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A PBusardo Review – The AGA-T(s)

In this set of videos I take a look at the AGA-T and all it’s versions.
The video is geared more towards a rookie (Not a fan of “noob”) than a veteran as I feel the AGAs are a more entry level device.

If you’re interested in taking the leap to a Genesis, you may want to consider the Smoktech RSST as your first one. It is also reasonably priced, but the spring loaded center post capture (as apposed to the 2-nut capture of the AGA-Ts) may be a little easier to work with for a new user.

The first video is the review. I also have a conversation with Greg, AKA Ninja, who was nice enough to help me with a little Genesis experiment. Thank you Greg! All of Greg’s contact information appears below.

In the second video, I take a look at three different methods for building your wick and coil assemblies and share some of my Genesis experiences to date including some of my experience in materials, gauges, meshes, and the difference between building on a wick/coil on a mech vs. a regulated device. Note that these methods can be applied to most Genesis atomizers.

My apologies for the “action” being a little off camera during some of this video. I’m working on a better method to balance my focus on the task at hand AS WELL AS keeping the action on-cam.

Let’s be clear, am I the best at this? No. But I continue to build my Genesis knowledge and share it with you to the best of my ability.

The Links:
My Vapor Store
Kidney Puncher
… and thank you MATT WILLIAMS!!

Greg’s Contact Information:
(he used 400 mesh too by the way – never mentioned in the video)
Facebook: Greg Melito
Facebook: Ninja Mods

[email protected]

The Review Video:

IMPORTANT! The Pulse method shown in this video is not exactly the safest method out there. You’re starting off with a damn near short which could be detrimental to your battery and has the potential to lead to venting. A couple tips I’ve heard, 1) Don’t use a fully charged batter, let it drain to around 3.7 volts. 2) You may want to clean or torch your mesh before rolling it to get rid of any harmful contaminants. Use these methods, like any electric cigarette device at your own risk!!

The Assembly and Building Video:

The Photos

The AGA-T(s)

[img src=]20.4k0
[img src=]16490
[img src=]22270
[img src=]19510
[img src=]18470
[img src=]13990
[img src=]11860
[img src=]10990
[img src=]11560
[img src=]11440
[img src=]11070
[img src=]10430
[img src=]10470
[img src=]10380
[img src=]10640
[img src=]12540
[img src=]10380
[img src=]11470
[img src=]10370
[img src=]10170
[img src=]9860
[img src=]9790
[img src=]9830
[img src=]9440
[img src=]9810
[img src=]10750
[img src=]9790
[img src=]9420
[img src=]9840
[img src=]9990
[img src=]10050
[img src=]12770
[img src=]10760
[img src=]12050
[img src=]11200
[img src=]10310
[img src=]10520
[img src=]10280


When I got back from VapeFest, I wanted something a little different. I reached for my Melon Boba again from Good Life Vapor. Once again, I enjoyed the hell out of it.

Someone, the same day as a matter of fact, got a hold of me on Facebook to tell me they got it, they loved it, and wondered by it wasn’t in my list of favs.

So I thought it about time to add it. What is it?

Welcome the newest edition to my list! Melon Boba by Good Life Vapor. At least to me, this is primarily a honeydew vape with bits of cantaloupe, watermelon, and menthol! YES MENTHOL! I’m not even big fan of menthol, but this is “hint of menthol” done right. I keep going back to this juice and enjoy it every time.

Welcome to the list MELON BOBA!!

Remember, taste is subjective. You may not like all the liquids in my list. Hell, you may not like ANY of the liquids in the list, but these are some of my personal favs. You can find the list HERE and over in the Knowledge Base section to the left.


A PBusardo Rant & Video – NY VapeFest 2013 Part II

VapeFest NY 2013 Video with a small rant to kick it off.

Some of the fun, people, & vendors from the event.

The Video:


A PBusardo Video – NY VapeFest 2013 Part I

Some of you have confused this with a Hangover. Nope! Pure exhaustion! I’m reserving THAT for Bash! :-)

The Video:


A PBusardo Video – Popular 2 Winner

The Video:


Well there’s something I don’t hear very often.  But if that’s the case, check out the new Sigelei Z-Max Telescope!  This one came from Varitube.

Brushed stainless which I like a lot more!  This one also has the beefed up top cap and eGo cone threading of the V2, and teardrops cut into the top cap as apposed to the round pips of the V1 & V2. Also some additional venting cut into the telescoping tube.

It will handle an 18650 and stacked 18350s, but also a single 18350 without the need for multiple tubes and caps because of it’s telescoping action.

Shown next to the very rare and highly sought after Dimitris Sigelelei V1 (yeah, it’s just a J-Wrapped V1, but it’s funnier calling it that).

Look for a review as soon as I can get to it!

Sigelei Z-Max Telescope

[img src=]37.8k0
[img src=]16070
[img src=]16240
[img src=]14400
[img src=]14110
[img src=]12370
[img src=]11590
[img src=]11460
[img src=]3140
[img src=]2700
[img src=]2400
[img src=]2180
[img src=]2220
[img src=]2160
[img src=]2140
[img src=]2470
[img src=]2080
[img src=]1970
[img src=]2040
[img src=]2050
[img src=]2410
[img src=]2330
[img src=]2090
[img src=]2240
[img src=]2230
[img src=]2100
[img src=]2010
[img src=]2090
[img src=]1970
[img src=]1930
[img src=]2050


The look of a high end Genesis.
The feel of a high end Genesis.
The features of a high end Genesis.
The price?  Not that of a high end Genesis.

Meet the Smoktech RSST Genesis Atomizer purchased from LiteCigs USA for $34.95!
Hmmm… I wonder where they got this design from?

For $35 bucks, I’m impressed and I haven’t even vaped it yet.

Shown in the photos sitting atop an EA with air flow controller.  The drip tip shown is included.  No mesh or wire was included.

Love the satin look!  Love the spring loaded wire capture!  Don’t love the size of the airhole… out come the drill bits :-) Top cap is sitting nice and firm… not too lose, not too tight.

I’m sure I’ll be saying something about this soon.

Smoktech RSST

[img src=]48.9k0
[img src=]23270
[img src=]24750
[img src=]21560
[img src=]20270
[img src=]23230
[img src=]20900
[img src=]19160
[img src=]20540
[img src=]17710
[img src=]17120
[img src=]15550
[img src=]7170
[img src=]7200
[img src=]6910
[img src=]6890
[img src=]7520
[img src=]6970
[img src=]9270
[img src=]7640
[img src=]7000
[img src=]6480
[img src=]6930
[img src=]6420
[img src=]7290
[img src=]7740
[img src=]6640


A PBusardo Review & Tutorial – QT-1 (not really a) carto punch and Working with carto tanks

This is a LONG video, but I wanted it to be your one-stop guide for help in working with carto tanks. This video shows two different carto punches, how to punch your carto, how to prime your carto (and what could happen when you don’t), how to get your carto in the tank, and how to fill the tank

It also contains a troubleshooting guide to diagnose and cure some common carto tank issues.

I hope you find it helpful!

The Links:
Kir Fanis punch @ AvidVaper
Kir Fanis punch @ GR-Modders
QT-1 Tap (Punch) @ Amazon

The Video:

The Photos


A PBusardo Quick Look – J-Wraps

The Links:

The Video:

The Photos

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