardo were proud to part of it and doing our small part but it was also rewarding and refreshing seeing the manufacturers organize and willing to assist in the uphill battles we will face as an industry globally. It is a great start and I look forward for the effort being international soon. United we can accomplish great things. It’s time to be pro active and aggressively move forward.

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